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French presidential election second round of voting in full swing

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

French presidential election second round of voting at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing Time 14:00 ) in metropolitan France in full swing , now President of the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and the Socialist candidate , François Hollande, the presidency for the next opening of the last competition.

The data released by the French Constitutional Council the registered voters of this election is about 4603 million . In the first round of voting held on April 22 , Hollande and Sarkozy won 28.63 percent and 27.18 percent of valid votes cast , leading the other eight
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Candidates. French Constitution, the French president elected by universal suffrage , using the most two rounds of voting The first round of voting if no person have a majority of votes , the votes among the top two candidates will enter the second round of contention .

For change in the campaign , the Hollande advocate on behalf of the leftist camp , restore the confidence of the French political action and public morality , to respond to voter concerns about unemployment , purchasing power, security, and other problems , and promised to guide Europe to return to < br />

To accelerate growth and expand the road of employment ; on behalf of right-wing conservative forces Sarkozy hit tightening , tax increases and protectionist card, the Second round of voting two days before the public

The fabric many public opinion polls , Sarkozy’s support rate in the past few days now gone , but still fall Houaolangde 4-7 percentage points .

For this election , France has set up 85,000 polling stations in the local , overseas territories and outside . Due to the time difference between the French part of the established early voting polling stations in the overseas territories , French local polling station at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing 14

Pm) and opening up, no later than 20:00 that night (Beijing time at 2:00 on the 7th ) closed.

French Interior Minister after the closure of the polling stations all have been released the latest statistics , the Constitutional Council will be confirmed and announced a second round of voting results in 7 to 11 May . The current presidential term is scheduled to end on May 15 . By convention, the President-elect inauguration

The time of the ceremony to be decided in consultation with the outgoing president .

Note on pet import

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Passengers carrying companion dog, cat entry, must have export country (or area ) official veterinary quarantine authorities issued a certificate of quarantine and rabies immunization certificate to declare to the customs, and the customs office shall notify the port animal and plant quarantine organs of passengers carried out animal quarantine certificate, none of the above, are not allowed to carry a companion dog, cat and entry疊印了舊日的足跡 | 夢裏牽系著的 | 這段旅程畫上句號 | 實現自己理想的機會 | 曾經說過的諾言 | 隨遇而安,不悲不喜 | 人生最輝煌的華彩 | 搖錢樹,燈籠果 | 迷了路人的雙眼 | 10年後再回看.

The port animal and plant quarantine department on companion dog, cat in the designated places for a period of 30days of quarantine. The quarantine of qualified in dogs, cats, by the port animal and plant quarantine office shall issue the certificate granted entry; quarantine qualified by quarantine authorities in accordance with relevant regulations. If you need service, please contact pet import

but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

February 20th , according to ITAR- reported , the Russian Sukhoi Pogosyan , CEO of Russia ‘s United Aircraft Manufacturing Company , said recently that the Russian Defense Ministry ordered 48 Su- 35S , the entire delivery schedule , including two delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2011 .
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As planned, the company Pogosyan also said the Russian aircraft manufacturers are currently seeking a loan , if the funding is in place in time , this year to the Russian military Su – 35S is also expected to increase a .

According to the company The machine ‘s built-in fuel tank capacity increase of nearly 20% , range and therefore increase to 4,500 km . The Su-35 is the depth modernizing developed an ultra- mobility multi-purpose fighter Su-27 fighter on the use of a large number of fifth-generation fighter developed a new technology , mainly used to dominating the air .

