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The Indian military said in a separate statement

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

World Wide Web reporter Zhong Weidong reported that the Indian military will next month , according to Agence France-Presse , February 27 , near the India – Pakistan border region held a large-scale military exercises . Indian officials said the exercise will be dispatched 20,000 soldiers and a variety of equipment is one of India ‘s biggest ever military exercise .
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Daxi Ya , the Indian Army spokesman , said the military exercise code-named

The Daxi Ya , said:

The Indian military said in a separate statement , participating in the exercise equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles , artillery , helicopters, fighter jets , unmanned aerial vehicles , air defense weapons and military radar . Indian military sources said that the location of the exercise from the India-Pakistan border is less than 200 km .

The Daxi Ya dispel the outside world for the exercise may exacerbate the concerns of the India-Pakistan tensions , saying ,


or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the

Friday, February 24th, 2012

According to the Korea Central Daily News the central region. Near the armistice line emission can be achieved not only shells to be transferred from the Yongsan U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek, or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the
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South Korean government officials said February 21 that Radiation gun According to information obtained by the South Korean authorities,

Korea new development out of 300 mm radiation gun barrel only up to 3 meters, and equipped with Russian-made satellite position information system, the GLONASS The military authorities said that the original radiation gun use inertial system of Air France, in the driving force so that when fired artillery shells to reach the target location and the newly developed 300 mm radiation gun device has a high accuracy of navigation devices, but also a threat.

The authorities explained that the radiation gun in Korea on the South Korean military’s most threatening weapons China’s technology. It is reported that the North Korean use of U.S. military bases will soon move from Yongsan to Pyeongtaek the opportunity, has been stepping up development of a direct blow to the level Zeki weapons. The Haizhou fort used when

Korea from November 2010 to carry out the provocation of taeyonpyong launch the newly developed radiation guns, a direct blow to the Pyeongtaek U.S. military base is under construction.

It is reported that South Korean military authorities are to prepare countermeasures to deal with North Korea the new radiation gun configuration to a combat situation. Intelligence revealed intelligence that North Korea has completed the 300 mm emission gun research and development work, the actual configuration of the upcoming new weapons Confirmed that Korea from last year’s parade has been part of the active use of radiation gun to the reserve army of workers and peasants Red Guards, which means that the North Korean forces are likely to have configured the new weapons.


but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

February 20th , according to ITAR- reported , the Russian Sukhoi Pogosyan , CEO of Russia ‘s United Aircraft Manufacturing Company , said recently that the Russian Defense Ministry ordered 48 Su- 35S , the entire delivery schedule , including two delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2011 .
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As planned, the company Pogosyan also said the Russian aircraft manufacturers are currently seeking a loan , if the funding is in place in time , this year to the Russian military Su – 35S is also expected to increase a .

According to the company The machine ‘s built-in fuel tank capacity increase of nearly 20% , range and therefore increase to 4,500 km . The Su-35 is the depth modernizing developed an ultra- mobility multi-purpose fighter Su-27 fighter on the use of a large number of fifth-generation fighter developed a new technology , mainly used to dominating the air .

While maintaining the aerodynamic characteristics of the Su -27/30 series fighter , the Su-35 ‘s overall combat effectiveness has been significantly improved . The Su-35 not only radar reflectivity lower, and equipped with a powerful new digital control system and function , phased array radar, and attack multiple targets at greater distances . According to reports, the Su-35 equipped with a new type of Not only the radar can simultaneously track 30 targets , but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

Su-35 is also installed two 117S vectored thrust engine ( improvements made by the AL – 31F ) , with a total thrust of 29 tons . It is reported , the 117S is the prototype of the Russian fifth-generation engine . In addition , Su-35 will be the Sukhoi company as another weapon to compete for the international market , is used to fill the market before the emergence of fifth generation fighter The main potential market


bend 14 degrees to block the cable

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports the LBTS first runway the aircraft carrier built by the Indian Navy in fruit Abanghansi naval base will be completed before the end of 2012 . Can be completed by June this year the construction of the runway to take off , landing runway will be completed before the end of the year .
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The published data show that , according to the Russian-Indian bilateral contract signed in 2009 ( $ 60,000,000 ) , the Russian experts will help India to complete the construction of the aircraft carrier LBTS . The Indian side for the testing ground for a total investment of approximately $ 17.5 billion rupees (about $ 35.5 million ) .

