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Twitter account on the then do so .

Monday, January 9th, 2012

According to the China Daily reported , according to the British

Twitter spokesman announced , Twitter falsely certified


News Corporation also confirmed that Wendi Deng is indeed fake Twitter account , but Murdoch in the New Year ‘s Twitter account registration is true .

According to reports, on 31 December last year , Murdoch opened a Twitter account , and later issued a document criticizing the British holiday is too long , Twitter account on the then do so .


will wish to board the annual Taipei 101 walls

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012


the Associated Press quoted Peters as saying

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Xige Interior Minister Alejandro Francois Valery said Tuesday the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi and his three relatives trying to sneak into Mexico using false identities, by Mexican intelligence officers to detect and prevent.

For entry by private jet

Poire said at a news conference that Mexico’s intelligence officers found a September 6, international network of people involved, the detailed arrangements Saadi Mexican immigration program.

Members of the network for two Mexicans, a Canadian and a Dane. Poire said:

Minister of the Interior by this name statement, they selected housing Saadi at the brink of a Mexican Pacific coast resort.

In addition, entry tools, Saadi the use of private aircraft. He told reporters:

Behind the scenes members of the division of labor

Saadi fled the operation in the use of false 名丹尼尔贝哈 Er Hanan. Poire no mention of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during his lifetime are involved Saadi Mexico flight plan did not specify what will be accompanied by Saadi’s family.

Mexico’s government spokesman said the tower, Mexico launched the Suspects will face the use of false documents, and other charges of organized crime charges.

Network responsible wannier October 10, was arrested in Mexico City. Poire said, wannier is a Canadian, is directly linked with Saadi, Saadi is believed to hold the program’s funding went to Mexico.

October 11, responsible for contacting the Mexico arrangements Mexican woman verte arrested. Was also responsible for the arrest the same day, Mexican Prieto forged documents and is responsible for logistics operations Danes Fren Tønsberg.

Mexican fugitive favor

Saadi, aged 38, fled into southern Libya in August from Niger. September 13, is Mexico’s intelligence program found a few days Saadi fled, the Niger Air Force C-130 type its actions restrictions.

Gary Peters has served as Saadi in North America’s 8, the Associated Press quoted Peters as saying, Saadi choose Mexico, because he purchased the property resort Punta Tami Ta interested.

Peng Ta Mita on the official tourism Web site introduce themselves this way: happy experience.

The Associated Press said that many fugitives favor of Mexico, perhaps as the Hollywood movie


the U.S. media exposed several scandals Kane . Recently

Monday, December 5th, 2011

People WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) ( correspondent Wen Xian ) as being extra-marital scandals , the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on November 3 in Atlanta announced the suspension of elections.

Kane is a U.S. Republican presidential candidate in 2012, the only black , previously was a business merchant pizza industry . Because of its hard-line right-wing point of view , visibility is very small due to the Kane Republican candidate to participate in the debate often becoming known . For some time, the U.S. media exposed several scandals Kane . Recently, the more a woman called a 13-year affair with Kane . So Kane ‘s popularity has plummeted in the polls , fund-raising so blocked, the election should not have bright prospects suddenly bleak.

Kane said on Tuesday after he was


students simply less water

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The toilet is not only long lines , but also delay the class, the students … This is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students go to the toilet situation. Students go to the toilet difficult to cause Yingjiang Li , deputy secretary of concern . Li called on the microblogging Tencent : students simply less water

bright sunlight of a brick under the front of the building , a group of children tied red scarf sex arranged in two columns , crowds of children , building on the wall ,

users drying out which is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students on the toilet pictures . very crowded , students need to line up go to the toilet . does have individual students drink less per day to reduce to line up . the toilet … … the number of students over a thousand people . Teachers said that since September this year, since the toilet has been very crowded.

900 Yu Xuesheng only 14 light squatting

Yingjiang West Town Center boarding school nearly 80 years of school history . The school has school buildings, multi-media classrooms, student cafeteria , student restaurants, education and teaching facilities. Why are there go to the toilet difficult ?

light West Town Central Primary School President Chu said light west of the original town center boarding school students in more than 400 people , most of these students non-resident students , boarders only 100 people, was the school’s toilets to meet the basic students to use. But this year focused on education


concrete operational next year started. 11

Monday, November 21st, 2011

14 Department of Energy officials said the Philippines , the Philippine government will not ignore China ‘s sovereignty over the disputed region of South China Sea, the sound cable and protests , will invite foreign investors to the region for oil , but also , and visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss the matter. Meanwhile , AFP said , the Philippines intends to play in the 17th meeting of the ASEAN Summit and East Asia Summit to find a united front against China .

According to the Philippines , within the territory in the Philippines , concrete operational next year started. 11, the APEC leaders summit, a commodity security conference , Philippine President Aquino III said , there is dispute over sovereignty in the region .

