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Marriage ban language

Friday, July 8th, 2011

If the women compared to a book and that the contents of the book of essays when classes, let the person look more wants to see, the more see more let a man in the clouds of the fog, and if I have to put the man also compared to a book and that can only be called on the comic, simple and understandable but sharp creases. The fate of the comic book is read by women, slit, threw the reality of women, forget, also is such, don’t pay attention to focus on the emotions, the man want to say and then say, want to scold and then scold, in the void hurt man.

The following four words, as a woman, whether or not you are in love you mentioned before?

You look at other people!

Woman always so as to complain that the men in certain aspects of the incompetence, the incompetent can be accused of career, will also is the life of, but often is the words of pride, a man greatly stabbed career is an important part of man’s life, blind sarcasm may will man in hopeless situation.

China has hundreds of millions of men, each man’s career is different, have difference, ability get social return naturally differ in thousands ways, since woman choice, you should face reality, contented mind is perpetual feast.

As long as the man tried our best, we will not blame their reasons.

As a man, China in politics, this is the pyramid of officialdom most men are only in the central tower above the bottom, even after all is rare; As a business man, market like battlefield, achievements have defeated, you will lose a gentleman, love of money, took the youdao, well, enough money to spend on the line, why demand too much and let each other not happiness?

For on the business failure in the comfort of the men, women and encourage is they need the most.

Where have you been?

This sentence if a soft mouth from floating out, is to let a man touched it, he reflects the woman to man’s concern, because this sentence is hidden behind to: “I was worried,” but if horizontal eyebrow questioned type, can let a man nausea, because this sentence in the police interrogation of prisoners in the confession in the frequency is the highest.

For example: “closing between, you at stem what?” And so on, so as to determine the crime have time.

And part of the woman asked the question, often hold is the attitude, seems to be the man appearing before a woman is not in a moment, in a wrongdoing is outside.

In fact the man should have his own life space, the space is free, after all, man has his own business and contacts, and love him will believe him, believe that he will be in his breathing space, both once more, the tenants can have suspected of espionage, each other can produce estrangement

Legally speaking, a man is under no obligation to report to the woman everything.

Some women may say, I was not the angry, I asked him would be an honest answer.

It’s not certain is good, the man let the woman doesn’t mean he is afraid of woman, he loves dearly, or disdain entwine, even or really afraid woman, that this man also will completely lose the edges and corners, became a respected “QiGuanYan”, this, women 10 million don’t proud!!!!!

All blame you

Most women don’t want to admit your mistakes

“I was wrong” this sentence is often considered as men’s patent, the woman is the disdain, some women say express yourself wrong way is to play to act in pettish to prove himself to the wrong is popular, of course, is also worth recommending

In my opinion, the woman’s life, and, if not, said an “I wrong,” as a woman was a failure.

To act in pettish to win the sympathy of men and, in the final analysis, or no real excuse realize his mistakes, only can let the person doubt is the prelude to a mistake next time

Most women have to use a “all blame you” to the public, women in many things don’t have your own ideas, a small decision before always love asked: “is this man? Is that ok?” The man nodded, then, once safely to do, if successful, will be delighted, if failed, it will push the responsibility to the man who is a man, the idea of a, the result is also should undertake by men. In fact occasionally say “I was wrong” will make women more attractive.

Who of telephone?

If a man cellular phone ring, women will not consciously ask: “who call” a slight hesitation, if a man, you will immediately questioned by further, normal telephone will also be put on false charges of.

Some women looked at the man, a mobile phone hobby see strange call records, forget ask “who call”, have patience of man is still explain, three transgressions of five times questioned may make contradiction to upgrade.

Mobile phone is the man’s baby, this really, as a woman might as well leave a little privacy to men, keep a little mysterious for love and marriage is not gain nothing.

I’ve also like turn to her husband’s cell phone calls, see strange in thin girls always love asked that name, such as: what is she? Where understanding? What relation, etc.

Until one day I found the husband on a mobile phone girl name all have no, wonder over, did he tell the truth, that he put all the girl’s name had been turned into homophonic, like “li” to “force”, “fang” into “room”, I this is suddenly enlighted, this is to my silent against the bullying, so far, I just get rid of the problem.

Two personal respect each other is to keep love and marriage is the foundation of this respect, good not only to put them in their heart, the more to show in language, respect namely is the trust, as lifted a fine sand, want to hold too tight from will often missed, fingers gently hold up to enable them to complete.

Be careful love behind

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Fulfiled, and beloved step onto the red carpet, and began to look forward to happy marriage life. However after getting married of days the but again let how much repentance at the beginning. Have marriage of experts to hundreds of husband and wife to divorce on the investigation found that fall out four stages will experience, eight kinds of marriage is the most easy to divorce.

Not all of the marriage is unbreakable

Not all marriages are entrenched in love, the high temperature down to face reality, after life again love a husband and wife can produce all kinds of contradictions, processes is not good, will cause the feelings is broken, and finally LaoYan violently.

Marriage and two full or not fit and the marriage type has great relationship, if your marriage belongs to the following a certain type, will most likely in imperceptible in divorce.