Indian Navy land-based aircraft carrier testing ground will simulate the flight deck of the first ship of China-made aircraft carrier Vikrant , proving ground , including the slip jump deck, bend 14 degrees to block the cable , and other landing equipment and so on .

According to Indian media reports , the test site for Indian-made Indian Navy pilots in the future , including MiG-29K carrier-based pilots training . Currently, the world only the United States and Ukraine have similar aircraft carrier LBTS a testing ground of Ukraine in the Crimea Peninsula , currently leased by the Russian Navy training field for pilot training .


the main purpose of this visit is to sign a five-year agreement on military cooperation .

Monday, February 20th, 2012

According to the Russian World Arms Trade Center site on February 14 , the Philippines has signed with the Italian Ministry of Defence for a period of five years of weapons and equipment procurement contracts . By convention, the Italian military in the next five years within the Philippines, the transfer of a large number of second-hand fighter-bombers , frigates , destroyers , and unmanned aerial vehicles .
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The Philippines, local media reported that a delegation led by the Philippine Defense Minister Bor Tai Lei Jia Siming last week a visit to Italy , the main purpose of this visit is to sign a five-year agreement on military cooperation .

Earlier there was news that the Philippines would like to purchase medium-sized transport aircraft, shore -based radar systems , multi-role fighter and remote maritime patrol machines and other military equipment to the Italian .

Philippine Defense Secretary also declared that the Philippine government is currently working on the $ 70 billion pesos (about $ 1.64 billion ) for the procurement of weapons and equipment .

Russia’s arms trade and Analysis Center recently reported that Philippine President Corazon Aquino in 2011 , has approved a plan to strengthen the country’s military presence in the South China Sea region was also decided that funding of approximately $ 183 million for the Philippine Air Force procurement of equipment .

Philippine military combat capability to strengthen the Philippine Army unit stationed in Palawan will contribute to the maintenance of Philippine interests in the disputed waters of neighboring countries


and hope to achieve stability and development of the Korean Peninsula.

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported that according to Japanese media sources said, as an important part of the Sino-Japanese defense authorities exchange, Feb. 14, Chinese Defense Minister Liang met with visiting Japanese Self-Defense Force middle-aged and young cadres Delegation, the two sides to further deepen defense exchanges between the two countries reach an agreement, the Chinese side welcomed the visit to China by Japanese anti-phase. In addition, the Delegation and his entourage will also visit the Chinese naval base.
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Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 15, of Ogata Wu Ting of the chairman of the Nippon Foundation and the Self-Defense Force lieutenant-colonel-level Delegation on the 14th, held talks with Chinese officials, the Chinese side emphasized that enhancing mutual understanding and mutual trust between the two countries to continue its defense exchanges important. The Chinese side welcomes Japan’s anti-phase Tanaka Naoki’s visit to China.

Reported that the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il after the death of the movements are widely concern. The Chinese side expressed concern about the situation in the Korean, and hope to achieve stability and development of the Korean Peninsula.

Japan’s NHK television reported that the talks coincides with the recovery normalization of diplomatic relations the 40th anniversary of the two sides continue to deepen defense exchanges between the two countries reach a consensus in a friendly atmosphere. Around in the collision occurred once cool relations between the two countries, the Japanese side expressed the need to continue to maintain the defense of the exchange of both.

In addition, the Delegation then also visit the Chinese naval base.

China Ministry of Defence website on the 14th in the Bayi Building, State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang met led by Ogata Wu Shou, chairman of the Nippon Foundation Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund delegation cum young officer training group message. Liang said the Sino-Japanese relations is in good shape, both sides should follow the trend of the times around the overall development of bilateral relations, and constantly enhance mutual political trust, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, including the field of defense, promote mutual understanding and friendly feelings, to promote the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relationship forward along the track of healthy and stable development.

Liang Guanglie made positive comments on Sino-Japanese young officers exchange visits between projects, I hope both sides will continue to promote the development of bilateral defense exchanges through private channels.

Ogata said Wu Shou Nippon Foundation as a non-government organizations has always been committed to the Sino-Japanese friendship, willing to take the normalization of diplomatic relations the 40th anniversary as an opportunity to continue to play the role of the private channels, contribute to strengthen the bilateral defense exchanges


the Taizhou television staff

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

In the early morning of January 24, Taizhou City Star Ming Road occurred with the two vehicles collided, resulting in a taxi driver died.
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Accident one BMW driver was a 26-year-old model from three Taizhou Chen moon, participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s

This accident first appeared in the Sina microblogging, widely forwarded.

