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DIY:Using decorative fabrics make fashionhome

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Creamy silk, dry cotton cloth, soft fur and feel coarse linen, are the most flexible home decorative elements. Flat piece of fabric can not only make the back cushion plump, elegant curtains, tablecloths, sofa sets or mattress covers, can also be your home a source of inspiration for decoration; corner stitching fabric after stitching is a rich character The tablecloths; the use of a double-sided sofa sets, will let you change scene in the bedroom.

Even if you are a sewing-illiterate person can proceed to the home textile decoration program, you can also use hot sol, playing nail gun, fabric glue, ribbon and other auxiliary materials, to easily achieve your fashion personality textile decoration .

Try to make decoration fabric color fabric use several programs at the same time, we should select an interior decoration as the main fabric. Typically, you will find a fabric itself contains several colors, it can become a source of inspiration for decoration. Will be spun off in different colors rearranged for each room to create a distinction between the existing model and organic links. Try to make the fabric color scheme, as the beginning of your home renovation is not a bad approach.

Money-saving decorative details – pre-washing and ironing if you are able to regularly clean and in order to select the fabric can be washed, then you should consider before making their first clean look, this can reduce the shrinkage problem in future. Sofa sets, tablecloths, pillowcases, decorative bolster, as well as other sets to go through such a pre-wash treatment. put one in the entire volume of the cloth are Baptist before trying to enter the water to wash cloth.

After cleaning the fabrics do not iron directly without the use of wrinkled bed curtains Wai and clearly reveal the owner’s negligence. Ironing the fabric formation, is a decorative details do not have to spend money that allows the cheapest could hang fabric looks good.

DIY skin care products

Monday, February 16th, 2009

You are not often heard people say that milk used to care? In fact, the slightly out-of-date milk instead of better skin care effect. Because the milk will have substantial post-metamorphic lactic acid composition can effectively remove the skin surface of the skin aging. Milk protein-rich ingredients can make the skin more smooth and elastic.

Wyatt has been coup

Coup 1
First in warm water add some milk, after Autoleveller face gently with your fingers in two minutes, you can remove the skin surface of the skin aging, and then clean the face, then rinse with cold water several times.

Coup 2
Milk contains protein rich hair allows more flexibility. Shampoo before the skin has been heated to a temperature of milk fully applied in the hair, gently rubbing. If you are oily hair, it only applied to milk in the hair, do not run into the scalp, massage 5 minutes, use shampoo to wash hair.

3 coup
With gauze or cotton wet full of milk, in the face mask to do 10 minutes, brushing, exfoliation and whitening with dual efficacy will become more smooth and delicate skin. And with clean face, and finally washed with cold water.

Beer is Cleopatra Cleopatra favorite skin care products. Beer yeast is rich in elements, can increase the skin elasticity and suppress the excessive secretion of sebum, the skin more plump, translucent. But if your skin more sensitive, we will certainly have to wait for light beer run after the use of gas, so to avoid carbonated beer ingredients stimulate the skin.

Coup 1
This is one of the most easy to use. First in warm water add about 1 / 3 of beer, mixed evenly, the finger fully applied to the face, then gently tap the face and massage for 2 minutes, and finally with cold water to wash face.

Coup 2
The contour of the brewer’s yeast powder and Maifanshi Autoleveller powder, add the right amount of phosgene had been running the beer, the full effect of mixing made significant facial rejuvenation. Mask Unit will be evenly applied to maintain 10 minutes, then wash with cold water.

3 coup
With cotton full of beer, his face coated in dry or rough skin, the five minutes after the wash with cold water. Beer contains female hormones rich can moisten the skin, at the same time to prevent dry and rough skin.

Milk is rich in vegetable protein and lecithin. Your skin in a layer of protective film formed on the surface of the skin more delicate and flexible.

Coup 1
The milk is heated to skin temperature, squeeze into some orange juice, mixed evenly.Milk with cotton, the Department applied in the whole eyelid skin are particularly rough place, and full massage, and finally will face wash.

Coup 2
To milk and milk mixed by 1:1 ratio, and then add some flavor yogurt and flour tune into a paste, made from a comprehensive nutrition and effectively scrub the moisturizing mask. Will be applied to the face mask to maintain 10 minutes, then wash with cold water .

Sugar-free orange juice
Orange juice contains the anthocyanins composition can enhance blood vessel flexibility, so that you face ruddy. As for the rich content of vitamin c, can put bright color, make your skin more clean translucent. You do not need to go hands-flood orange juice drink 100% of residual sugar-free orange juice can be used directly on the use of.

Coup 1
Add the orange juice in the appropriate role of algae with a clean powder, transferred into a paste made of Whitening Mask. If want to further enhance the whitening effect, again to squeeze into some lemon juice.

