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the official mobile phone use

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Deep 27, quoted the Associated Press, AFP analysis, Kahn was the reason why sexual assault charges, is likely to be their opponents in a well-designed conspiracy.

Aibositan case exposed many doubts. Associated Press quoted him as saying: the fly. In addition, the waitress claimed to have been sexual assault to wait Diallo police arrived people can not be linked to the case with the word conspiracy. In addition, the same level with Kahn Suite 2820 Suite is a mystery, Diallo has three times out of the suite, especially after contact with Kahn to re-enter. Later, she did not explain to the police. This is also the most confusing of a doubt the police.

Kahn sexual assault case quickly and Electronic magazine private messages that have been AFP also quoted sources as saying that the loss of Kahn’s BlackBerry when he worked at the IMF, the official mobile phone use, is likely to fall into the ‘political opponents’ hands. Radio France Internationale conclude that, although there had been no direct evidence that Kahn is being framed, but Aibositan survey showed that Kahn sexual assault case behind the conspiracy does exist.

the Triangle International news agency quoted the U.S. case, , Widdel image also said that there is a conspiracy Kahn sexual assault case, that argument is simply nonsense, as if to say, Taylor

Kahn’s lawyer, said the findings support Aibositan, and the Sofitel hotel and its parent company, Accor related personnel actions that

May this year, Kahn accused of alleged sexual assault at a hotel waitress Diallo, was arrested in New York, then IMF Managing Director Strauss-Kahn resigned from office and be interviewed by Kahn was in August All charges were dismissed.


and his men Diao another dimension columns

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This morning, former party secretary of Beijing Local Taxation Bureau , the Secretary Wang Jiping , on suspicion of embezzling 10.47 million yuan , bribery 4.35 million yuan , the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court for trial . Prior to this, the original men of any Yina Wang Jiping , Peng Yingbin have been convicted, and his men Diao another dimension columns , and his complicity in embezzlement , Zhao Yun , have been brought to trial in early November .

did not see the money , said Wang Jiping

9 45PM, a police car entering the court , the door opened, wearing a green military coat Wangjiping escorted under car. The former Secretary for rent , still look kindly face , the face of the photographer’s camera , he did not show do not fit the mood , but the nod .

10 hours, Wang Jiping the bailiff was taken into custody in the hospital 22 cities outside the court , the bailiff to take advantage of their opportunity to unlock the handcuffs , a reporter asked about their attitude to the trial . Wangjiping called mood was very complicated , he said he was innocent , neither corruption nor bribery . With these words , the Wang Jiping was brought into the courtroom for trial.

Wangjiping defense lawyer in Beijing Jincheng Law Firm with the original Wei lawyer. According to the original Wei lawyers, he will be guilty. Original lawyers said , prosecutors charged Wangjiping 10.47 million yuan of embezzled public funds , but the money into the company’s accounts , Wang Jiping , I did not even see .

prosecutor in the case of 0930 pulled a large box into the courtroom , a box full of archival materials . It is reported that the trial of the case will last all day .


From Libya

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

From Libya , Libya Then with a transport plane to airlift to Tianjin frankly .

23 According to foreign reports, the International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo , said the Libyan authorities refused to allow the International Criminal Court in Libya before the leader Muammar Gaddafi ‘s son Saif court hearing.

Ocampo said that

He also said ,

Ocampo also said that although the International Criminal Court trial of Saif ‘s


students simply less water

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The toilet is not only long lines , but also delay the class, the students … This is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students go to the toilet situation. Students go to the toilet difficult to cause Yingjiang Li , deputy secretary of concern . Li called on the microblogging Tencent : students simply less water

bright sunlight of a brick under the front of the building , a group of children tied red scarf sex arranged in two columns , crowds of children , building on the wall ,

users drying out which is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students on the toilet pictures . very crowded , students need to line up go to the toilet . does have individual students drink less per day to reduce to line up . the toilet … … the number of students over a thousand people . Teachers said that since September this year, since the toilet has been very crowded.

