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rescue you my house

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

The wages”run to lose” CPI takes what rescue you my house?

The editor presses:CPI attains 6.2% August, the market predicts to be no lower than 6% September.Don’t say that is a low income community,connect white to get a the clans to also feel the invisible pressure of “the hand of inflation”.They lay up past and natural and unrestrained and expensive to heart’s content and vigorously son, start studying to arise from to make lunch box and regiment to buy, cut high level to consume expenditure,To where I want led to have the day of careful and detailed calculations.The ages of the inflation, the wages “run and lose” CPI and take what rescue my house?

The inflation ages CPI is all the way and forward

The market predicts monetary policy temporary and motionless the CPI rise is no lower than 6% economic reference report September

Get into the end in month, along with in many ways the data announcement inside the month, the market widespreadly anticipates, the CP I together won’t be lower than 6% than the rise September.Though the commodity price rises power have already hoped to appear to a little bit obviously alleviate in the degree in the four seasons, but current C P the I is still placed in a high, again in consideration of take euro area as the representative’s world economy in the near future the violent motion may result in to pound at continuously to the economic Chinese growth,Peking opera monetary policy since should not have to relax and should not continue to tighten, so the market judges monetary policy in October and temporarily motionless and all leads a little bit greatly.

All the year round degree whether the inflation pressure still bigger CPI turns a point to need to observe liberation newspaper now

The August that announces to yesterday CPI data, everyone’s reading and judgment combine inconformity.The optimistic parties thinks that together drop than the rise, elucidation”turn a point” already now;Pessimism the parties then warn and 6.2%ly and together compare a rise to still keep being placed in a high, the sword of inflation still hangs on the head, can not hastily relax monetary policy.

The food and clothing lives to go it rises in price the wages lose CPI at running

Majority of city wageses increase to lose CPI at running 15 incomes in the city to actually decline 15% economic reference report

In four professions of our country 15 cities, although after promote,deduct a price hike factor, majority of wages total amount in the cities actually majority of place wageses present to descend a situation.This is the reporter serves in The Xinhua news agency economic reference report today nation human resource institute for research sponsors of”new China through three officials nation human resource index number release meeting” up learn of.

The food and clothing lives to go to together rise in price eight the big index sign combination boxing”beating is swollen” CPI

The common common people can’t analyze becoming of inflation because of actually is that the importation type a pressure still a currency is super to deliver, but in their eyes, ignore is involve food and clothing to live to go of which on the other hand, CPI statistics in of eight big classification the index sign all enters at Gao Ge Meng, the inflation is beyond all doubt to have become to influence the most popular keyword that they live quality.”Oneself after earning money, anti- the time pouring to have no university lead comfortablely, always feel Qian Jin get very.”The young white gets Wang Di(use alias) to 《everyday economic news 》the reporter complain.

In August CPI in Shanghai together compares to soar 5.8% to live a type together compare soar 4.8% liberation newspaperpartial specification

The data that the city statisticsesed a bureau to announce yesterday suggests that residents’ consumption price(CPI) in Shanghai together compared to soar 5.8% in August.Among them, the food price together compares to soar 12.6%.But in food, meat birds and product together compare to rise power to attain 24.9%.

Living cost”sit rocket” takes what rescue you my house?

The rent rise super CPI 100% rise 50% for small area rent a year separately the economic news is everyday

After, “the limit buys to make”‘s set’s a lot of whites got to lose to buy building qualifications, but even if looked for the second best, more and more high rent also with pork, egg push to rise their together living cost.Come from a Wei industry, I love the data of researcher from market in my house, since 2008, the average rental of housing market in Peking soared to be close to 30% and attained 3255 dollars|month|set, the rental in the district even turns over times separately.Successively increase in the building price, CPI rise under the high circumstance, a lot of net friends call “more don’t buy building, will more can not afford to buy in the future”.

Does the currency tighten to save a quantity mortgage to will cel special interest rate next year?Eastern net

A real estate medium of Shanghai carried a text to say recently, “7 fold an interest rate mortgage to suffer a deficit, next year bank cancel mortgage old customer 7 fold a special possibility very big.”Because the fourth quarter degree will soon arrive, this news makes the loan bought the nerve of building once again and taken out tightly.