The friends said that after the accident, Chen moon suspected of drunk driving, hit by a taxi driver, there is no timely rescue, fled the scene, which delayed the treatment of injured.

Yesterday, Chen moon’s blood alcohol test results came out, she is drunk driving.

The test report shows a drunk driving

January 24 (Year) 1:34 Xu, in the near Jiaojiang District, Taizhou Xing Ming Road Jiaojiang Fifth, a red BMW 320 sedan suddenly lost control, rushed into a taxi, resulting in a taxi hit a large truck parked on the roadside.

The taxi driver, Lee, Sichuan, was born in 1962, was seriously injured, the card coma. Half an hour later, passers-by the police for help, taxi drivers, firefighters remove. Due to his injuries, the taxi driver died en route to the hospital.

Police said the doctor said the taxi driver missed rescue opportunity

After the accident, the Chen moon accept the traffic scene Breath Test, and the alcohol content of 60mg/100ml preliminary judge for drunk driving. Immediately, she was taken to the hospital for blood test report came out yesterday, Chen moon time blood alcohol content of 170mg/100ml 2 times above the normal level, is drunk driving a motor vehicle.

Currently, Chen moon has XingJu to be detained in the detention center Jiaojiang.

The hotel was found covered in alcohol

Taizhou Public Security Bureau Jiaojiang traffic police brigade after receiving the alarm, at the scene found no accident the driver of the BMW car.

BMW’s license for Zhejiang J29 × × X, is a 1 two-door roadster, valued at fifty or sixty million.

Police license plate information, confirm that the owners Chen moon, and ultimately find the driver in the car accident took place near a hotel Chen moon. Chen moon when he was found covered with alcohol, she would like to hide in the hotel room to sober up.

Police said Chen moon did not alarm, choosing instead to leave the scene in the incident, three hours after appearing in court. However, if she escape, be considered surrendered go through discussion qualitative. Responsible for the accident has not come out.

The Taizhou television deny hiring Chen moon

Accident driver Chen moon, nowadays active in the province of entertainment, known as the

Since Chen moon attended the Zhejiang Satellite TV

The face of the various versions of the outside world, the moon Chen still go its own way to participate in various performances. However, with good looks, she has also made a number of honors, for example, in 2007, she obtained, Zhejiang Province, the Haili people, runner-up in 2007, Universal Queen Taizhou Division runner-up in 2009,

There are rumors, Chen moon was had attended a celebration party, said that Taizhou television stations employ a moderator, had an accident driving home.

Yesterday, the Taizhou television staff, said Chen, the moon has not been formally employed. Taizhou television sets had a file of outsourcing programs need beautiful guest appearances holding a prize, she served as a guest.

The source said the Chen moon hometown, in the three county male Town Ao Chencun, economic conditions is not very good, The BMW bought is not clear. Around Christmas, she had the package under the Baidu bar to celebrate his birthday.


which is also unique

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The reporter has learned the Xiaolong off-road vehicles is the Wuhan Xiaolong Auto Technology Co., Ltd. R & D have full intellectual property rights, the localization of components to achieve 100%. It can climb the steep slope of 45 ° on 550 mm steps across the trenches of 700 mm, the chassis ground clearance of 440 mm tank places to go can go, driving side of the car but also to the side of the tire charge deflated, to adapt to a variety of complex road. Recognized its off-road performance has gone beyond the
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Wild: the reality version of

This reporter learned that the .

Former party secretary of the State Council Development Research Center, Chen Qingtai inspection Xiaolong plant are very pleased to praise: >

Wild: The addition of anti-tracking devices

Will be put to the market in the first half of this year, compared with the military Xiaolong, civilian vehicles will increase the satellite positioning, anti-tracking system and night vision equipment. But also according to customer demand for comfort, personalized modifications. Some parts will be all hand-produced, that it truly becomes advanced customization of off-road vehicles, expected annual output of 3,000 units, priced at about $ 1 million.

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Text / high-Star reporter trainee reporter Wang Xue Figure / reporter Li Shaowen

Yesterday, the reporter had the honor board the the Xiaolong sport utility vehicle cab experience, What is surprising is that this car shape rugged beast, even installation is automatic, in the the Fujia position, the reporter to see the car is also equipped with Advanced Tablet PC.

