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DIY breeze more outstanding

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The DIY breeze more outstanding flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions show up for dint
Along with more and more DIY players, to the continuously raising of the power product request, some players that pay attention to and can cater to DIY alternative application demanding power be naturally more easily held by heat,See a guest guilty but local famous machine power station company flood cow, recently at they main dozen player characteristic of red suddenly and violently series the power plused to a ratio of the dint, their red suddenly and violently 500 power had brand-new of get stripe improvement, the attraction is hundred percent.

Flood cow of red suddenly and violently series the power is a manufacturer the fixed position face to essential DIY the power product of the terrace player, whole series the power passes the 80 plus economy energy attestation.But the 0.8 mms adopted by the power plate zinc material outer shell, the 18# high standard line material also takes the net cover of having the profession to shield, and abundant of connect a people’s equipment, all to the utmost show the power professional texture.

The flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions

But this is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions, then at red suddenly and violently the foundation of 500 products up gave the improvement of deeper time.It gives improvement to the color of the fan and the line material in maintaining to originally possessed the 12 cm hydraulic Wen Kong’s mute to spread hot fan+ beehive-like in shape spreading spreading of hot bore heat installing foundation, deep red color strong wind car fan and red snake skin net line material, seem to be particularly in order to keep an eye, in addition, expanding of the power line material length comes to an a 650 mms more and well satisfied the terrace customer’s back to walk the need of line reformation, highlight the power thus red suddenly and violently the characteristic of series.Seeming adopt a 0.8 MMs to plate black Nie of outer shell, bear a fingerprint, use sex stronger.

Strong wind car the fan and the snake skin net package line material is deep red to gleam

In the power supply, the power continues to maintain a sum to settle a 400 Ws, the Feng is worth the power supply level with 500 Ws, the power adoption of is active PFC+double the tube is arousing of economize on energy power supply structure, passed the 80 plus Bronze Medal attestation, reached to 82% higher excellent conversion efficiency compare together tile number even Class of the power product, economize on energy level to undoubtedly lead.35盞LED燈價值17萬

The power Ming card and beehive-like in shape spread hot bore

The power owns not vulgar power supply level and excellent conversion efficiency, but connects a people’s equipment, similarly didn’t need our excessive anxiety.It in addition to provide with a 20+4 pin lord connects, a 4+4 pin CPU assistance power supply connects, four SATAs connects, two big 4 pinses connects, a small 4 pins connects outside, the 6 pin PCI-E shows card power supply to connect to also come to a 2, full in consideration of the customer installs medium high level super strong demand for showing the power supply of card.

Super long line material

As a style of product that pays attention to player breeze, red suddenly and violently the quality of 500 player versions also make the person well rest assured, the protection control of the power chip, once provided to press, lead carry, lead flow, temperature, short circuit, keep thunder etc. from weighing protective effect more, the safe coefficient is very high.

In addition, some details of the power are also very worth to praise a prize.Compare to in the on the side of the power, the manufacturer joined regularly to take charge of the defending of net false search label in the domestic product quality electronics, convenient customer to product of true false carry on discriminating.Moreover connect in the power cable material square 4 pins up, also joined “for CPU” to mark of remind words, availably lowered a customer is connecting the false risk in the line process, the way of doing of these details, well make a show of the highest design principle of the customer of the manufacturer of flood cow. mini to receive

Take”FOR CPU” marks of the square 4 PINs connect

The electronics takes charge of code

Get stripe later on, such a red suddenly and violently the DIY characteristic of 500 player versions seem to be fresher clear, bring the player more beneficial assistance in the physically applied process.However, the manufacturer didn’t therefore pass on the cost to the consumer, this was suddenly and violently red currently 500 player version the power, publicly quote only is 369 dollars, the price competition ability is very sturdy.The interested in player might as well come in person a selling exhibition to carry on more detailed understanding to the style’s product.

disguising as various family

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The night in Halloween, in addition to disguising as various family that the demon knocks to ring other people, the clothes must have huge pocket to pack candy and there is also one prop of essential to have, is a pumpkin lantern.Not a few person’s primary schools all once read ice heart of 《small Jie light 》,programming quickly set in fact the pumpkin lantern is similar to the small Jie light and dug empty pulp of fruit to put into a candle to fix, but compared a small Jie light and created a pumpkin lantern absolutely is individual dint to live.