CPI all the way high Qi 60% is subjected to a survey the net friend invest a head to still choose house property to search a building net

Along with CPI all the way high Qi, adjust the building City of controling the bottom still is a common investor first investment choice.Related survey will suggest in the near future, 61% net friends think buy building to remain at present in the domestic is the biggest investment path in income.For the survey of “the savings is used where”, save in the bank, in fund, house property, stock, other investment etc. options, the funds of greatly parts of net friends flew to house property and had to 40%.

DIY Japanese hair

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The leaves turn yellow withered before, you must observe the live skin ruddy color, make skin surface if the peach. After the autumn skin still shines, not dry, not grey, health and beauty do!
How we can make a healthy red point?General intelligent
Japanese girls not only sweet and elegant full, be strict in one’s demands on the disc with quiet woman, while in the cool autumn breeze winding hair, but hair can resist the messy, editors bring ingenious Japanese hair, teach you to shape graceful woman.
Modeling before
Shawls long hair is very girly, cone type degree of volume and fat tail pouty, is filled with air and resilient, heavy Qi Liu oblique, but fluffy hair appear tender.remote controller
Modeling after
Hair using simple hairpin fixed, invariable bangs left little girly, temples involute hair to create natural face-lift shadow, elegant hair shaping quiet woman.
DIY steps
The first step: grab the head portion of the hair.
The second step : the hair note manufacturing circular arc type torsion with U hairpin fixed.
The third step: the hair is divided into three parts in ponytail.
The fourth step: start with black hair around U hairpin fixed.Create remote
The fifth step: the same method is used in the three part of the cauda equina.
Sixth step: will head up with fixed decorative hairpin.
Building completed! Is it right? Sweet and elegant full?LCD TV market

DIY reaches a person

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

DIY reaches a person to teach to turn over new 3 even rice verandas small beautiful moveses in person
The veranda that looks like nothing important make a head hints at Xuan machine, the ceramic tiles of veranda are getting older, the ceramic tile sewed tops to all fill up dirty mark and really had enough of, although greatly fall to the ground glass to enjoy lovely view outside the window, “the title is a lovely view, it is also what mildewed orders” enough make the person spoil appetite to lower the head.White of the veranda keeps a thing cabinet also because years of of ruthlessness slowly get dark Huang, really is house of the cutthroat that reside to repair.The underneath ask our DIYs to reach a person to teach everyone to turn over the small beautiful move of new veranda.force a disease

The veranda originally should be 1 to be full of green and source of vitality of good place, but because of the emplacement of miscellaneous articles or objects and Shu in deal with etc. various reason, but it becomes gradually cripple old and loses original brilliance!Makeup house helps to invite to pack a house to reach a person, according to the problem of net friend’s veranda, pass diagram text explication, turn over a new veranda to recruit for net friend!More movable detail, please click<< the PChouse makeup house help Vol.012-greet fine autumn, pack a house to reach a person to help you turn over new veranda!

This period picks out net friend Pacific Ocean GM, the veranda position is located on the second floors and presents one matrix and hopes to pass a reformation, to the old looks carry on turning over lately, separate directly washing of the rains and winds to rinse, make the veranda kept green in the meantime organic.

This veranda also baptizes for 10 years after years and keeps clean on the whole and see also see annoy~but dismantle ceramic tile, again spread new ceramic tile, not only spend a long time, but also need to spend one more money, return rather oneself to spreads wood grain decals on the originally burly ceramic tile to get the convenience is fast.changes a hot machine

Reform square one:Measure the long breadth of veranda first, purchase wood grain decals according to the long breadth.First wipe the ground brick clean with the wet pack before sticking decals, take out again to purchase good material-wood grain decals, the Chinese foot tools, such as son and penknife son…etc..

The reformation second step:Starts sticking decals, Be toring decals and sticking, part press press, the air just can’t remain in the decals and the ceramic tile middle, convex rise a spirit vanish like bubbles ring beauty

The reformation third step:Spreads to arrive while ending, Article 1 discovers that the decals grew and how do?Need not penknife of, use Chinese foot son all right!Put the wooden board of length marking on the ceramic tile, make use of ceramic tile to sew and the Chinese foot son box off decals, you see, a bye, the decals boxs off like, and then keep again fast.If the first wood grain decals sticks tail since crest, the second decals sticks a crest since tail, so the sewing of of wood grain decals would the wrong have variety and seem to be more to be like wood floor.