900 Yu Xuesheng only 14 light squatting

Yingjiang West Town Center boarding school nearly 80 years of school history . The school has school buildings, multi-media classrooms, student cafeteria , student restaurants, education and teaching facilities. Why are there go to the toilet difficult ?

light West Town Central Primary School President Chu said light west of the original town center boarding school students in more than 400 people , most of these students non-resident students , boarders only 100 people, was the school’s toilets to meet the basic students to use. But this year focused on education


including three policemen.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

ISLAMABAD, November 22 (Reporter Guhan Long ) 22 , according to Pakistani media reports , Pakistan’s northwestern city of Mardan, the day of an explosion , killing at least one policeman was killed and nine injured.

reported that , when a bomb disposal unit was removed Mardan city Paerhuodi area was installed in a school for girls outside of the two bombs . The first bomb was successfully removed , but the second bomb exploded in the removal process .

present, all the injured have been rushed to nearby hospital for treatment , the injured , including three policemen.

Mardan in the northwest of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, about 110 km. In February, a military camp in Mardan ‘s been a suicide bomb attack , killing 18 soldiers killed and wounded.


concrete operational next year started. 11

Monday, November 21st, 2011

14 Department of Energy officials said the Philippines , the Philippine government will not ignore China ‘s sovereignty over the disputed region of South China Sea, the sound cable and protests , will invite foreign investors to the region for oil , but also , and visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss the matter. Meanwhile , AFP said , the Philippines intends to play in the 17th meeting of the ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit to find a united front against China .

According to the Philippines , within the territory in the Philippines , concrete operational next year started. 11, the APEC leaders summit, a commodity security conference , Philippine President Aquino III said , there is dispute over sovereignty in the region .

Agence France-Presse said , Aquino in the APEC meeting this week to Southeast Asian countries also stressed the need to question the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea to form a united front against China . 14 Agence France-Presse quoted a Foreign Ministry internal document the Philippines , said Aquino want to make the South China Sea as Philippine Foreign Affairs for Policy Affairs, long Baxiliou said Aquino will be held in Bali on high-level dialogue

Research Institute of Xiamen University, Nanyang village land 14 , told reporters that the Philippines once again that China stop in China, the Philippines, exploitation of Nansha sea beach ritual oil , to the upcoming ASEAN for ASEAN Summit State of sympathy and support of international public opinion . China has banned drilling for oil in the sea beach ritual is to stabilize the situation in the South China Sea , safeguard China ‘s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests .


exploded near the venue

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Core Tip: Police confirmed that the Afghan capital Kabul , local time, 17, early in the morning , two rockets being held Loya Jirga (Grand National meeting ) exploded near the venue , killing at least one civilian were injured . Since January this year , the Afghan Taliban , code-named

KABUL, Nov. 17 Xinhua Afghan capital Kabul, the police confirmed that 17 early in the morning local time , two rockets being held Loya Jirga ( Great national Conference) exploded near the venue , killing at least one civilian were injured .

Kabul police who asked not to be named, told Xinhua News Agency reporters , at least three rockets fired at the Loya Jirga venue , two of which exploded near the venue . Police are investigating the attack .

There is no organization or individual making the claim that this incident .

Afghan Loya Jirga in Kabul, 16, opened the meeting is expected to last four days, will discuss Afghanistan and the United States signed a strategic partnership agreement and by the Afghan government and Taliban -led rebels in peace talks and other issues such as . Afghan official said , was attended by more than 2,500 people , including members of both Houses of Parliament , Speaker of Parliament and provincial tribal elders and so on. Prior to that, put the Taliban in Afghanistan saying the attack was to obstruct the meeting .

May 1 this year , the Afghan Taliban , code-named


estate lends money

Monday, November 14th, 2011

The real estate lends money “invisible” move
The bank does mortgage pressure the test originally isn’t a fresh matter, but the official caliber means of test the result make this old topic become the focus of industry concern once again at a time than optimism.