Romantic type of marriage

Romantic love life, pursuit of marriage life too much demand, expect new sweet and harmonious always keep down, love colorful, must be lasting enthusiasm of time. This kind of unrealistic expectations, once in real life, both sides will be realized friction conflict, can cause serious marital problems.

Relying too much on the marriage of parents

Too relying too heavily on parents couples, when marriage life any problems, not and spouse about how to deal with bear, but to their parents for respectively support or instructions. Married couples should understand, their future with the spouse is associated with, to treat each other as the most trusted, the closest people. Otherwise, this kind of marriage usually because of “seek outside force intervention” and cause failure.

Perfect marriage type

To anything all requirements perfect couple, both sides are forced to the highest standards of their spouse. Such a marriage because of high requirements and appear unnecessary friction, over time, is a good marriage will not easy to maintain. Also

“Frugal” excessive type of marriage even though the present family economic conditions, also abundant always worry about is not Sunday, too frugal, do not allow spouses in the life has the more entertainment or enjoy, and even deprived himself and his family of some of the basic life need and fun, from psychological too much anxiety, but do not know for spouse of the emotional life.

Pensive hypochondria type of marriage

This generally occurs in female body, they often doubt yourself ill, since the hatred from sigh, the actual is want to take this cause the attention of spouse and concern, the result often outsmart oneself, to feel annoyed spouse.

“Always right” of marriage

Mark captious to spouses, always in front of the others of the act and any criticism spouse thought and action self-righteousness love each other, the result is that the other party can’t stand. This will lead to the other party away from you.

Take good care of everything marriage

ShiWuDaXiao are enshrined in their stead, accidentally ill will become conflict, the friction fuse. Take good care of spouse, for a long time so, if the other person has not made the corresponding return, you will feel psychological unbalance, very easy to make feelings occur rift.

Busy “career” type marriage

Some people will never quiet, always busy, they have no holidays, there is no rest, total it will drive a spouse feel left out. This if you don’t control myself, spend some time with spouse, even for the cause, also can cause the breakdown of their marriage.

Not the same idea

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Taiwan has drinks company production of home a drink had not free, then sell them to adopt an expert advice, in each packet drink packing printed on a moving, very unique poetic love stories, and the drink named “love drink”. Varieties, but still packing a change, immediately attracted numerous young men and women, they were drinking edge appreciate story. Then the company and think got a composition competition, will choose love story on the package, echo is very strong, the contestants enthusiastically. The participants also do the company’s obligation salesman, drink sales immediately shot up.

Similarly, Japan has a call his people are immature, he had a ShengQin away, in the market to see a fishermen in tinkering with a little shrimp, the shrimp is not used to eat but to view. Originally the shrimp from Japan south, has used to paired off and live in in crevices, after can’t grow up from middle cleft back, and so on in crevices through life. According to the characteristics of the shrimp fishermen, fishing, put them on a pair of processing in crevices, into the water, a little decoration, as the appreciation of the small animals to sell.

But immature husband is further, these little shrimp to paired off and on in crevices life, not as the symbol of love with single mind? Immature husband is ShengQin did not, hurried Tokyo, after some planning in Tokyo, opened a wedding gift shop, monopoly this little shrimp.

He passes elaborate design, the use of a small and exquisite glass box, will make artificially fake rocks in which, as the “house” shrimp, and decorate some aquatic plants, straight into the water, let the shrimp in “stone house” life within very comfortable. Souvenirs with brief explanation on the little shrimp, many old together, the story of real depict moving. Many new couples saw would buy a home with, and even many an old married have also buy a back to be seen and memory.

The same thing, to put it another way, and the Angle to business, received effect will be completely different. Drink or the original drinks, shrimp is still the original little shrimp, but add a story, a moral, product becomes fun up after the attracted customers, eye, became popular commodities, and is worth being.

In fact, the world this not absolutely useless things or failure of things, the way is to use the differ. The same kinds of things, in different people’s eyes, or in different situations, often can have different values, the key still see how do you go to operation and management.

Success is not just a result

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

On one side of the mountain stream on the cliff has a YingChao. A hawk birth the two small eagle, a long black claw, a long with flowers claw. They are very cute. The eagle is old, it felt delay. So it wants to, must grasp all the time, the training of the little fly ability, make them an independent life as soon as possible.

When the eagle grow larger, the eagle will encourage small eagles fly to the opposite of the cliff. The eagle to the eagle said, who can fly to the opposite cliffs, who is a winner. In its encouragement, two eagle began to flight. But, the eagle is always fly out not far fell to the riverside. The eagle will they catch up, to practice. A few days later, black young eagle claw no longer practice. In it, because of age is too small, do not go to the opposite cliff. Every time fly, is in vain. That can’t be successful, would insist, that was a foolish act. Besides, sooner or later the President himself, grew up natural will fly. So, it will give up the fly. No matter how the eagle urged and encouragement, to no avail.