The reformation fourth step:Sticking till the last discovers that the corner of wall contains a words of electric wire slot, use penknife to mow the empty of an electric wire slot on the decals, went on sticking, naturally again convenient.soldier to once invade


Beauty personality DIY

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Beauty personality DIY world 3 design make to order a role experience  specially to
Spend to disgrace to Wu Pei Ci, the wild goose falls only because Lin Zhi Ling.These two beauties that spreads fame an overseas, since is the T on the stage high profile hot star, is also many boys toward thinking the in a dream lover whom the Mu thinks:Make the Jiao beautiful side of sort permitted to go together with with nine body shapes of devil sort on that day, also no wonder that people of this world is of distracted.

Although the Hong ditch of reality can not exceed, 《the world 3 》 whole modeses”the play bring of the role make to order system,created for the everybody player another dream of really possibility:Pass 《world 3 》 personality roles make to order system,greatest LEDs the player can design nine flirtatious body person roles by oneself, and can go together with the previous Yong to permit stylish eastern and classic full-length gown for her to show its charming charm!

《World 3 》 personality roles make to order system, is a set of open type role that the lord creates a personnel to design according to”whole modeses”s principle to make to order a project.With from set up city defense, from create technical ability etc. the play is general, 《world 3 》 roles the making to order a play also provided amplitude for the player of from create play space-mold nine flirtatious body beauties surely are a beautiful matter, but want if ability the animals design a Jiao Qiao skillful small Luo Li, thinking necessarily can also stir up the heartstring of many houses male player.LED profession

Certainly, the personality of role shape makes to order, besides which, 《world 3 》 also followed to use the design principle that”whole modeses”s net visits to the person role within game material:Player at 《the world game person within 3 》 will similar to Barbie doll, allow a player to adjust to attire by oneself, but change the actual effect for packing, may also the instant feedback is on the person role body of player.

In addition, in consideration of each player wears the personality need for packing to the person, 《the world 3 》 lord created personnel’s special feature to design a thousands of material parts to wear by being provided for player to match.But in the follow-up development progress, 《world 3 》 still probably open a material personality to make to order to wait all newly open type system and play.

《World 3 》 is easily independent net development of head the style whole modeses 3 D Xuan Huan the net swim and gather an easy decade of net to develop luck big camp.

Game to the east the square ancient Xuan Huan myth is background and made a show of the lifelike virtual world that a male strange magnificent and strange burst of color Fen presents.

While inheritting the traditional RPG game abundant play system, 《world 3 》 breaks a traditional net to swim to fight for the king’s principle, open type of provided a variety for the player ultimate end pursue, and give the player the freedom that I am characteristic to make to order a growth method, occupy LED to spreadmake everybody able to find out own fascinating.

Come 《the world is 3 》 , not only can experience personally from set up city defense, from create technical ability etc. innovation play, also can feel in every kind of combat cool connect to recruit, the earthquake hold shot to fly etc. sturdy stroke feeling, let you of the game experience feel more Chang great!

Thin face film DIY

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

A, the apple lose a face emergency mask

The apple loses a face emergency mask material:Apple, starch and mineral spring

Method for making is as follows:

1, apple and mineral spring beat juice together, then filter.

2, join starch to adjust into a paste form.

3, the daubery is on the face and wash face after 15 minutes.

The function of this apple thin face film is a thin face!Let skin tightly to, expel surplus humidity, get away from dropsy!

Two, the papaya lose a face emergency mask

The papaya loses a face emergency mask material:Papaya and face powder

Method for making is as follows:traditional festival’s

1, 1|4 papayas go to skin and squeeze into mire.

2, 50 grams of face powder put into papaya mire to mix blend together paste form.

3, stir a daubery on the face, about wash face after 15 minutes.

The effect of this papaya emergency mask is to promote blood circulation, make the face department had flexibility.Repress a germ, eliminate inflammation to moisten, provide for the skin deep maintain, prevent°from pore bulky.The papaya has been very worth recommend of fruit, and its function but your book.