Western person’s fancy to the pumpkin seems to be not reserved at all, the ash miss sits of pumpkin wagon, the pumpkin lantern in Halloween evening, all because pumpkin of fat, very round but matchless and vivid portrayal.But arrived Chinese mainland, wanted to find out this kind of circle again again the flat pumpkin is it may be said difficult to up add difficult.

The reporter went and saw 3 markets, 2 large supermarkets yesterday, all having no could find out this kind of dreamlike shape.Pumpkin seller’s aunt’s introduction, the long sand citizen eat of pumpkin, basic is the sweet pumpkin of all long form, circle the pumpkin for rolling almost no one will enter goods.”See still keep once seeing, but the head is very small to return expensive.”

The survey that reports a reporter according to the morning , in a supermarket of the Xiang river century city, can buy to this kind of pumpkin.Choose a material for the sake of the convenience, the reporter finally sought one familiar long form sweet pumpkin in the long sand one market, DIY was a “pumpkin lantern” of long sand version.

Prepare material

The chopper is a , the penknife is a , water pen is 1, the small candle is a (2 dollars, the boutique has been already sold), and iron Shao is 1.The pumpkin that the market buys in fact can cut open to sell, needs to buy a half then.(the reporter buys to return to one whole pumpkin, 12 dollars renminbi)

Create a step

A smoother side of the 1 selection, at half pumpkin up draw grimace.Mainly is a lines to have to be clear, eyes are two triangles, the nose is partial to long triangle, then makes uniform a mouth of oval, in hang up a tooth with the motion lines.

2 cut open pumpkin from the middle position.According to the position of grimace, pare the part of surplus with the chopper.

3 clean south pulp of melon, counteract a ladle to pare off the pumpkin meat of the grimace one side a little bit thinner, the convenience is next to work. frequency examination

4 use penknife to carve on the pumpkin according to the painting good grimace pattern, lines of simple or not directly coming to a decision that work can complete smoothly, if enough to own handicraft self-confidence, can also consider more complicated pattern.

5 tooth parts lightly go to the meat that the skin leaves buff, so have the color of different layer.

6 spark a candle, put into pumpkin, a pumpkin lantern formally completes!If you wanted to carry to go out and put on a few cordages to go.


Did the pumpkin lantern work well and connect down to do what?Certainly is ate the pumpkin leaving!Simultaneously dig the Rang of pumpkin, part drive very sweet flavor Chan get saliva direct current, cube pumpkin to put into small fire Men in the pot, not only the flavor is beautiful or the good dinner of diabetic.But take out in pumpkin of pumpkin son, put to in the sun dry in the sun, can also stir-fry one dish savory dried melon seeds!

Orange, pomelo these take skin of, the fruits of circular are also quite good choices and compare to slice the physical strength that pumpkin needs, integrity’s digging pomelo pulp is a more high difficulty challenge.Pomelo skin first the Zong slices 1 and cuts off those part of pulp, again one by one in order bye pomelo pulp, finally sew with the pomelo skin that thread will cut open up.According to pumpkin lantern way of doing, engrave a facial expression orderses a candle, a pomelo light of”the 囧囧 has absolute being” completed.

[Small knowledge]

The pumpkin educates a species too much,project design according to the sweet Su save the orchid scholar, Wei, English in agriculture science graduate school in state City research express, the pumpkin is divided into following few kinds:Chinese pumpkin, India pumpkin, American pumpkin, and black seed pumpkin…etc..

According to understanding, on the local market sell of mostly is a Chinese pumpkin.Appreciate pumpkin to mostly belong to American pumpkin, this kind of pumpkin in addition to providing to appreciate, having parts of specieses can provide for eat.The western countries acquainted with by everyone are decoratively used to carve to appreciate pumpkin in Halloween and generally adopt to accept after full maturity and fondle time by increment.

refreshing emergency masks

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Teach you how to self-make five styles of fair refreshing emergency masks
Fair emergency mask
1, milk emergency mask DIY the emergency mask is greatly whole

Function:Fair hydration, the face will slip soft and tender

Way of doing:Steam a face with the fume, absorb disguise cotton full fresh milk, spread around last 15 minuteseses at the face, dismantle,labor report wash milk on the face clearly with the clear water.Insist over a long period of time, can make skin color white clean even.TIPS:The time in summer, can also make the fresh milk putting inside in the refrigerator to, spread ascend very cool, will be more comfortable.

