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DIY the moon cake

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Moon cake again expensive why not do-it-yourself?Make to order moon cake DIY the moon cake is gradually popular
Is a year again Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake is most this festival the product of essential to have, the reporter investigates and discovers, feeling machinethis year’s moon cake sells excrescent fire to explode on the network, and making to order moon cake and oneself to begin DIY the moon cake is very popular.

The store is surprising to recruit to cut up rough small bird to change moon cake

Every time round Mid-Autumn, “crary moon cake” inevitable beginning starts out.The manufacturers rob to share various sale outlet in succession, the market supermarket beats the band most of place already whole is a moon cake, and on the network, early since July, “moon cake” becomes the keyword on the Tao treasure, can choose on the network of the moon cake category is to let a hundred flowers blossom,whole yearses there are 100 near brands being provided for consumer to choose.

The reporter discovers that the net up sells of in addition to traditional brand and taste moon cake, some manufacturers are also fanciful and released the tea food moon cake, chocolate moon cake and even still had stores to greatly beat at present a little bit hot card, released the moon cake of popular game”cut up rough of small bird” shape, tried to earn a person to annoy the Zheng also sell quantity.

Express thick natural affection to make to order moon cake to be subjected to favor

In addition to purchasing moon cake, characteristically make to order moon cake to also be more and more subjected to consumer’s favor.

According to understanding, it is such to make to order the process of personality moon cake on the net:The buyer chooses the shape and farcing of good moon cake first, can also put on benedictory words and give out a seller, is created according to the drawing by the seller, generally create time to take 3-7 days, usually can receive moon cake for a week.

“Make to order” moon cake up of the pattern and the writings is all developed by free buyer and be sold very well currently of mainly have 3 kinds:The moon cake that prints to have “ash too the wolf, the bear of Wei Ni and rice are strange” etc. cartoon image for what kid made to order prints to have the moon cake that the certain contexts, such as”father”, “mother”,current experiment base “health” and”happiness”…etc. sends to the parents, another is make to order for the lovers, there is the moon cake of heart form and rose style.There is even a store house meaning, give out him to the photograph, he can print photograph on the moon cake.

The moon cake popular oneself of DIY begins to try and see

In addition to making to order, the many people tries oneself at DIY in the home, current sense of achievement, also without additive of sorrow.

Search a “moon cake”- related keyword on the Tao treasure in, “moon cake molding tool” comes out in front and even has net store selling 1830 moon cake molding tools for 30 days.The sellers all released a lot of personalities make to order a molding tool and have print LOVE, I love etc. certain context in my house of, also have to directly print into the small bird, the cartoon small bear for cutting up rough.Not a few net stores still provide specialized DIY moon cake CD lectures and become the moon cake raw material of set, wanting to save the housewifes of time completely can keep the house to square away material.

Not only the moon cake can make to order, moon cake gift box also can at will DIY, as long as you deliver pattern and writing that oneself design to the seller mailbox, the other party can print to make a gift box according to the customer’s need.Not a few consumers said that if receive of moon cake gift box up print last own name, will even have some kind of wit and humour.

However, understand according to the reporter, pursuing the personality isn’t DIY the main factor of one clan consideration.”Do-it-yourself moon cake, in have oneselfs to all what things have a number, promise a health and safety.”Worry with it whether moon cake annexation, return not equal to oneself to begin to do.These are many DIYs the starting point in one clan.The moon cake that has already had results to show achievement Tao’s friend oneself DIY “bask”s to come out and leads to laud an one.This Tao friend writes a way in the invitation card:”The hand press type moon cake molding tool that prepares good raw material, then puts to go into to take to have spring coil according to own taste first circle tube, lightly on pushing, the moon cake modeled and operated easy, can also according to own of love the Garfield of choosing the personality to wait a shape flower slice.The process of creation is 1 kind to enjoy, the moon cake rose in price again and bought moon cake with its flower costliness money and also rather spent money to buy a happiness this year.”She still intends to invite a friend to hold a moon cake DIY to gather at home