Three, the potato lose a face emergency mask

The potato lose a face emergency mask material:Glutinous rice, potato, honey and cold boiled water

Method for making is as follows:facility laser irradiation

1, the potato go to skin and clean and put to go into to steam a pot to steam for 30 minutes together with glutinous rice.

2, the potato cut into small piece to put into mixer and join glutinous rice, honey and cold boiled water to mix blend together even.

3, pour the glutinous rice, potato and honey mire into the glassware cooling.

4, the emergency mask daubery is on the face and use Wen Shui to wash clearly after 15 minutes.

The potato lose the function of face film is can be good to tighten a flabby skin and make skin tighter to, ability good improvement stem skin, smooth scar formation.

Four, the carrot lose a face emergency mask

The carrot loses a face emergency mask material:Carrot, Ou powder, chicken egg yolk

Method for making is as follows:

1, the carrot put into vegetable juicer deep-fried become juice.

2, Ou powder and egg Huang put in the plate to beat to divide together.

3, 3 kinds of materials mix together, then paint on the face.

4, waited until an emergency mask to do to there is agglomeration, used Wen Shui to wash out.

This carrot emergency mask since of form 1 F thin film on the skin, tense a skin, keep a skin soft and elastic effect.And can use to come and go eye bag.Shabby-genteel

Five, the celery lose a face emergency mask

The celery loses a face emergency mask material:Celery, west You

Method for making is as follows:

1, west the You go to skin and wash a celery clearly.

2, celery, the west You pulp puts into vegetable juicer to squeeze into juice together.

3, the daubery is on the face and use Wen Shui to wash clearly after 15 minutes.

The effect of this celery emergency mask is sweep skin cell in of the dirty mark dispel with miscellaneous quality in addition to skin grease, tight to face.The thin face speed of this emergency mask is quick, very well worth trying.

technical ability DIY

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Nine cities 《zero beginning of a reigns 》head measure technical ability DIY to test a game balance
The new wave game exclusively orders to review:Second half year of this year and will become the key period that nine cities twist Kui after losing 《 the evil monster world 》 in 2012, nine cities set up many topic nets to swim to rob to share a market in the meantime.In addition to the topic of Xuan Huan 《the fairy spreads 》, cartoon style 《fairyland adventure 》, peculiar topic 《2 》 etc.s in the miracle world already at measure of game, disaster topic 《zero beginning of a reigns 》become this year I am second half year of to open and measure of important product.development of industry《Zero beginning of a reigns 》draw on to 2012 legends interested in players with the disaster topic, although the game joins technical ability DIY and the innovation of the temporary prop,the player needs an observation to the accepting of the style’s game degree, another technical ability DIY whether the balance will also influence game heat.

Li Jia Jun4 introduces, this test person grade will open to 60 classes, and it are three aspect contentses to mainly release technical ability sign text, spirit system and steam science and technology.Carry on a test to the server load, and bandwidth…etc. from the technique level full general point;The full general emphasizes the test task rationality, the occupation contentses, such as balance and UI usability…etc. from the product level.

The technical ability sign text system won’t put technical ability with sign text and make the originally fixed technical ability appeared a different attribute.The player matches through a different sign text, can DIY the technical ability of different effect.Li Jia Jun4 reveals, the obtaining of sign text can pass to beat strange, do a task and take part in an activity, and company’s city purchases to wait path.

Li Jia Jun4 still did to elaborate on to steam science and technology, he said, in duplicate, task or other particular toll-gates and scene of game, electric wire electric the player can acquire temporary prop and product, including the medicine box, meat dumplings of instauration life value as well as be big scope war AN used in attack, flames knife and machine A monster etc..The product has an usage at the time restriction, such as the time, number of times and scene limit etc..

The industry insider thinks that the limiting the temporary product of number of times, and scene…etc. increases for game certain of risky interest, can make the player found out to beat the felling of prop in the red and white machine game, but correspond of also test prop and environment of agree with  degree, the prop can develop to have the function of aiming at sex more than the general prop in the particular scene at the time, will influence the expansion and concern of temporary prop.