2, living pear almond the oil spread noodles

Function:Can make oil the skin become delicate, and can and cure a pimple.

Way of doing:Cook 6 pears deeply, cool press behind lousy, add 1 spoon almond oil, spread in the face after mixing evenly.

3, tomato honey emergency mask already elaborated

Function:This fair formula can make face and hand in the meantime fair.Especially dark Chuang skin, the ability is effective go to greasy, prevent°from an infection, make skin pure white and meticulous.

Method of using:Can join tomato after mixing blend the tomato juice just the right amount of honey stir to a paste form.Even treats at the face or the hand about wash for 15 minutes.Suggest to do 1-2 times every week.

4, sour milk banana emergency mask United recalls

Function:Remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle

Way of doing:Banana half, pound into pulp mire-like in shape, add just the right amount sour milk, adjust paste-like in shape, spread on the face, keep to wash with the clear water clearly after 15~20 minutes.This method can make skin refreshing to slip smooth, remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle.

5, the honey garlic wipe face

Function:The clearness hydrates

Way of doing:Use water wet side first, be lightly stained with few honey to wipe face a many oil parts with the garlic after, can clean a grease.The whole total 15 days that treat a distance wipes 15 times on the first day and wipes 14 times on the second day ……the rest can be deduced accordingly, the last day wipes once, be over after, may also become “refreshing west”.

decision quality

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Serve decision quality!Can “change for three years lately” solve DIY?
For long time, selling exhibition various peddler of DIY and skin guest, invoice the female occupy among them, the store traitor company, outlet and purchase bestrides one square.Each time to pack a machine high tide, the everyone hand holds sharp knife, regardless”person”, “absolute being”, “evil”, “monster”, all kill it is quick.True so-called:”Sea Na 100 Chuans have milk milk big, pack machine to kill a guest not to waste dishonest trader”.Follow, the DIY selling exhibition also became the commercial center of “dishonest trader” and”the liars”ses and allly blame, reviled scornfully to all point to DIY a market.

Dishonest trader in power, “the people find it hard to live on”

1, DIY the after-sales service is basic to”zero”

The imperfection of the DIY profession trustworthiness makes inside the national scope, consumer to the IT selling exhibitions all have 1 kind inside of distrust.The consumer in nowadays would rather choose the net buys price than the entity high lot of B2 C company’s cities, don’t purchase there to the dealer as well.On the other hand, the rise of the electronic commerce brought people’s life convenient, also strangled DIY of tradition profession in the meantime, this problem is worth our thinking deeply!

And DIY the imperfection of the trustworthiness with take charge of not strict, system not the norm contain closely related etc., also is vitally related with the after-sales service that have been being neglected in the meantime, come up to speak from a certain meaning, DIY after-sales service basically BE”zero”, and this is also DIY the biggest differentiation of of the computer and brand the whole machine.

Today, we want to talk of the leading role is DIY the power product within market, as”heart” of computer, the importance of the power is obvious, consequently the quality of the power is as more important as after-sales service.

2, the service and quality is complement each other

Currently, the power profession widespreadly what to carry out is “protecting to fix for three years” after-sales service and certainly fasten high level the power product in Taiwan in can also see”protect to fix service for 5 years, but ignore is protect to fix for several years, all manufacturers’ commitment the first year give to change lately, the power appears a problem and not only makes the customer produce to meaninglessly maintain after a year, express delivery expenses;Returning to fix time on the other hand is longer, little 10 and half days month, much then 12 months all probably.

The pit dad’s writing game

“Protect to fix” and”wrap to fix” although just bad one word, be like to protect to change and guarantee returnable, wrap to fix rules in the nation is whole free, and protect to fix can charge also free charge.Said again, “protect to fix for 3 years” return variable change into “3 years, the quality protects” this changes to listen to more ambiguous slogan, anyway this”3 years, the quality protects” can be protect to fix for 3 years can be 3 years, the pack fixs.Certainly, 3 years pack’s fixing that is absolutely impossible, at most free maintain the first year, have to charge to maintain the 23th year, this can also with good reputation its Yue”the cost maintains”.Obviously this kind of amphibology”three years the quality protect” after-sales service goes impassability and finally cause DIY the profession raise to tread Wei Jian.

