the Taizhou television staff

February 15th, 2012

In the early morning of January 24, Taizhou City Star Ming Road occurred with the two vehicles collided, resulting in a taxi driver died.
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Accident one BMW driver was a 26-year-old model from three Taizhou Chen moon, participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s

This accident first appeared in the Sina microblogging, widely forwarded.

The friends said that after the accident, Chen moon suspected of drunk driving, hit by a taxi driver, there is no timely rescue, fled t

which is also unique

February 13th, 2012

The reporter has learned the Xiaolong off-road vehicles is the Wuhan Xiaolong Auto Technology Co., Ltd. R & D have full intellectual property rights, the localization of components to achieve 100%. It can climb the steep slope of 45 ° on 550 mm steps across the trenches of 700 mm, the chassis ground clearance of 440 mm tank places to go can go, driving side of the car but also to the side of the tire charge deflated, to adapt to a variety of complex road. Recognized its off-road performance has

and required to educate family members.

February 9th, 2012

Southern News reporter Tan universal two days, Sina microblogging account released by the Guangzhou Bo District (microblogging), Event in the end is the embezzlement of public officers consumption and abuse of a restaurant waiter, or out of the ordinary consumer disputes? Yesterday, Bo District, met with the parties still disagree on whether spending public funds, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed in Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the Discipline Insp

including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan

February 2nd, 2012

People in Khartoum on January 29 (Reporter Wu Wenbin) from 1983 to 2005, Sudan has been caught in civil war. Until January 2005, the Sudanese government and the separation of Southern Sudan for the purpose of independent or

Signed a peace treaty before the country as a unified Sudan,

After the signing of peace treaty, southern Sudan to implement a high degree of autonomy, self-government was set up, almost in an independent state.

July 9, 2011, after independ

the issue in Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai increasingly stressed conditions

February 1st, 2012

According to the

Russian media said more influential in China, This is the Chinese side and the Philippines on 26-27 January for the first time U.S. strategic defense dialogue to respond. In this dialogue, both sides discussed the Philippines and the United States 20 years ago, U.S. warships were forced to withdraw back to the base of Subic Bay, Philippines and resident in this program. Philippines take the initiative to request the U.S. to enhance the deployment of troops i

Other cabinet changes include replacing the former Finance Minister

January 31st, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) according to Singapore’s

British pull the face of terror activities have been appointed to the Red Shirt Army leaders Natta alleged weapons of Deputy Minister of Agriculture .

Natalie Wu and several pro- Thaksin Red Shirt leaders , due to take the lead in March 2010 in downtown Bangkok anti-government demonstrations , the Democratic Party was the government who were arrested . Authorities also arrested on terrorism-related charges them , the

the U.S. Union of Concerned Scientists describes that

January 19th, 2012

December 2, 2011, containing the Beidou navigation satellite Long March III A carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China blasted off. 5:07 the same day, China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center Long March III A carrier rocket successfully tenth Beidou navigation satellite into space transfer orbit.

According to Network reported on 16 January, according to defense experts say, the next few years, the satellite is expected to become smaller, more hidden, mo

China’s military growth is also required to clarify the strategic intent.

January 18th, 2012

U.S. defense strategy for the newly released guidelines groundless accusations against China, recently the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said he hoped the United States adapt to the times, objective and balanced view of China and the Chinese army, cautious and do more to help the two countries military relations and regional peace and stability. On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also accused the United States were refuted.

U.S. Department

Oriental Land Resumption for no reason by the provincial government stopped

January 17th, 2012

13 years ago, Hainan Xi ring Industrial Co., Ltd. (the to 3,000 acres of land development side of the road right. To this day, Western companies have not even an inch of land to develop, after numerous discussions to – to the government debt to 300 acres of land have been recovered for no reason.

Road use land cover government borrowing

Western is a Hainan Province to municipal roads and other urban infrastructure-based private company. June 1998 and July, the Wester

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January 16th, 2012

January 3, 2012 , the United States was traced to spend money on hiring Google Inc.

Search engine optimization website SEOBook first reported that since the end of December last year , hundreds of online smoke labeled success .

Focus exclusively on search engine news link

In 2009 , Google Japan was based on the punishment due to this practice , its PageRank ranking was downgraded for 11 months .

Google ‘s January 3 statement , the company has been pro