To the disaster topic in the problem that has no too good result on the market, Li Jia Jun4 thinks, currently on the market Xuan Huan, evil Huan, knight errant, fix the game of true etc. topic Be getting tooer many, the player has been tired, while the current young player accepts degree opposite and higher, would like to try the contents of new topic, therefore the that time machine releases different thing to experience personally to the player.

Speak of 《zero beginning of a reigns 》in the fecundity article layout of nine cities the position of place, Li Jia Jun4 said, 《zero beginning of a reigns 》have hope in 2012 with 《firefall 》, 《the fairy spreads 》, 《MUX 》become nine cities together of”four greatest golds are just”,copper prediction is the whole luck camp of nine cities contribute strength.

DIY decorative lantern sweet

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

New China riotous DIY decorative lantern sweet in the international square ends

The month is a home town circle, feeling at 15 thick.

Annually lunar calendar August 15 is a traditional Mid-Autumn joyful festival.Is a year at this time, the middle of autumn, so is called Mid-Autumn.People look up at the sky like the bright moon of Lang Lang of dish such as the jade, the natural session hopes family’s family reunion.Far traveller in other place, also lend this consign oneself to the home town and the close relatives of remember fondly of feeling.So, the Mid-Autumn calls “reunited stanza” again.The custom in Mid-Autumn Festival is a lot of, the form is also each not same, but all consign people to live an infinite passion and to the fine living weld automation

The decorative lantern is a kind of form that people consign a fine hope.Decorative lantern, again”colourful light” is Chinese race several thousand in the last years important amusement culture, the its Chou absolute being makes people happy, current”Nuo drama” Chou absolute being of function, and then have the value to make people happy amusement, is man the race civil cultural treasure.

For making the traveller that can not go home consign to long for of feeling, let the reunited family have already been more pleased to celebrate, new China real estate specially invited the owners to come to sell a building department DIY a decorative lantern and made the festival of Mid-Autumn had more heavy atmosphere last weekend.Profession’s statisticsesing

A lot of owners are attracted to the beautiful decorative lantern to come, the DIY movable form makes numerous owners and the kids got together, and everyone begins in succession and well develops own imagination dint.Some kids drew the little animal of color, very is lovely;Some parents order the Dan as plum and only have classic lingering charm.Short two days, sell a building department the person annoy hundred percent, the spot the jollification is uncommon.United States

According to know, there are in early morning a lot of owners arriving at to sell a building department on Saturday, the parent takes children line up receive the floret light that the beginning has an embryo.These floret lights have already had the framework of lantern, under the teacher’s instruction, the children take drawing board, lie prone on the seat to in earnest draw decorative lantern pattern and continuously match a color ……at under the children’s infection, many parents also start a hand and relive a kid interest, mood is also well arrive extreme achievement.All of many families are whole families general mobilization, a 3 in the  together take place, together manufacture the family decorative lantern that belong to their y’s uniqueness, its joy melts of the scene move person!

Different meeting, an only has the work of creativity to continuously be born!Grandpa Zhang says that feel in the selling of new China building department to be like a home at oneself, “relax very much, very comfortable, service is also very thoughtful, the kid still wanted while making and willing have an activity next week again.”Under the teacher’s instruction, a 5-year-old kid with only year of the spot went it alone a decorative lantern that has much of a special feature.Surroundings of adult kid’s gathering come over to”ask” in succession, the spot atmosphere is very harmonious.Japan and Philippines

This summer, keep company with in new China under, the owners spent a summer vacation of interesting happiness, the DIY series activity once experienced DIY cake, DIYT Xu and DIY various forms, such as colourful pottery and DIY Juan flower…etc., have already developed till the seventh quarter currently.In future weekend time in, new China real estate still keeps dedicating a multiform and interesting activity for everyone and lets everyone shares warm and fragrant weekend.

In order to feel grateful to give something back to owner, new China real estate sends you the good heart feeling in warm and fragrant autumn.This week DIY continues to present to public, prosperous invite you to come to practice your own creativity.Accumulate Zan a good creativity with previous good heart feeling, and new China real estate DIY, we expect your intelligence of witness!