Take the eagle claw has not give up flight. It felt, as long as their practicing, one day it will fly to the opposite cliff up. Because of its practice every day, so, fall off was black and blue all over, sometimes even walk was tough. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful. As it flew to mountain stream will fall to the middle service. Of course, every flight test compared to previous fly farther some more light some, the harder you fall. Take the eagle claw consciousness to, in their continued to make progress. It was very happy, practice the harder the more satisfied.

One day, the eagle two eagle call to your side. It said: “I’m old. Later can’t take care of you. Take the eagle claw is a success, black young eagle claw you to learn from it?” Black young eagle claw don’t understand ground to ask: “fly to opposite of a cliff. But to be successful, flower small eagle claw no fly to there?” The eagle meaningfully say: “success is a state, and is not a result.” Say that finish, it died. Two little eagle indefinitely. At this time, a violent wind upon me, and hit the YingChao wered, the situation is very critical.

Take the eagle claw clap wings, flew. It quickly moved to a safe place. Black young eagle claw doom. Not and in a short while, poor black young eagle claw is wered shattered head, as YingChao fell to mountain stream.

Lookeron leading role

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

From this Angle, people life is divided into two kinds, one kind is optimistic, but another is pessimistic.

Optimistic, of course, the majority of people would think this is a commendatory word, who all know, no matter in the DuoDa setbacks and unfortunately, should keep this positive, optimistic spirit. In contrast, optimistic, from the Angle of personal pessimism to understand, this is certainly a derogatory term. Optimists even if missed sunshine, will still be looking forward to the next day morning. Pessimistic people miss, downhearted and thinking about missed what a pity, will feel the next day, or too far in rainy day. But the pessimistic, who are often sentimental, because they always is very delicate, always like to think too much too full.

For example a failing the exam, optimistic people won’t be DuoDa influence, they know and the next, and the opportunity to go to pass well. But the pessimist, they will want to, if next time again blew it to do, if no next time how do, if hard or not test good? This is the attitude towards life, but why, let the life around the trouble to your feeling? Why not go to choose the leading role of life?

Someone will complain too much, their heart is filled with many why. Why people family is very harmonious, his family often quarrel, why people was born in a rich family, and you are a poor rural, why people always perfect, than their than their own good…… If you do, that will never be able to control his own life and life. But why not to change an Angle to think? When someone was born in a rich family, they may later have no diligent spirit, all the day have a YiLaiShenShou farther, didn’t know what day is a struggle. But you have these elusive thing, that is you is a potential shares. Others may surface than you light, but behind it dark many than himself. Perhaps others will envy other people’s good, the figure than their long than his perfect, but why do not go to think, beauty is only a short, how much more will you have a good body? Whatever is relative, there are the side will, this is the law of life forever. Anyone, are unlikely to be perfect, because of life, we just nine beauty “perfect”.

Believe that many people will face the pressures of life, 10 million don’t feel tired, easy is to the dead. Born in this social although have a little pressure, every day, will worry about today’s smoke sauce vinegar, each month to focus their wages, every year are worried about oil prices and the rise in prices. Although many are unable to choose, but you know, in the face of, not one, but all of the people. We should keep a good state of mind, how to change a kind of Angle thinking? Even if hard should also be glad to, a home, a company, a group, and even the whole country, in sweat and pay to fight hard and not one, people live to fight, to create a harmonious paradise, to seek some temporary doesn’t belong to you beautiful.

Don’t let one failure and feel is always fail, don’t let one’s miss and feel is lifelong missed. More don’t let one falls and never want to get up.

Life, was supposed to be a beautiful, it is positive. We should run your own life and life, the protagonist in the life we should, we should desire of the storm more fiercely, let oneself become invulnerable!!!!!

Life need to appreciate

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

The life on the road with sincere heart need to appreciate, not with curious eyes to look at. Enjoy, is to use to gaze, with eyes ears to hear, with the mind to understand the world better.

Blossom, the full moon YueKui, is a poem; The wild goose to ebb and flow of the wild goose to, and is also a picture. Nature scenery is everywhere. When we stop to spend a grass, we will appreciate the nature to good to the U.S., may forget earthly things bother.

Appreciate others is a kind of respect, be appreciated is a recognition, and there is no one to appreciate is a kind of misfortune. Life, we desire to be appreciated, often fail to appreciate. More often, we are good at finding the faults of others, willing to enlarge their own advantages, and even like the misfortune of others in search for to their own happiness. However, appreciation is mutual, want to be appreciated, you have to go to appreciate others; Only appreciate others, can will be appreciated.

Appreciate others, be good at looking for and find others advantages: appreciate others speech, will improve our eloquence; Appreciate others of magnanimous, will open our hearts; Appreciate others act of kindness, will purify our mind. Appreciate don’t actually is a bit less fussy, a bit more trust; A bit more enthusiasm, a bit less cold; A bit more look up, a bit less despise.

Appreciation is a complementary, is a kind of promote, is also a kind of harmony. Appreciate more, contradictions and the misunderstanding will be a bit less, the distance of people will be more closer.

People can’t born perfect, but can pursue perfect, learn to appreciate, appreciate, will enrich your life!!!!!