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DIY teach you the production of small animals fabric

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Self-made fabric of small animals, so that’s a small decorative embellishment at any time in which creativity, but also to allow the feeling of warmth in the hearts of off ripples.

Ingenuity of the people really envy you, a block of rags in their hands will become a vivid only small animals, in his arms, as if the childhood years.

DIY: an admiration of origami roses

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Amazing process! Senior skills origami, paper roses production (the red paper into), as a result of more detailed, so Any additional plans, please read slowly so slowly.

The whole hand-made, to send your friend a discount, giving them a pleasant surprise.

The following are the basic steps:

Button + rags: DIY beautifu bags

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Only need a few buttons and rags bits and pieces, plus a little less creative, do-it-yourself kits sewing a card you:

Such a lovely card sets, you can do to do so! Only need a few buttons and rags bits and pieces, plus a little less creative, hands-seam up……

DIY matte light: a romantic evening

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Like the romantic style of the President to try to make use of small sand with a matte effect of any of the lamps. And the husband may wish to join hands to create a romantic at the same time to promote each other’s feelingsparty.

Ready: find a few 40-watt light bulb or so, some of the high temperature of the small grains of sand, glue, 妠釦浛埥paper and brushes中風.

1. Cleaning the surface of a light bulb (I will be keen to lower wattage. In the best light bulb is about 40 watts).苴钬滈洧 The small number of high-temperature sand (or man-made particles), glue, paper, paper towels or used disposable sponge brush公清潔.

2. Bulbs will be a clean surface, a few points on the glue針灸.

3. With a soft cloth or sponge painting on the light bulb

4. Hold the end of the light bulb will be carefully sprinkling sand on the bulb.

5. Wait 24 hours after the application can be. In the meantime, you can use a soft brush gently rub the surface like light bulbs, if the location of individual gap is too large, you can paste the sand again. Until paste evenly on the surface, not too close or too sparse until the light bulb.

6. To expand your ideas can make a more beautiful lamps. Has brought about a plexiglass cylinder shape, pasting Repeat the steps you will be a stylish avant-garde lamps.

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DIY: teach you to make a conch shell lamp

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

The remainder of the decoration of some scrap wood floor, good texture, and threw a real pity. How to use it up? But wait, or eating a seafood restaurant first to say it! Tu, have to eat enough food, pay the bill before the leave, I remember some good pick conch, shellfish like to take home Oh, Shan Ren has its own magical effect. Of course, if you have visited the seaside tourist resort, by the way also seized a number of shells, stones and the like, but it would be better. Look at this article will teach you these things together, combined with LED lantern components to produce a practical and beautiful shells Night Light.

Well, hang on the wall is decorated during the day, evening lantern is to facilitate daily life at night.


Abandoned the family when the renovation of the scrap – wooden floor (48 X 20 cm)

When renovation of the remaining screw, nut, wire

On to lighting waste removed the pieces of hardware

From the coast to buy back a large conch (L 29cm) and to retrieve the small shells, small screw, Shanhu Dan Small, small stones

LED light-emitting components (can also set up a small light bulb shape)