16 year agos, new China real estate establishes.16 in the last yearses are the responsibility building of”the humanities builds city” Qi, new China real estate believes firmly:As the one who build city, create comfortable life community for people of in the meantime, more important for live the construction submit the living atmosphere of having the frontier spirit and cultural qualities.

“The mission cares future”, this since is the principle of new China real estate, is also to the strong sense of responsibility that pass by and will live at that moment and in the future.

Give something back to whole citieses for thanksgiving, new China real estate releases the special discount of unprecedented in history:University in spring last 480-180 even rices are extravagant to hide a house to face to whole city Qing feeling preference!The weekend Qing feeling receives a special price building source, the seat divides second to necessarily reduce!The international Jing packs apartment to release a special price bride chamber source every day, the special discount is much many

Absolute being vulture

Friday, September 9th, 2011

The one and only of you!《Absolute being vulture 》image DIY the system know well a solution
The 3 D vogue knight errant net swims 《absolute being vulture 》under way don’t delete file to look for to measure inside the feeling, the player finishes registering numbered account can immediately without obstacle debarkation game.Is the innovation of new knight errant to represent, 《absolute being vulture 》at follow accept a realistic scene of in the meantime, also provided a freedom role with the highest and strong function degree DIY system, make each player able to create the one and only chivalrous man.important factor

After landing a game, is establishing person interface, we can see the strong function that the role establish system, sex and role can from choose these from don’t need speech, also provided the body figure, hair style, hair color and face the type and the new hand pack etc. various detail function.

We establish three beauties of different hair dressing first, the experience descends its hair dressing from choose function.The hair dressing shape can choose, besides which, and 5, 6 kinds of different colors provide a player choice.divorce with me

Equally, 《absolute being vulture 》still provided three types of new hands of styles to pack, but this is just the first clothes that you get into river’s lake.Because the Class promotes, and several hundred sets of river’s lakes pack, the teacher door pack, the best pack to wait for a player experiencing personally!

Has been chosen hair style, chosen hair color, chosen a face type and chosen new hand to pack etc. step after, we are quickly quick to see the small beauty that wes make to order into the game:, light Qiao alacrity, current can person!divorce easily replies

PIO deepens a PC DIY

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

PIO deepens a PC crisis the integral whole computer can also play DIY
The brand computer is the group leader of PC market, have been occupying the main quota of PC market, though the brand machine has stronger trust advantage to the public customer, DIY ability still at Chinese develop rapidly, even flourishing, be because DIY has the advantage that the brand machine can not compare to-characteristic compare with sex price.After the integral whole computer and the notebook became available in the market, the brand PC formed a complete monopoly, along with deepening of DIY and extend, also appeared a DIY product in the integral whole computer, DIY again becomes new Wei Xie to the brand organization.general use LED drives

First what to blow to ring DIY horn is exactly an old-brand PC brand-the Great Wall in the integral whole computer market, the Great Wall released the Great Wall PIO this year and started having fun to have DIY in the integral whole machine market, and got chip supporting strongly of manufacturer AMD, and the Great Wall PIO has already got the extensive concern of the whole PC profession.Can want to see, under the arousing of big trend, integral whole machine DIY market as long as you be set off, will have a lot of explosion types that the brands get into and form fierce competition, and cause an integral whole computer market development.

Characteristic have been DIY, player take delight in talking about, this is also DIY the desktop can still keep keeping the important reason of vitality after the brand machine reduces price and come to a deadlock stupid brand machine impossibly to excel DIY in being full of a characteristic creativity.Together manage, after the integral whole machine plays DIY, aftertime’s integral whole machine will bring about characteristic current.And integral whole machine compares a desktop to emphasize “family” and”the house resides” more, therefore integral whole machine DIY will definitely compare desktop DIY brighter brilliant and fascinating Fen present.LED in much

PIO that the Great Wall releases totally has currently two styles of, P800 Nws and P600 Nw.

The Great Wall PIO(DIY integral whole computer) P600 the Nws and the P800 Nws host install a big body similar, is all high pure LED display of 21.5 inches, the resolution is up to a 1920 xes 1080 of 1080 P Class, appreciate high pure movie completely and not a problem, they all provided with the Great Wall server and the power in the meantime, the super thin light gets rid of, wireless key rat, high-quality stereo set etc. parts.