3, can “change for three years lately” service give relief to DIY?

What to rejoice BE, have already had the power the manufacturer to start doing aggressive and farsighted adjustment in the after-sales service currently, “change for three years lately” service beginning becomes a market, concern focus with new customer.Probably”change for three years lately” service is exactly give relief to DIY profession of does one help rice straw.This because”change for three years lately” service is probably the core place that causes the whole profession thinking and begs to change, at least from following few aspectses can prove that”change for three years lately” sticks a suitable for use door more a demand.

(1)”change for three years lately”-change to have peace of mind for new service and many two yearses for many two years

The “change for three years lately” ministrant magic power not only only helps a common customer to purchase to power with excellent quality, it more magic powers lie in ensuring what customer bought trusts and use of comfortable heart.Because, compare the after-sales service of “protect to fix for three years” of traditional power, “change for three years lately” service much guarantee returnable service for two years, ensure that the power is hasing peace of mind an usage for three years, even if quality problem can can also quickly and in time change lately but be not endlessly return to fix.

(2)”change for three years lately”-carry out zero to wait for service

Compare for traditional three years, the quality protects service, the “change for three years lately” gold medal serves the biggest advantage to lie in as long as approve to match to change a new condition can immediately change lately but not is return to fix, of waiting time that takes is very short, can say a real realization zero wait for service.”Change for three years lately” gold medal service economized in great quantities precious time for customer;In the meantime, also economized one to maintain express delivery expenses for customer.

(3)”change for three years lately”-set up the profession high-quality model

Moreover, “change for three years lately” will in great quantities increase to sell after the cost while promoting after-sales service quality, the funds real strenght isn’t enough strong, the development level isn’t advanced, the yield ability can not keep up with of the manufacturer don’t dare to set foot in.Consequently can provide “change for three years lately” the after-sales service of, the power quality needs not to doubt, if majority of the power is in the process of selling in all ensured two kinds”overcome magic weapon”s in”excellent quality and good after-sales service”s of words, so whole power industry affirmation will become more healthy and vibrant.At the same time, those mountain Zhai, miscellaneous card the power the manufacturer didn’t have a foothold naturally of ground

way-DIY most

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Tu Zhuang’s classroom:Save money to repair a way-DIY most
Take off western dress, make change slack suit, picked up tool, 12 simple furnitures of oneself DIY, since is fun, is also a kind of good method of saving money.

Although we have already become accustomed to the service of a fix menu in restaurant dragon that the house packs a company and also used to buy a house to reside a market those quality low price Gao of industrial product, this year, wireless keyboards the saving money is becoming the living keyword of many people.

Take leave that kind of what all depend on the technique worker’s viewpoint, sometimes, very small manual, or some simple common senses can help we complete some reformations.But you need to pay just some time of and simple operation and patience.

We use the way of thinking that reside a DIY method, save money in the house and explore the way of more economic daily life at home.

Brush a wall to see complicated, physically combine not that difficult, slightly through drill and then can start.

Under the big background of economic recession, the saving money becomes the life lord of many people to adjust.Although at home reside to like in the market what buy what of the impulse can refrain from rash action once, people decoration house, the viewpoint of improvement living environment can’t stop, either forever.

If you want to change for house to grow a color, or want to re- decorate to once have no angry wall noodles with the wallpaper and had to once think oneself begins to complete it.Take leave that kind of what all depend on the technique worker’s viewpoint,htpc Keyboards sometimes, very small manual, or some simple common senses can help we complete some reformations.But you need to pay just some time of and simple operation and patience.

In addition, some daily life at home expert hands can also try to carry on more furnitures that reformations for example buy have already faded in color to walk a form after several years, completely can brush a paint reformation to it, change its appearances, in the saving money of in the meantime, stick the labels of personality for it.

In the age that needs to be saved money, use DIY to the fashionable reason of oneself’s a saving money.

1 brush paint’s oneself to change to grow a color for the house

Technique content:★★★★Tool:The flat bristle brush, row pen, wool scrubbing brush, big paint brushes, drawknife, roller, sand paper, steps etc.

Key step:Before painting should handle the district surface that need to be painted first once, is whetted with sand paper after needing stem even, square can Tu Shua.