Last Friday, after the meeting of silver Jian ex- chairman Liu Ming Kang meant building price declined 50%, bank of loan overlay still can attain 100%, although the interest can not take back,the principal has no problem, not a few bankings,到會服務 got the industry insider of loan business enterprise and real estate industry to tell 《 first finance and economics newspaper 》reporter, the bank pressure tested whether completely true and dependable, each bank lent money in the real estate whether medium”invisible” move was all brought into “method eye” to supervise and control, all will to the end result creation graveness influence.

The main funds flows into a some to mow a meat to escape affirmation to regret sudden soar very likely not period but go to people’s evangel:The set prison stock has been already saved!So mortgage is how”invisible”?The “invisible” mortgage canned once escape a pressure test of”method eye”?The related profession personage declines to 50%ly slice to the building price how is body feeling?

Mortgage of making only superficial change

Liu Ming Kang meant last Friday that the bank of our country real estate lends money above 10 renminbis currently.According to 《2011 three quarter degree financing institution loan the hurl report to the statistics 》, up to three quarter degree end, this real estate loan surplus amount number is 10.46 dollars.

There is a banking industry insider pointing out, at consider building price the influence of the slump upon the bank, in addition to above 10.46, there are also other”wade building” loans, then use various loan that the non- mortgage name lend, pass various outlet turnover and finally flew to a real estate market, and those beginnings start and then take real estate as and mortgage the loan of thing,美食到會and then the number usually exceed the former.That personage said that nominally of and actually of”wade building” lend money a total amount, “conservative the estimate also has 20″.

So, these nominally the mortgage of non- real estate loan, is how put on does “Ma Jia” make only superficial change?The industry insider expresses to probably will provide some clueses.

“A little bit ex- years of the ratio investing real estate does steel Mao business’ earning be quickly getting more, we asked bank to lend money to throw a land, company to spreads, transact building, the whole thing industry and villa.”Some large steel City, Shanghai one steel Mao business enterprise general manager, Mr. Chen, tells this report the reporter, their seeking all of the names of bank margin are “production management item”, but uses “a dragon” of deceitful trade flowing water etc. move and finally use money to stir-fry ground to stir-fry building.

Mr. Chen has very satisfied ability to the steel Mao margin of business enterprise that year, “we do a big religion merchandise of, can provide a mortgage thing, have hypothecation guarantee and have with each other protect, have allied protect to still have market guarantee, plus a funds to flow again greatly, the bank robs to lend° money us.”

As for this”a dragon” move how walk, Mr. Chen raised an example.”I have a liking for 10,000,000 companies to spread item, ask same professions first to lend 10,000,000, purchase a company to spread.Then buy the next company and spreads to mortgage to the bank, Learning Chinese call that the loan is used for into goods, money in fact accepted Zhang and then still drop to borrow, equal to ask bank to lend money to stir-fry a company to spread.”

For Mr. Chen’s way of doing, transportation bank a customer manager means to query, he means after the loan of “three guide lines with a way”s that carries through according to his bank of place “entrust to pay” process, the bank loan will have to call Mr. Chen to enter the company of goods, rather than Mr. Chen’s our company.

The bank letter loan business of another share system representative director tells this report, for”entrust to pay”, supervision the first that can control a funds allots to fly to after the loan of bank.Is also say, as long as Mr. Chen seeks one”friend’s company”, walking the process isn’t difficult.That representative director reveals, 2008 annuities melt a crisis later on and stimulate the policy great environment in the currency under, the bank favor contain the loan customer of mortgage, and can give according to the valuation value of mortgage thing 80%~120% loan limits, tallest even can reach to 150%.