The main difference of the P600 Nws and P800 Nwses doesn’t lie in an allocation, but lies in an external appearance design, P600 Nws whole external appearance design more the circle is smooth and be rich with to flow line vogue, two beauty diagrams of top are P600s Nw;The external appearance design of P800 Nwses is outstanding to is clear sharp angle science and technology feeling, the design of this science and technology feeling for catering to DIY the appetite of the player.

No matter is a P600 Nw, is still a P800 Nw, they install to the CPU and main cores, such as plank, memory and hard drive…etc. of and permit sex all very good, they can support the M-ATX main plank of the 244 mmxes 244 mms.Moreover they can not support independence’s showing card, therefore have to match IGP main plank.sufferer edible moon cake

The Great Wall PIO has already pushed toward the market completely, the electronics selling exhibitions of each city can find out.Distinctly joining the time of integral whole machine market at the DIY player is an integral whole computer the market breaks out of time.

DIY small Mi book

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Self-made moon cake cost just a dollar moon cake DIY small Mi book
Happiness of the Mid-Autumn Festival Be about to arrive.When you are still feeling deeply about some pack fine moon cake in fact flavor how not and still is becoming sad up where then can buy to the flavor son of moon cake, a group of persons are emitting heat to guard before oven, the beginning roasted moon cake by himself/herself.More important,Play MP4 effectuse money that we purchase a bulky cargo moon cake, they fully can do 3 moon cakes.

It’s really worthwhile to calculate down do-it-yourself

Wang 媞 owns a super QQs and nameds “heavy celebrate a rightness of K families to bake cluster”.Member now already more than 400 people, both male and female, say with their own words, “I if isn’t a delicious dog, so there is definitely delicious dog in home.”LED to illuminate control system

Because of the delicacies, these young mans became a good friend.”The company with a member’s place does a direct selling, usually needs to make some communication activity and calls customer to play.”Wang 媞 says that this member ask a her help to check once, if want to do 80 each moon cakes of 50 gs(1 two), probably need to be prepared how much of material.

Make use of experience of buying the food material, Wang 媞 is she calculate bottom:80 moon cakes, each 50 gs, the total weight is 4000 grams.According to moon cake tare 1200 grams of, the farcing weighs 2800 grams.Now market the farcing of a round flat cake 500 grams were 15~20 dollars last month, 2800 grams are probably 70~80 dollars;The face powder of moon cake skin demand probably 7 dollars are or so.

In addition to these two main materials, also need to plus the conversion syrup of appropriation 600 grams, don’t arrive 10 dollars, Mao water is 8 grams, one dollar is or so.”The oil can be pulled oil with the color of home, is used to get a little, probably several dollars.”Wang 媞 says that if do common moon cake, don’t calculate the price of oven and molding tool, 80 moon cakes altogether cost about 100.On the average calculate next, moon cake cost only has one dollar.LED display light

And in each big supermarket, even if buy the most common bulky cargo moon cake, the price is at least also about 3 dollars.

The moon cake category that will do returns a lot of

“If isn’t these two the weather Wen Gao, estimate that a lot of cluster of friends all have already started their do-it-yourself moon cake.”Wang 媞 says that few someones will install an air condition in the kitchen, the crest wears heat to still guard the front is at the oven, that taste isn’t what ordinary people is subjected to get come down.

Though is so, saw Mid-Autumn Festival to want, still have a lot of moon cakes that bake expert hand to prepare DIY, they can make of the moon cakes categories return a lot:The ice skin moon cake, wide type moon cake and cloud leg moon cake ……in addition to this, they are also wife’s a round flat cake and western Qi breeze cake and every kind of good-looking and delicious dessert.”I didn’t look for person to exclusively once learn, generally was oneself to grope for and get to the Internet again to study.”Wang 媞 says that cluster the friends starts learning to does moon cake most , is also use of Be stuck out after experimenting by her of slip.

Wang 媞 is 30 years old, after finishing university, because the work reason of the male friend(incumbent husband) follow behind him together and went Europe for more than a years.There isn’t any friend abroad, more of her times spend at stroll a supermarket up, “that time start learning to do a western dessert.”

Love oven in fact is love