While maintaining the aerodynamic characteristics of the Su -27/30 series fighter , the Su-35 ‘s overall combat effectiveness has been significantly improved . The Su-35 not only radar reflectivity lower, and equipped with a powerful new digital control system and function , phased array radar, and attack multiple targets at greater distances . According to reports, the Su-35 equipped with a new type of Not only the radar can simultaneously track 30 targets , but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

Su-35 is also installed two 117S vectored thrust engine ( improvements made by the AL – 31F ) , with a total thrust of 29 tons . It is reported , the 117S is the prototype of the Russian fifth-generation engine . In addition , Su-35 will be the Sukhoi company as another weapon to compete for the international market , is used to fill the market before the emergence of fifth generation fighter The main potential market


including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

People in Khartoum on January 29 (Reporter Wu Wenbin) from 1983 to 2005, Sudan has been caught in civil war. Until January 2005, the Sudanese government and the separation of Southern Sudan for the purpose of independent or

Signed a peace treaty before the country as a unified Sudan,

After the signing of peace treaty, southern Sudan to implement a high degree of autonomy, self-government was set up, almost in an independent state.

July 9, 2011, after independence of Southern Sudan, 加入南苏丹 nationality, their whereabouts became a problem. To this end,

According to Sudanese law on political parties, as political parties or opposition parties,

What is more, set up a

Starting from September 2011, the Sudanese Government forces entrenched in the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan state’s , the former governor of Blue Nile State, including Montgomery Abu Hamid Island Blue Nile’s And entrenched in Southern Kordofan,


Other cabinet changes include replacing the former Finance Minister

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) according to Singapore’s

British pull the face of terror activities have been appointed to the Red Shirt Army leaders Natta alleged weapons of Deputy Minister of Agriculture .

Natalie Wu and several pro- Thaksin Red Shirt leaders , due to take the lead in March 2010 in downtown Bangkok anti-government demonstrations , the Democratic Party was the government who were arrested . Authorities also arrested on terrorism-related charges them , they are released on bail in February last year .

Natalie Wu and several Red Shirt leaders in the national election in July last year , successfully elected, they also belong to Thai Party Thaksin ‘s sister won the British under the leadership of pulling power . Britain did not pull the key members of the cabinet so that the Red Shirts , Thaksin is believed to want to provoke political opponents .

Other cabinet changes include replacing the former Finance Minister , Deputy Prime Minister Ji Ladi pulling guess , part-time post of minister of finance ministers , former prime Minister of Gan Peng will be switched to defense .


Focus exclusively on search engine news link

Monday, January 16th, 2012

January 3, 2012 , the United States was traced to spend money on hiring Google Inc.

Search engine optimization website SEOBook first reported that since the end of December last year , hundreds of online smoke labeled success .

Focus exclusively on search engine news link

In 2009 , Google Japan was based on the punishment due to this practice , its PageRank ranking was downgraded for 11 months .

Google ‘s January 3 statement , the company has been prohibited to promote their products through paid Bowen ‘s behavior , this responsibility is contracted to promote Chrome browser business advertisers. And for Google to

Google has not yet said whether it will be his punishment page


Because of gastrointestinal bleeding

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

HAVANA, Jan. 5 (Reporter Yin Yongjian) Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro 5, the official website

Castro Castro said in the article , people should be concerned with human face

Castro published an article a way to formally denied rumors about his death .

A microblogging social networking site has announced : The article said that the micro-blogging site has become subject to political manipulation tool to spread rumors , this is not published on the website for the first time rumors of Castro ‘s death .

Because of gastrointestinal bleeding, Fidel Castro underwent surgery in July 2006 , then the maximum transfer of power to the country when he was first vice president of the Council of State, Raul Castro . Since then, Castro few public appearances , but often at the official website and the media published articles on the world’s major issues for comment.


special classes

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

People Beijing January 4 (reporter Jia Yue ) Reporters learned from the National Development and Reform Commission website , to promote the scientific development of pre-school education , standard nursery fees so as to protect the legitimate interests of the educated and the kindergarten , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Education , Ministry of Finance have jointly issued

In order to regulate a variety of names, the current kindergarten fees , genuinely receive timely settlement and regular publication of Kindergarten is strictly prohibited in any park of the parents to collect the name of sponsorship , donations tuition fees , school fees, education fees and the cost of compensation linked to the cost of admission is strictly prohibited to offer experimental classes , special classes , interest classes , after-school training and parenting classes and other special education in the name of the parents be charged.

and so on. Around the nursery to strengthen the management and supervision and inspection fees , charges for violation of policy actions , they must be severely punished.