Coup 2
Will add some shredded meat orange juice, the slightly heated to skin temperature, and then add some olive oil and vitamin E oil on the oil made of natural cleansing. Full cooling was applied after the massage the face gently with your fingers can be removed completely cosmetic residues and metabolites on the skin.

Leftover red wine to drink red wine, alcohol content and odor have been almost volatile, and the rest of the skin are beneficial nutrients, suitable for skin care. Which contains an effective Exfoliates the acid composition, polyphenols prevent ultraviolet light damage as well as the rich in vitamin B and potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Coup 1
Leftover drink wine add some honey into a paste transfer is a natural anti-wrinkle facial mask, can increase the skin elasticity. Will be deposited on the face mask and neck, and maintain for 10 minutes, such as slightly red skin after washing face with cold water will be clean.

Coup 2
If more want to take full advantage of the acid component in wine, then add brown sugar facial scrub made. Full evaporation of alcohol in red wine add some brown sugar, refrigerator freezer, brown sugar until fully dissolved in the wine become sticky after applied to the face gently with your fingers to remove the aging horny, and finally with cold water will face wash.

Green tea
The bitter taste of green tea contains tannic acid, has a good convergence of the effectiveness of the skin. Can also make your skin away from the troubled oil. Green tea was applied directly to the skin, as well as the efficacy of anti-bacterial anti-virus, in which rich vitamin E, c and other mineral ingredients can make your skin clean translucent.

Coup 1
Of used green tea bags soak in warm water, use facial cleanser to wash face and then gently tap water green tea facial, you can play a calm skin and anti-bacterial effect.

Coup 2
Will bubble over the green tea packets refrigerator freezer, cold morning, used to eye about 2 minutes. Cold green tea packets in a short time nourish the skin and eliminate swelling eye.

3 coup
Rich in various minerals and vitamins into the green tea bubble bath can be used as a bathing agent, nourishing the body skin but also add a natural scent.

Coup 4
Will end with a small amount of green tea, honey, yogurt flavor mixed into a paste, take a bath when applied to the thigh and abdomen and massage, the caffeine in green tea component helps break down fat, can help you shape the curves of beauty. Can also remove the skin keratinocytes, while nourishing the skin.

Soda water
Soda water bubbles burst the skin of that moment with the role of clean pores. However, the carbonate component may stimulate the skin. So if your skin is very sensitive, before use the best in our ears after the test.

Coup 1
Soda water with your fingers to gently tap to the face, the skin surface with the bubble burst, not only in the pores to remove metabolites, clean pores, while improving skin elasticity.

Coup 2
To place a long time to run a gas light is non-carbonated soda water, leaving only a variety of minerals, and then add some lemon juice can be used as makeup water. After washing his face with a cotton lemon soda, apart from the skin to emit a lemon fragrance, mineral composition can also hydrate the skin, so that the skin more glossy.

Tomato juice
Tomato juice is rich in not only can prevent aging antioxidant components, but also rich in organic acids and vitamin composition, either when the moisturizing agents and whitening mask to use, as well as the magical efficacy of blackhead go. Mask in the production of tomato juice, it is best in the tomato juice and then add a small amount of fresh tomato pulp, it can play better results.

Coup 1
Tomato juice can remove unsightly blackhead nose around. Add the tomato juice in a small amount of mashed fresh tomatoes, ripe tomatoes are the best, and then add a spoonful of seaweed powder, transferred into a paste, gently nose around 3 minutes after the wash with cold water.

Coup 2
In tomato juice and add appropriate flavor yogurt facial mask made of flour, stirring evenly, applied to the skin to maintain 10 minutes, then wash with cold water. Mask rich oligosaccharides and polyphenol components, not only can enhance skin elasticity, but also inhibit the generation of melanin, so that your skin more plump translucent.

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DIY: Fabric’s unique folding table method

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Cotton table cloth dining for the day-to-day fishes add elegant style romantic, dinner knife and fork when necessary, such as Add folding table cloth under the plate or in a concise table above, style fresh Meaningful.

We chose a sunny colors 100% cotton napkins, at the beginning of production at any one table to select Ironing fabric formation, refreshing clean napkin better. Cloth folding table, follow these steps

1. First of all, the cotton napkin placed flat, fine texture side up.

2. The napkin along the long side of the direction of folding, with his hands along the crease to flatten.

3. Will be folded napkin 90 degrees anti-clockwise rotation.

4. To gently roll up the top layer of napkins to just over half of the position, his hands will be compacted crease.

5. The second layer in accordance with the previous step up folding on the first floor below, his hands will be compacted crease.

6. Repeat the above steps folding third layer, compacted by hand will crease.

7. The napkin to the left of the vertical stack back, folding the napkins to the back edge at the back half of the entire napkin, the hands will be compacted crease.

8. Repeat the above steps to the right side of the vertical stack to the back.

9. The tableware from the fabric of the top insert opening. Nevertheless, a unique fabric design is completed tableware.