DIY to repair some

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Repairing the step very important DIY to repair some work prefaces can not save
Health watertightness

Now the part of Zi Bo lately set up small areas all have already stuck to like ceramic tile between healths, can meet owner don’t like of how to do style and assortment?Have to the spade drop to do over, by this time must re- do 1 F watertightness.Designer small once met with not a few cases like this, the owner drops health ceramic tile spade to re- spread the assortment that oneself likes, didn’t lead the owner of repairing experience very easy neglect the watertightness of the health.”This one step definitely not the ability is careless,腌制黴變食物吃老妳the spade drops original ceramic tile very may chase original waterproof layer break, by this time must use waterproof coating at original foundation up again plus 1 F, particularly is that the ground leak, drainage outlet etc. easily take place a leaking place to even want to do cautiously.”Little Lyu Shuo should clean up the wall noodles and ground dust, miscellaneous articles or objects clean while doing watertightness, the surface remains of the ash strach a hard piece of place that also wants to seek to be even, doesn’t around and not easily clean up to some drain pipe roots to brush to clean off with the hair, the in order to prevent results in waterproof Tu Ceng’s asymmetry, result in concealed suffer from.Can do watertightness to experiment for 24 hours when it’s necessary, light quality wall body watertightness the acceptance also want to work well to pour water to experiment.

The spade drops “pare off big white”

Introduce according to small, Zi Bo not a few houses would do the 1 F white coating while aring built up now and was so called “pare off big white” inside the industry, he suggested the owner drops its spade and gets fed up with paring off son afresh.He tells a reporter, “the reason have three:The first, the original white wall has a lot of is the coating used gum and got fed up with son Chan and got up, have of contain a radio chemical element, not very good to health condition,食欲不振so is canning not make sure whether under the premise of original coating environmental protection, an owner still a spade drops to peep out a cement wall, again Tu Shua ecosystem interface, the adhesive strength of in the meantime strengthening of the safe environmental protection foam rubber paint;The second, the wall noodles big part of “pare off big white” is all rougher, and the adhesive strength is general, all generally wanting on this foundation to get fed up with paring off son again then can foam rubber paint or stick wallpaper, if don’t drop its spade, very probably because coating lead thick, make the wall noodles opened crack, empty drum.”Therefore, small suggests to have the house owner of “pare off big white”, repair square one should the spade drop, must can not save to this an one step because of fearing bother.

The ground must seek even

The ground is used the wood a floor still a ceramic tile, many first times repair of the owners all once had this kind of to band together and said according to the characteristics of two kinds of floors, the bedroom relatively suited wood floor, the living room kitchen is suitable to spread ceramic tile.Thus the new problem came right away, if the bedroom chooses compound floor, the living room spreads ceramic tile, so will in advance mat in the bedroom ground Gao, because the ground for brick to spreads stick wants a high 35-40 mms, but reunite the height of floor only have 8-12 mms, both has to fall bad, result in living room’s being as uneven as bedroom ground, so wanting in the bedroom ground to use cement sand syrup to seek is even, so that it finishes spreading the floor form highly last of consistent.If bedroom choice of is a wooden floor board, also the important business compute the height of good main beam of boat first.Therefore,chi shuan haochu choose two kinds of the methods that the floors combine should there is estimating in detail very much while designing, seeking flat ground noodles this one step can not save to go and otherwise spreads over each room in the ground highly have already fallen bad, result in inconvenience for the lifes in the days to come.

DIY the mini potted

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

DIY the mini potted plant small garden
The natural flavor of Style1 country

Constitute a chemical element:Wood basin and multi-layer plant

Wood quality basin the machine can bring very natural country taste.Bore an a drain in the bottom of wood basin, then stuff with soil,5大食物催人老you can plant to grow the plant that you likes.Decorate effect for the sake of the increment, you can under the wood basin the Chen a turn of moss, again put to put a few loose fruits.Can also go toward while having a guest in add a to tie fresh cut flowers to do to embellish.

The Style2 mini bush

Constitute a chemical element:The copper quality flower pot, goose egg stone,立冬節氣 green plant

Copper quality basin the machine go together with a white egg stone to contain interesting and novel effect and also reflect green plant to Chen to get more beautiful.

The height is wrong the plant combination falling is the premise that promises whole beauty, the attention periodically cuts branches and leaves, so that he/she keeps a plant to contain a shape of beauty, can also have the function to help the plant to grow.睡眠的幾種誤會 Alone potted plant formation for letting more the beautiful scenery of tightly packed, can put a tray in the underneath, then spread the moss to increase beauty in the bottom.