US-Iraq confrontation seemingly at loggerheads

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Defense Ministry spokesman George Little said, the Strait of Hormuz is not only about regional security and stability, but also the Gulf countries, including Iran, an important economic lifeline. Any attempt to interfere with the Strait of Hormuz transportation practices are tolerated.

U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, declared that any interference with the Strait of Hormuz common practice

In a Reuters reporters Ti Wensuo and Zuo Shumian for the reply, the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet said: not be allowed.

Asked what kind of response measures will be taken, the statement said, the Fifth Fleet

Associated Press quoted the Fifth Fleet spokesman 丽贝卡雷巴 Ridge as saying:

Iran, Commodore 29, said Mahmoud Mousavi, Iran’s navy in the Strait of Hormuz near a military exercise area that a U.S. aircraft carrier. Waters within the aircraft is believed to Moussaoui said, reconnaissance aircraft captured video and photos.

28, some U.S. officials,

French Foreign Ministry urged Iran to comply with requirements of 28 ships free passage of the Strait of Hormuz relevant international law. European Union, stressed, will continue to promote a new round of sanctions on Iran.

Saudi Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry official said Tuesday if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers are ready to produce more oil.

Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi 27, said that if the Western countries to impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports, Iran will blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian Navy Commander saya in 28 further indicated that blockade of the Strait of Hormuz Iraq navy easy.

Xinhua Commentary

Iran’s Foreign Zhang and relaxation

US-Iraq confrontation seemingly at loggerheads, but the current situation, both sides are unlikely to rush to war. Obama wants to win re-election next year, will not easily launch any controversial war; and from the development path of Iran’s nuclear issue, Iran more and more skillfully implemented the adhere to self-position in high-profile, actively promote nuclear program; the other hand, tend to make some last-minute concessions, never blocked the door to negotiations.

Protracted Iranian nuclear issue has been apparent since 2003, nearly 10 years, during which the escalation, and in the gradual expansion of sanctions against Iraq and Iran’s nuclear program steadily. But the two sides did not really have across the Therefore, the Iraqi nuclear issue has not yet entered the real crisis point.

However, despite the

24 in Iran in the Strait of Hormuz from the waters east of a 10-day held a few days before large-scale naval exercises, Iran announced that it invited the IAEA inspectors to visit Iran’s nuclear facilities, trip time may be in January next year. This shows that Iran wants the IAEA as soon as possible to eliminate the negative effects related to the report, emphasizing their willingness to cooperate.

This statement is no doubt the Iranian nuclear issue will cool slightly, but only by some of the tactics of fear is still difficult to move the international community to eliminate concerns over its nuclear program. War on Iran in recent years, the forecast is like Although each talk and no action, but in order to avoid


some concern is from the sky

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

According to the U.S. concern, some concern is from the sky ; specifically, digital Earth (DigitalGlobe) satellite . They offer a Chinese aircraft carrier to the world a clear picture , not only to meet people’s curiosity , but also allows us to analyze China’s aircraft carrier .

The article said that , in fact , China purchased from Ukraine in the hands of a ship China’s intention is to show the world that he has a powerful world-class naval power.

The article said , it is worth noting that almost no country has a real sense of the full-scale aircraft carrier ( the U.S. has 10 ) . Moreover, the U.S. strategic analysts predicted Roger – Becker said,

The article said that , of course ,

The article said , Who would have thought China’s next aircraft carrier will be equipped with what weapons ? Becker said that China can not only build an aircraft carrier ; because , at least three aircraft carriers to ensure there is always a carrier can be used in combat ; and China to achieve this goal , take a very long time.

The article said that China’s aircraft carrier , once completed, is the real hard work to begin. Training can command aircraft