Television also ability DIY

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Television also ability DIY?Arrive the sea Er company’s city characteristic make to order commander-in-chief color television
In the ages that shows a personality, pursue a different product have been the consumer’s claim.For the sake of this target, August 29, the sea Er company’s city united commander-in-chief electric appliances to release to make to order commander-in-chief color television activity and gave consumer press”need” the opportunity of Suo Ji.From now on each consumer not only can experience personally convenient network shopping of the sea Er company’s city method, more can be met a making to order of oneself need to turn a product, oneself can also become an appliance designer, thus captivating shopping experience, make the sea Er company’s city become numerous networks an electricity the concern focus of company’s business enterprise.Highlight ego

Characteristic make to order, open from the commander-in-chief television

DIY one the phrase rise at the computer realm, however the television can as well make to order, but belong to the sea Er company’s city to unite commander-in-chief founding of appliance.So, how does the consumer own the color television that he or she makes to order?

The reporter sees in the movable page, sea Er company city in the middle of making to order an activity, the consumer can match 4 to carry on pressing to need to be matched to size, screen and function application and base of commander-in-chief color television, consumer completely can according to own need and the favour choice:42 inches big screen televisions put to put in the living room, or 32 inch televisions put to put a den, bedroom;The showing screen can choose a LCD screen, or is LED that compares a traditional color television to economize on energy above 30% screen, make the appearance color fresher gorgeous, the layer is clearer;Or choose to flow medium broadcast function, or provide with USB function ……each choices can let to belong to your own television function stronger and strange burst of color Fen to present.

In addition, as the television that the consumer “design”s by himself[herself], pay the labor still has “results” behind-sea Er company the city specially made to order a consumer who command the television to prepare “design a fee” for participation.According to makes to order commander-in-chief television through the sea Er company’s city all, the consumer can immediately acquire 500 dollars design expenses in arrive blunt purchase a payment, since can get sex price compare the tallest television, and then experience personally 1 to design the most adoring television fascinatingly by himself/herself, it may be said good matter become double, allow of no to miss.

According to understanding, the commander-in-chief is a sea Er group after release the sea Er brand, the card Sa emperor brand the third appliance brand after, its fixed position is Internet ages the first appliance make to order brand.Command an electric appliances to take orders the consumer is the principle of the product”design” and command a product to completely carry on according to consumer’s need design to make and measure a body to create for consumer and make to make to order a characteristic appliance to make possible.In the design that is participated in a product by himself[herself] by the customer this time, make each commander-in-chief televisions pressed to need but produce, is another extensions of its product principle

The difference turns a competition, put sexy pose the sea Er company’s city wins in the innovation

Take a wide view this time object that sea Er company’s city makes to order a commander-in-chief television and undoubtedly become the hot argument of consumer.”Bought the time of television before feel a lot of designs were to could not use of, however money all spent.Come to the sea Er company’s city to buy commander-in-chief television now, can choose oneself uses wear of function, the as a result making to order is different, oneself makes to order of the television is to suit me fine most household-use.”Just tell a reporter like this at Ms. Wang of the sea Er company the city choice he or she adoring product.

Always, difference’s turning to serve is the way of the competition of the sea Er company’s city, its dint pushes of reach while limiting for 24 hours and one-stop whole distanceses create new style inside service’s experienced industry and founded consumer’s all new experience toward the appliance network shopping terrace without the sorrow.After company’s city of net place an order, consumer’s the sea Er company’s city promises to deliver goods a product to come in 24 hours, super compensate to pay.In the meantime, the consumer can also enjoy to come gearing to adjust to try of the set is fine to serve, satisfaction empress again pay, real make the consumer enjoy whole distanceses without the sorrow when the net buys everyone to give or get an electric shock.

According to understanding, command an electric appliances to be in the light of”you design my manufacturing;You need I send to”of brand principle, aim at precise satisfy an Internet the consumer’s characteristic appliance need is for ages.This time sea Er company’s city releases to command a color television, the electricity merchandise card logistics advantage possess singly by profession, in 24 hours and at that time deliver goods to come home,come all the way the consumer can enjoy one-stop considerate service in the meantime.Sea Er company city with electricity company the terrace possesses singly of service advantage and command characteristic make to order a color television perfect combine, and at that time satisfy a consumer of make to order a need, it may be said opened the appliance electricity merchandise card to make to order ages.