Agence France-Presse said , Aquino in the APEC meeting this week to Southeast Asian countries also stressed the need to question the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea to form a united front against China . 14 Agence France-Presse quoted a Foreign Ministry internal document the Philippines , said Aquino want to make the South China Sea as Philippine Foreign Affairs for Policy Affairs, long Baxiliou said Aquino will be held in Bali on high-level dialogue

Research Institute of Xiamen University, Nanyang village land 14 , told reporters that the Philippines once again that China stop in China, the Philippines, exploitation of Nansha sea beach ritual oil , to the upcoming ASEAN for ASEAN Summit State of sympathy and support of international public opinion . China has banned drilling for oil in the sea beach ritual is to stabilize the situation in the South China Sea , safeguard China ‘s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests .


exploded near the venue

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Core Tip: Police confirmed that the Afghan capital Kabul , local time, 17, early in the morning , two rockets being held Loya Jirga (Grand National meeting ) exploded near the venue , killing at least one civilian were injured . Since January this year , the Afghan Taliban , code-named

KABUL, Nov. 17 Xinhua Afghan capital Kabul, the police confirmed that 17 early in the morning local time , two rockets being held Loya Jirga ( Great national Conference) exploded near the venue , killing at least one civilian were injured .

Kabul police who asked not to be named, told Xinhua News Agency reporters , at least three rockets fired at the Loya Jirga venue , two of which exploded near the venue . Police are investigating the attack .

There is no organization or individual making the claim that this incident .

Afghan Loya Jirga in Kabul, 16, opened the meeting is expected to last four days, will discuss Afghanistan and the United States signed a strategic partnership agreement and by the Afghan government and Taliban -led rebels in peace talks and other issues such as . Afghan official said , was attended by more than 2,500 people , including members of both Houses of Parliament , Speaker of Parliament and provincial tribal elders and so on. Prior to that, put the Taliban in Afghanistan saying the attack was to obstruct the meeting .

May 1 this year , the Afghan Taliban , code-named


rescue you my house

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

The wages”run to lose” CPI takes what rescue you my house?

The editor presses:CPI attains 6.2% August, the market predicts to be no lower than 6% September.Don’t say that is a low income community,connect white to get a the clans to also feel the invisible pressure of “the hand of inflation”.They lay up past and natural and unrestrained and expensive to heart’s content and vigorously son, start studying to arise from to make lunch box and regiment to buy, cut high level to consume expenditure,To where I want led to have the day of careful and detailed calculations.The ages of the inflation, the wages “run and lose” CPI and take what rescue my house?

The inflation ages CPI is all the way and forward

The market predicts monetary policy temporary and motionless the CPI rise is no lower than 6% economic reference report September

Get into the end in month, along with in many ways the data announcement inside the month, the market widespreadly anticipates, the CP I together won’t be lower than 6% than the rise September.Though the commodity price rises power have already hoped to appear to a little bit obviously alleviate in the degree in the four seasons, but current C P the I is still placed in a high, again in consideration of take euro area as the representative’s world economy in the near future the violent motion may result in to pound at continuously to the economic Chinese growth,Peking opera monetary policy since should not have to relax and should not continue to tighten, so the market judges monetary policy in October and temporarily motionless and all leads a little bit greatly.

All the year round degree whether the inflation pressure still bigger CPI turns a point to need to observe liberation newspaper now

The August that announces to yesterday CPI data, everyone’s reading and judgment combine inconformity.The optimistic parties thinks that together drop than the rise, elucidation”turn a point” already now;Pessimism the parties then warn and 6.2%ly and together compare a rise to still keep being placed in a high, the sword of inflation still hangs on the head, can not hastily relax monetary policy.

The food and clothing lives to go it rises in price the wages lose CPI at running

Majority of city wageses increase to lose CPI at running 15 incomes in the city to actually decline 15% economic reference report

In four professions of our country 15 cities, although after promote,deduct a price hike factor, majority of wages total amount in the cities actually majority of place wageses present to descend a situation.This is the reporter serves in The Xinhua news agency economic reference report today nation human resource institute for research sponsors of”new China through three officials nation human resource index number release meeting” up learn of.

The food and clothing lives to go to together rise in price eight the big index sign combination boxing”beating is swollen” CPI

The common common people can’t analyze becoming of inflation because of actually is that the importation type a pressure still a currency is super to deliver, but in their eyes, ignore is involve food and clothing to live to go of which on the other hand, CPI statistics in of eight big classification the index sign all enters at Gao Ge Meng, the inflation is beyond all doubt to have become to influence the most popular keyword that they live quality.”Oneself after earning money, anti- the time pouring to have no university lead comfortablely, always feel Qian Jin get very.”The young white gets Wang Di(use alias) to 《everyday economic news 》the reporter complain.

In August CPI in Shanghai together compares to soar 5.8% to live a type together compare soar 4.8% liberation newspaperpartial specification

The data that the city statisticsesed a bureau to announce yesterday suggests that residents’ consumption price(CPI) in Shanghai together compared to soar 5.8% in August.Among them, the food price together compares to soar 12.6%.But in food, meat birds and product together compare to rise power to attain 24.9%.

