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the U.S. media exposed several scandals Kane . Recently

Monday, December 5th, 2011

People WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) ( correspondent Wen Xian ) as being extra-marital scandals , the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on November 3 in Atlanta announced the suspension of elections.

Kane is a U.S. Republican presidential candidate in 2012, the only black , previously was a business merchant pizza industry . Because of its hard-line right-wing point of view , visibility is very small due to the Kane Republican candidate to participate in the debate often becoming known . For some time, the U.S. media exposed several scandals Kane . Recently, the more a woman called a 13-year affair with Kane . So Kane ‘s popularity has plummeted in the polls , fund-raising so blocked, the election should not have bright prospects suddenly bleak.

Kane said on Tuesday after he was


the Supreme Council of the armed forces to take over state power

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Local 28, the Egyptian People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) election held on the first phase of voting begins. This is the popular demonstrations forced to leave power after decades of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s first democratic elections held, and many people’s enthusiasm, lined up in various places to vote.

27 provinces vote in three stages

the parliamentary elections beginning from the 28th of this month, held in three phases, each phase of polling for 2 days Egypt currently has 27 provinces, each stage contains nine provinces. The first phase of voting, including Cairo, Alexandria and other places. The second and third phases of polling are from December 14 and January 3, beginning next year. The final election results will be January 13, 2012 announcement.

According to Mubarak’s electoral law enacted after the overthrow of the Egyptian People’s Assembly of 508 seats, of which 498 seats elected. The remaining 10 members appointed by the President.

from 7 am the day began, the major polling station in Cairo before there was a line of the queue, both in rich and poor areas or areas, polling stations before they are full of people.

along the Nile flows through the city, there are many people waiting in line to vote, the formation of a unique landscape. Many voters also took out the camera side of the line side of the pictures taken. Alexandria and other cities also appeared in a similar situation.

many political parties It is reported that political parties in the election, many political parties are Mubarak to step down after a very short period of time established. A few days ago, Liberation Square, Cairo, there are large-scale public demonstrations calling for the junta to step down, making the election can be held as scheduled into an unknown. However, 28 voting situation, the election is basically not affected. Some protesters had joined the independent candidate, and the concentration of powers dissatisfied with the military party, have also stopped the day of protests, the vote to create a smooth good atmosphere.

conservative liberal candidates

together the Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt’s largest political organization, the more conservative political orientation, but also the most enthusiastic of the parliamentary elections. Not long ago, senior representatives of the organization and the military But the move has also been a number of other political parties as a

addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the other two relatively large coalition candidates were Egyptian Alliance Group and continue the revolution. Egyptian members of the group are mainly cultural elite, against the extremist forces of merchants and others tend to liberal economic policies and cultural diversity. Continue the revolution is a youth-based coalition of organizations, advocated a more extensive change.

February 11, President Hosni Mubarak to resign due to domestic protests. Since then, the Supreme Council of the armed forces to take over state power, parliament was dissolved, the constitution suspended.