The general regulation that brushes from left arrive right, from up arrived a bottom, first inside empress outside, first difficult empress easy.Brush process in the paint in,plate heat exchanger manufacturer circulating the speed should the rate of speed is consistent and make an effort even.On the time in Tu Shua top part action should fast, thin brush many times, in order to prevent flow to hang.At brush be over or in the center rest, should brush hair to immerse in melting agent or wash dry in the air clearly to.

Popular color:The popular color in now fastens to is the yellow that represents the earth and represent healthy of green and represent a delightfully fresh blue.Especially green, still keep being the main dozen that the living quarters spreads a color.Green and the moss green etc. shallow thin plant color of the vicissitudes of life bark green, ground mustard tone of neutral tone fasten, mix the style of taking one fast modern and imply more to revive old customs a chemical element.

Save money a calculation:The fee of brushing the wall artificial will mostly concentrate in 18 dollars-30 dollars|of square meter, but if want to change a color, adjust a color and then need and add another money, there is special processing also needing additionally add money.

Regulation:Generally speaking, greatly parts of coatings all request to use under the normal temperature(20~25 ℃ ) condition, another place degree of humidity is also very important, the Tu Shua coating should carry on under the condition of the normal degree of humidity or the inching aridity.

2 old furnitures break a paint

Technique content:★★★★The tool prepares:The strong dint takes off a paint, rubber gloves, new paint

Step:Color and paint noodles all very old old wood side cabinet, want to let it shining youth.Can first take off a paint to take off(can also whet with the sand paper dozen, but harder to tackle) paint noodles with the strong dint, paint noodles to clean off old furniture surface after taking off, Tu Shua varnishes then.Choose up and only after canning also wait a paint a stem the wax throws light.

Save money a calculation:A side cabinet at least up to thousand.The old furniture changes the price of paint=old furniture(oneself’s house of need not spend money, the second-hand is on the market Tao generally in 100 dollars)+the strong dint takes off a paint+rubber gloves(10 dollars)+new paint(100-200 dollars)=300 dollars is or so

Regulation:Take off a paint on the net and all have been already sold in paint store, even if the elucidation doesn’t hurt a skin,want to remember to take rubber gloves or other protection gloves while using, generally take off a paint to belong to strong sour or strong alkaline material, be stained with a skin easily is burned.

October of autumn

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The DIY birthday will be warm and fragrant to end a full gold of thick feeling sweet idea in October of autumn
In mid- October, medium letter ·the  set successfully held a DIY ratio to put together big match and child the birthday party , over the weekend,global Rome take friend to arrive a set, together feel living get color and fun.Be present a participant in addition to the result happiness still have to arrive a presenting of small gift.

The  set holds hands kid’s park start a child birthday party, 40 sets of families, 40 babies, 40 kinds of happy facial expressions, the kids, who be present,s prepare a happy Party.The kids accompany down activity the spot at the parent and the teacher, period, Russian rulingthe noisy degree is rated as fire to explode and prepares various cake on the scene, various candle, everyone together makes a wish, is present little birthday persons celebration birthday.The parent can also clap for the babies under the happy photograph here and record the fine time of childhood.

Pottery bottle DIY kneads to make fine life

Birthday party later on, stone pottery bottle the DIY activity is novel and sarcastic and draw on to numerous owners all of a sudden,four connect sun immediately on the scene person head the Zan move.In advance pile in the pottery mire of creating the area each difference of color, make just- been present owners adjusted to have interest.After finishing listenning to explain in detail, everyone is eager to have a try and fight to be the first ground to get hold of a homologous colourful pottery creation the material , under the teacher’s help, conceive outline, paint, creation, everyone is well arranged to have a carrying on of preface.Be present a personnel each show its ability, soon, the pottery bottle of every kind of shape already the lifelike emergence is before everyone’s eyes.People exchange craft insight mutually and pass round a work and be present a 7-year-old kid to raise he or she kneads of the small bear say:”The jar that I do, good-looking!”

Medium letter · set the strange burst of color Fen present in October and share a city, natural beautiful scenery the for oneself have.Suit an investment of proper stand first to choose, sparse lack the jump type ocean building apartment grand opening quotations inside the wreath, bill influences negativefeel that the life that a silk up and down is different from creates to think.

