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French presidential election second round of voting in full swing

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

French presidential election second round of voting at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing Time 14:00 ) in metropolitan France in full swing , now President of the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and the Socialist candidate , François Hollande, the presidency for the next opening of the last competition.

The data released by the French Constitutional Council the registered voters of this election is about 4603 million . In the first round of voting held on April 22 , Hollande and Sarkozy won 28.63 percent and 27.18 percent of valid votes cast , leading the other eight
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Candidates. French Constitution, the French president elected by universal suffrage , using the most two rounds of voting The first round of voting if no person have a majority of votes , the votes among the top two candidates will enter the second round of contention .

For change in the campaign , the Hollande advocate on behalf of the leftist camp , restore the confidence of the French political action and public morality , to respond to voter concerns about unemployment , purchasing power, security, and other problems , and promised to guide Europe to return to < br />

To accelerate growth and expand the road of employment ; on behalf of right-wing conservative forces Sarkozy hit tightening , tax increases and protectionist card, the Second round of voting two days before the public

The fabric many public opinion polls , Sarkozy’s support rate in the past few days now gone , but still fall Houaolangde 4-7 percentage points .

For this election , France has set up 85,000 polling stations in the local , overseas territories and outside . Due to the time difference between the French part of the established early voting polling stations in the overseas territories , French local polling station at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing 14

Pm) and opening up, no later than 20:00 that night (Beijing time at 2:00 on the 7th ) closed.

French Interior Minister after the closure of the polling stations all have been released the latest statistics , the Constitutional Council will be confirmed and announced a second round of voting results in 7 to 11 May . The current presidential term is scheduled to end on May 15 . By convention, the President-elect inauguration

The time of the ceremony to be decided in consultation with the outgoing president .

Note on pet import

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Passengers carrying companion dog, cat entry, must have export country (or area ) official veterinary quarantine authorities issued a certificate of quarantine and rabies immunization certificate to declare to the customs, and the customs office shall notify the port animal and plant quarantine organs of passengers carried out animal quarantine certificate, none of the above, are not allowed to carry a companion dog, cat and entry疊印了舊日的足跡 | 夢裏牽系著的 | 這段旅程畫上句號 | 實現自己理想的機會 | 曾經說過的諾言 | 隨遇而安,不悲不喜 | 人生最輝煌的華彩 | 搖錢樹,燈籠果 | 迷了路人的雙眼 | 10年後再回看.

The port animal and plant quarantine department on companion dog, cat in the designated places for a period of 30days of quarantine. The quarantine of qualified in dogs, cats, by the port animal and plant quarantine office shall issue the certificate granted entry; quarantine qualified by quarantine authorities in accordance with relevant regulations. If you need service, please contact pet import