Living cost”sit rocket” takes what rescue you my house?

The rent rise super CPI 100% rise 50% for small area rent a year separately the economic news is everyday

After, “the limit buys to make”‘s set’s a lot of whites got to lose to buy building qualifications, but even if looked for the second best, more and more high rent also with pork, egg push to rise their together living cost.Come from a Wei industry, I love the data of researcher from market in my house, since 2008, the average rental of housing market in Peking soared to be close to 30% and attained 3255 dollars|month|set, the rental in the district even turns over times separately.Successively increase in the building price, CPI rise under the high circumstance, a lot of net friends call “more don’t buy building, will more can not afford to buy in the future”.

Does the currency tighten to save a quantity mortgage to will cel special interest rate next year?Eastern net

A real estate medium of Shanghai carried a text to say recently, “7 fold an interest rate mortgage to suffer a deficit, next year bank cancel mortgage old customer 7 fold a special possibility very big.”Because the fourth quarter degree will soon arrive, this news makes the loan bought the nerve of building once again and taken out tightly.

CPI all the way high Qi 60% is subjected to a survey the net friend invest a head to still choose house property to search a building net

Along with CPI all the way high Qi, adjust the building City of controling the bottom still is a common investor first investment choice.Related survey will suggest in the near future, 61% net friends think buy building to remain at present in the domestic is the biggest investment path in income.For the survey of “the savings is used where”, save in the bank, in fund, house property, stock, other investment etc. options, the funds of greatly parts of net friends flew to house property and had to 40%.

To develop a do-it-yourself hydroponic pot plants

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Hydroponics plants clean their health, the conservation of features such as easy, and gradually into people’s lives. The first case of a few tables, dining rooms and kitchen, put a bowl of green water culture of plants, look fresh, clean, refreshing.

Now in order to meet the needs of customers, the sale of the city flower of the water culture of plants is also increasing. Sometimes the city can spend at elections to buy ten thousand thousand pick a plant, back home not long wilt the leaves on the branches of a decadent. This is because in order to flower business benefits directly to plant roots washed clean of soil, soak in water plants. And the water culture of plants really are in the very hour of plant cultivation in the water on the adaptation, and has the root growth of water plants. This is not familiar with the water culture of plants for the people, how to distinguish real hydroponic plants is quite difficult. Well, apart from us at the time of purchase need to be carefully selected, the most viable means – home do-it-yourself to cultivate potted plants into hydroponic culture.

The first step to identify targets of water culture

General interior tropical foliage plants can be used to water culture, has the best aerial. Such as rubber trees, green basket, Monstera, Alocasia category, evergreen, pineapple, ferns, Chlorophytum and so on. More than plant the best start in the water culture seedling stage, when the water culture, plants easier to “tame.”

The second step, wash the root

The selected plants, dug up from the soil, gently hand-jitter, beat slowly (not too much force injury to the roots), net soil shaking his roots after all. Add 15-20 minutes, then gently hand-wash the roots of Sophie, after cleaning the water 2-3 times until completely soilless root. Bamboo can be used, if necessary, slowly excavated, the soil must not be left to do that, hydroponics This is an important element of success, must not be negligent. Wash the roots, the more appropriate cut off the old roots, flowers in hydroponics because the roots are viewing the same focus, so it is important to clean the root part.

The third step is root

Is the root-soil root root into the water. Specific practices are: to wash the roots of plants with good nutrition Add soaking liquid in about 10 minutes into the foam board or perlite in it the roots come into contact with the water (Note at any time to increase the oxygen content in water). Plants so treated water can quickly grow the root.

The fourth step, on basin

When roots grow to the water about two centimeters can be placed on the appropriate device in the bottle to the management of the water culture.

DIY: Using Eco-Garden

Monday, March 16th, 2009

To beautify their homes and sometimes does not lie in how much money, as long as you are willing to do, then let the house is full of green, live in harmony with nature to create an atmosphere so that life colorful, fresh and pleasant.

Citation natural break, as long as there is a balcony on the line, because the current fashion is to open up the balcony vegetable garden, plant summer blooming sunflowers, autumn silver Filifolium, Coleus winter lines, spring cyclamen and tulips. Of course, the most convenient are kinds of vegetables can also enjoy viewing, both fish and bear’s paw.

My home just to have a 6-square-meter balcony, you can layout ecological water pool, the development of “one-third of” vegetable garden. Nurture our own seed, plant Chinese cabbage,  cherry tomatoes and so on, and began farming wonderful experience. Daily face “vegetable garden” feel it’s green, than have a private garden feel even more comfortable. If you think in general the small balcony on an apartment building a small eco-pool, it is recommended to select the outer edge of frame 90 × 90 × 25 cm tanks better. Wai corresponding box on the tarps, poured into a bucket placed in the water overnight, but also check for leakage. Next, you put for a fixed plant hydroponics cup, saucer flower, foam Lianshi and pebbles, on the tank under running water. And, put into the eco-pond flower saucer, with a hasp, with the best color and white manner, in line with the aesthetic requirements.