DIY protects skin

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The self-made emergency mask that seven styles of fair anti-wrinkles hydrate again accompanies you to pass the winter

DIY protects skin that day often a lot of MMs all like very much of protect a skin method, everyone will be with a lot of materials with are good for a skin come from making an emergency mask.Winter stanza this autumn, the fair anti-wrinkle wants together carry on, money more manageseven styles of self-made emergency masks, the beautiful muscle says changing and then changing.
Olive oil emergency mask

Material:Olive oil, honey, make up cotton or compression emergency mask

Way of doing:Heating the pure olive oil to 37 ℃ is or so and join just the right amount of honey again, however empress have no Fang cloth cover the film or gauze piece is in the oil permeance after take out, overaly on the face, dismantle after 20 minutes, can have already prevent°fromed skin decrepitude, the smooth skin dispels a spot in addition to wrinkly effect, be applicable to a skin specially dry.

The green tea protects a skin emergency mask

Material:Green tea(green tea powder), honey and milk, olive oil(choose) and face powder

Way of doing:In the clean container, mix green tea powder up honey, milk, olive oil and face powder, lightly mix blend even to paste-like in shape.Or with the fresh green tea pour Liang is cool behind, again join the above-mentioned material to mix evenly paste form.

Method of using:Can directly paint the paste-like in shape material on the face, if feeling the density isn’t enough,strategy guideses can spread previous disguise cotton or emergency mask paper again and wash after 10-15 minutes clearly.

The tomato honey repairs an emergency mask

Material:Tomato, face powder, honey

Way of doing:According to the size of face type, choose 1-1.5 tomatos, wash tomato clearly skin, cut into small piece.Then at clean bowl of in the Dao become mire-like in shape, join honey and face powder to adjust even then.

Method of using:Directly spread on the face, wash with the clear water clearly after 20 minutes.

Effect:Rich foreign lycopene and a great deal of humidity containing in the tomato can help the skin good absorption humidity and repair the skin of damaged wound, is effect to repair an emergency mask after very goodly basking.But remarkable is the skin of allergy to want a careful choice.

The banana fresh milk honey moistens an anti-wrinkle emergency mask

The banana contains calories higher, but don’t contain fat, canning solve a hunger can’t make the person deliver again fat.

There is the burnt skin vegetable to repress fungi and germ growth to breed in the banana skin.To the tinea pedis, hand tinea, the body tinea waits a causable skin Sao Yang disease and sticks to spread infected part with the Jiao skin, can make the cancellation of Sao Yang, and urge disease early more.

Material:Banana half the and fresh milk is just the right amount of, the honey is a , the powder is 2.Way of doing:The banana connects skin to slice a segment and pound into pulp and joins fresh milk, powder and honey agitation to go to paste form, is on the face about wash after 5~10 minutes clean then.

Effect:Can moisten a stem skin, protect a skin to resist crease, and repress melanin formation, make the skin face radiating health.

The honey lemon fair emergency mask

Material:The honey is a , lemon juice is a ,Protect patrimony the oatmeal powder is a , and the vitamin E capsule is 1 grain.

Way of doing:

1.Oatmeal powder, honey and lemon juice together put into container.

2.Use scissors vitamin E the capsule shear to break and join the oil liquid into the container, and mix blend all materials even.

Effect:The constringency pore effectively cleans a skin grease and regulates skin water oil balance.

Method of using:

1.After the Jie noodles, on the face, this style of with even emergency mask averts from eye department and lips department.

2.About after 20 minutes, wash with the clear water clearly.Spread once every week.

The egg pure emergency mask

Way of doing:The fresh egg is a , honey 1

Take egg pure well mix blend, go to all foam, join honey, continue to mix evenly namely become.

Makes it natural at the face dry, wash with the clear water clearly again, can usually use.

Effect:Dispel wrinkly hairdressing to protect a skin, the constringency pore makes the skin meticulous to have sheen.

The licorice of Yi Ren fair emergency mask

The Yi Ren is a kind of good hairdressing food, the Yi Ren implies an abundant type flavonoid, can prevent°from the creation of melanin, therefore have fair function.Licorice in addition to the town is quiet to eliminate inflammation of function, can also have been synthesizing the net ammonia sour Mao of melanin, therefore is also a kind of cheap and natural fair composition.

Material:The powder of Yi Ren 1 teaspoon licorice powder one teaspoon purely fresh milk is 3 teaspoons.

Method of using:Material mixture, mix blend even.Will make the good emergency mask is spread to face last 15 minutes, after doing again use to bedew of the finger roll an emergency mask, then use Wen Shui to wash clearly.

DIY of Guangzhou

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The topic company of DIY of Guangzhou spreads the amount is numerous, but majority such as flashy.Here in, be more located on the tile Jiang work agency of showing the old city area with DIY mosaic handicraft product for main industry, can calculate to create new style of successful model.It starts practice in 2009 and lasts for two years and not only exists down, business still at make rapid progress.Boss, Mr. Li Jian Qiao, thinks that whether can hold tight student’s guest,turning point is the key of business success or failure.

3 year agos, old Li Qu Taiwan once visited a pocketsized pottery art workshop while traveling, the workshop simplified originally complicated of make a pottery craft, the mosaic composite picture that choose semi-processed goods DIY, there is a riot of colour in the semi-processed goods.Old Lee once did to repair a designer and immediately thoughted of:The mosaic plasticity is strong, the color is abundant and innovate why not and further and set up a DIY that takes this as topic after returning to Guangzhou handicraft workshop?The customer can put together to stick household products, American morningsuch as painting and frame…etc. with the mosaic in the workshop.

After old Lee’s survey, decorate a piece of one meter × the boxes drawing of one meter, if etc. costs in the middle of the usage of mosaic, cost however 3410 dollars;And the Buddha mountain City in the neighborhood is the production base that repairs material and enter goods very convenient.

Choose an address up, after extensively hearing the expert’s opinion, old Lee affirmed:Person’s discharge huge market by himself/herself not DIY had better choose, spreading the noodles rental is expensive don’t say, target customer combine inconformity.The light filial piety road neighborhood that old Lee picked oneself to grow up since the childhood,Russian ruling partythe primary and junior high school stood up like a forest and there are also two technique schools and invited student’s business very easily here.2009 autumn, repair one new tile Jiang work agency in the light filial piety road book together the lane easily start practice.

Indeed as expected conceive such as old Lee, the student soon became the main customer base of the tile Jiang work building.In the beginning, old Lee was eager to recommending complicated and elegant special feature person toward the customer composite picture.But this composite picture price frequently 45100 dollars, being not each student can bear;And, the person puts together a painting creation the process is very complicated.Afterwards, old Lee adjusted management strategy:The lord pushes an in brief practical child composite picture painting, from Jian Ru Shen, guide a student customer to gradually get into this realm.Old Lee discovers gradually that majority of students and customers creates DIY targets of the mosaic all for giving presents, hence old Lee led employee to develop again various household products, have a frame and put piece, and adornment box…etc., all can DIY model at a time, activities yesterday the product category is getting more, and more students come patronage.

crack six pits+SLI

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Most DIY reflects the Tai T series 990 FXs open to have fun to crack six pits+SLI
Bulldozer-bulldozer, AMD gives the epoch-making processor of great and earnest hope, although bounce again and again, although the engineering version function doesn’t exert person’s idea ……various, still didn’t change everyone’s expectation to and clothingSupport AMD Bulldozer AMD of the processor 900 series chip set the main plank have already published at this year’s second quarter degree, tallest carry of the 990 FX chip set already factory flagship in Chengkong University!

Although the bulldozer leaves us more and more Be getting nearer,check the price of version more to destine not thin, the 990 FXs supports the 938 Pin AM3′s being regarded as some mentally comfort!In the sequence of AM3, draw on an eyeball most nothing is better than to check at not enough opening of 800 dollars recently 640 Ts.Become the X61405 Ts after opening a pit, can opening the effect 990 FXs of pit connect to recruit?Do we come right away and see?

Reflect the Tai TA990 FXE, adopted a super object ATX great plank design, belonged to the T series super repeatedly main plank, adopted a day to fasten a solid electric capacity design completely, easily support a 140 W TDP processor, provide high specification of four DIMM memory slot, relatives returntallest can support double passage DDR3 is 2000 memories, the biggest capacity is 16 GBs.

PCI expanded the aspect main plank to provide 3 PCI-Expreses the x is 16 slots, the bandwidth are a x respectively 16, x 16, x 4, support CrossFire, the moreover main plank still provided a PCI-Express x one slot and 2 PCI slots be provided for customer to expand.SATA picks up a people, the main plank provided 5 SATA 6 Gbpseses to connect and supported RAID 0|1|5|10, another place USB before the main knothole still provided 1 set under 3.0 expand to connect.

The IO part of main planks provided 2 USBs 3.0 connect with 4 USBs 2.0 connect, romance vindicated11394 connect and an eSATA the 3 Gbpses connect and support 7.1 track audio frequencies outputting and the fiber-optic exportation connect.

Does support open a pit to still support SLI??There is no SLI on the main plank sign!In fact this has what strange?Way evil Gao Yi Zhang to Gao Yi Chi!The DIY cutthroat Mao is to continuously toss about, continuously sound out.This is also the motive force that the hardware progresses.

The start is very smooth, BIOS is also a most stylish UEFI sketch to turn of, at O.N.E options card of the first would be Bio-UnlocKing one key open a pit!Directly opens it, other all recognize tacitly, keep heavy Qi, open a pit to complete in one breath, the main knothole expresses an excrescent stability.

Needs to install SLIPatch to crack software then!But because of the length problem of the SLI bridge double the card can not pack a 16 X the slot is at the double up, temporarily can pack a 16 Xs+4 Xs, some regrettable.

Although is a 16 Xs+4 X SLI test, the 3 DVantage tests of result can also, P19353 cent, six checked a 1405 Ts to also run 39567.

3 D11s’ getting a goal is quite good, P4262, this also proved GTX further the 550 Tis is in the scholastic attainment on the DX11.

The end is a Kao machines test, near pretty much the SLI double card of clock load down bottom, the main card temperature is up to 78 ℃ !Vice- card quite a few 61 ℃ .scathing sanctionsThe achievement consumes to more and suddenly and violently walk 450 Ws!

Before the bulldozer didn’t launch its motor, choice TA990 FXEs add AM3, six pits are also quite good choices, but depend on reflect the Tai consistent maturity of design, believe a that this main plank not only opens a pit easily and double 16 X full speed’s handing over fire be outside also quite good super repeatedly performance.

DIY holds type music player

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Make reference to DIY, everyone and at that time think of computer city in of the construction set type computer.In fact in the audio frequency product, the DIY spirit just really develops thoroughly:The sound box arrives to°from the size, shape of sympathy box body the combination of trumpet, can according to personal will design.The Dan machine puts chip to matching of electric capacity from the luck, all the ability basis personally listen to sound favour but design and regulate.BE more opposite than to take the construction computer of wooden blocks type,food needs carefulDIY of audio frequency product is more more rich than variety, not only request the ability of beginning strong, also need definitely related knowledge, amuse oneself from enjoy.

In the audio frequency product, with the sound box and Dan machine achievement put of personal DIY most is familiar, but the walkman player is fresh to have already seen personal DIY, this and the player intensive electric circuit design concerning.This text with the Gan Long Sheng’s QA350 then hold type Hifi player for example, the diagram text displays DIY the simple process of the walkman player.

Introduce the Gan Long Sheng electronics science and technology company first:Gan Long Sheng from 1 flock like single slice of machine again very hot Chong in get a fever the acoustic young man constitute, initiating person and total engineering designer, Mr. season baby arrangesChen Xue Gan , are music fever friend, and the early years is engaged in the development work of stereo set product, and then has working experience of several years single slice of machine.After establishing audio frequency utility room, Mr. Chen Xue Gan leads a team, designed this style of plank that arrive to°from the operation procedure of first floor integrated circuit and integrated into personal QA350 portable player with a heavy DIY style to musical comprehensions.From push toward the market, the music performance of the QA350 high character got the compliment of numerous domestic and international consumers.

Are in the fellings in the machine box zero assembles that put together, a little bit is like a set type computer.Is shown as diagram, include main circuit board, outer shell and lithium battery.

Adopting the AD8397 is a new ear to put chip.Some oneselfs who begin an ability strong friend, return an ability in the days to come replaces chip, this is the fun that plays machine and DIY.

First is chase lithium battery gearing on the integrated circuit plank, putting of the card button up type’s pulling out is also an electronics component in common use connection method.

Then put integrated circuit plank outer shell at the bottom noodles up.The outer shell adopts metal metal alloy material, frivolous and the fastness is very good. normal shape

Close positive cover.Thus the QA350 basically has already assembled the complete appearance of body in Chengkong University from the semi-processed goods.