The cab sophisticated equipment: roof of a 360-degree camera, the car is equipped with navigation systems. The models of delivery of the Armed Police Double Cab, in the middle of the rear seat is also equipped with a refrigerator. Superstructure lying two in the rear of the rear seat, there are a lot of space design into storage bins, storage bins, can be considered a car bed, available to travel long distances rotation to rest, such as there is a need, the storage box can be removed, the installation of two rows of seats. In addition, the car can also be used to airdrop.

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Q: You can compare the Hummer you?

A: The off-road performance than it!

Ou Take Auto Design and Research Institute of Design Director Zhu Heng told reporters: Xiaolong with non-independent suspension, while the Hummer is independent suspension; the Xiaolong transmission and transfer case integrated into a power unit, which is also unique; completely independent intellectual property rights

In December 2009, Xiaolong in the desert of Dubai with the U.S. military Hummer PK, Xiaolong outstanding Shapo, Xiaolong car, the Hummer not washed up, up.

Extreme weather

Q: your reliability?

A: I’m good plateau performance!

At present, there are six kinds of products 12 vehicles a plateau, heat and cold test, after the cold of minus 41 degrees, the high temperature of 42 degrees above zero, through a plateau 5800 meters above sea level, through the no man’s land of Altun miles At present, the Xiaolong car in the highlands trial users reflect good reliability.

Four Xiaolong parked neatly

Yesterday, four powerful and domineering This is the the Han production off-road vehicles for the first time to enter the Armed Police Force service. Has been concerned about the


and required to educate family members.

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Southern News reporter Tan universal two days, Sina microblogging account released by the Guangzhou Bo District (microblogging), Event in the end is the embezzlement of public officers consumption and abuse of a restaurant waiter, or out of the ordinary consumer disputes? Yesterday, Bo District, met with the parties still disagree on whether spending public funds, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed in Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the Discipline Inspection Group has made a notice of criticism related personnel processing.
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Au Pak microblogging content and interview the alleged January 27, more than 10 people, including a woman wearing red to the Haizhu District Seafood meal consumption of 1202 yuan, the woman asked in red invoicing, invoice payable to: Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the results of the cashier the invoice wrong, red Ms. patting fees Taiwan, pointing to the cashier angry: about five meters from the cashier, stepped forward to persuade the red Ms. curse: none of your business what, dead old devil! District primary, which is a private party to open the unit invoice, belonging to the apparent embezzlement consumption, but the attitude is so outrageous, requiring the woman to apologize, and demanded the Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, is given to explain.

The other side responded: restaurant services

To the floor of the seafood dining with his family yesterday, contact the Southern Reporter red Ms. The very fact that the very fact that recognition of the day really, bad services from the outset, let the waiter take the BB bench half a day did not get up, bring their own drinks also received open bottle fee. beat the computer to let the cashier do not curse.

According to the restaurant upload network surveillance video shows the whole thing made the process are the presence of a manager of the restaurant, the manager of multiple gestures to show that indeed occurred because the invoice disputes between the very fact that with the cashier, altercation, but the video no sound, the real situation is not known how.

Discipline inspection departments: alleged embezzlement consumption

Yesterday, the District primary microblogging point units Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the incident response, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, made the following treatment: discipline inspection group of the event to the event as a event the parties very fact that is not council employees, but the council Ge, deputy researcher surnamed family members. The council has on the matter of Ge, deputy researcher surnamed notice of criticism, whose mandate was to make a written examination, and required to educate family members.


Invoicing unit name is a personal freedom

Ms. Zhang denied that he is the staff of the Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, For invoicing Why use unit name, the very fact that this is Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, reimbursement, invoicing in order to complete the tax responsibilities.

Not be reimbursed why playing the unit name?

District Peter, yesterday met with each other, totally do not believe the very fact that this is also not satisfied that good explanation.


including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

People in Khartoum on January 29 (Reporter Wu Wenbin) from 1983 to 2005, Sudan has been caught in civil war. Until January 2005, the Sudanese government and the separation of Southern Sudan for the purpose of independent or

Signed a peace treaty before the country as a unified Sudan,

After the signing of peace treaty, southern Sudan to implement a high degree of autonomy, self-government was set up, almost in an independent state.

July 9, 2011, after independence of Southern Sudan, 加入南苏丹 nationality, their whereabouts became a problem. To this end,

According to Sudanese law on political parties, as political parties or opposition parties,

What is more, set up a

Starting from September 2011, the Sudanese Government forces entrenched in the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan state’s , the former governor of Blue Nile State, including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan,