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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Afghan Interior Ministry source said on the 26th, the Police are hunting the one served on the Afghan Interior Ministry intelligence officer, because he allegedly shot and killed two Americans in the Interior Ministry building in the 25th.
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Sources say that the two Americans before he died insulting the Koran, gunmen shot and killed.

The foreign media reports, on the 26th, caused as a result of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan burning the Koran A public protest activities into the six days. The health sector in Afghanistan, police said so far has been 30 people killed in the conflict, while more than 200 people were injured.

Target: suspect worked at the Ministry of the Interior, currently at large

Taliban militants claimed that manufacturing in the 25th for the Ministry of the Interior shot two U.S. military advisers, saying it was revenge by burning incident.

The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed on the 26th:
suspects worked at the Ministry of the Interior, currently at large.

An unnamed Interior Ministry official told Agence France-Presse reporter:

The local TV station saying, This man, aged 25 years old, named Abdul Sabu Er, went to Pakistan to study, to the identity of the driver worked in the Ministry of the Interior in 2007, and subsequently promoted. The morning of the 25th to the Ministry of the Interior, and subsequently disappeared.

An unnamed security officials told Reuters reporters:

Agence France-Presse reported that the police have question Sa Buer of the family.

Afghan officials also said that

Previously, the Taliban in Afghanistan has claimed responsible for the shooting, the spokesman also announced a gunman named Afghan authorities, however, has not been recognized in the statement on the 26th the gunmen Sabu Er is a member of the Taliban.

The revolver details: gunman angrily to the two American advisers to open eight guns

NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Base previously exposed the scandal, some of the soldiers burning of religious books including the Holy Koran. Lead to strong dissatisfaction with this incident in Afghanistan, and more people for six consecutive days of rallies, demonstrations, protest by burning behavior.

The Afghan Interior Ministry official told Agence France-Presse reporter, these two American consultants time of the incident are scolding the demonstrators in front of the gunman, said the Koran is a The gunmen subsequent dispute with them, after the threat by the Americans angrily opened eight guns.

The unnamed source said:

Afghan Defense Ministry confirmed on the 26th, in which a deceased 44-year-old Air Force Lt. Col. John Love Atlantis.

Zai Yu attacks: the demonstrators to the NATO base cast grenades caused many casualties

Although the Supreme Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Allen, U.S. President Barack Obama has on the burning of an apology by the event, northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz, police confirmed on the 26th, the demonstrators to a NATO base on that day, throwing grenades, caused more than casualties.

Media casualties vary.

Reuters reported that the grenade attack caused a civilian were killed and 15 civilians and three Afghan policemen and seven U.S. military personnel were injured. Deputy sheriff in Kunduz province, Syed Sarwar · Hou Husseini told Deutsche Presse-Agentur reporter, about 20,000 people that day in Emam Saheb region to protest against the Bagram military base in the burning of the Koran incident.

France and Germany to withdraw staff Afghan senior cancel the visit to the United States

26, France and Germany announced the temporary withdrawal of the staff in the Afghan government institutions. France and Germany, after two U.S. military advisers were killed in the Afghan Interior Ministry, based on security considerations, the two decided to recall the experts and staff work in various departments of the government in Afghanistan.

George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, announced on the 26th, and senior Afghan officials originally scheduled for this week’s planned visit to the United States will be canceled, wave and other matters.

The burning of the Koran

Hillary Clinton’s visit to Morocco, in an interview with U.S. Cable News Network, said: dangerous situation to stir up trouble, I feel some disturbing.

International Security Assistance Force personnel stationed at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan burned a lot of the Koran, including the Islamic religious books, causing an uproar in Afghanistan. The outbreak of protests since the 21st, in Afghanistan a number of cities of the country, so far has resulted in at least 30 people were killed and 200 injured, four U.S. soldiers died also in revenge attacks.

Obama 23 letter to Karzai said the apology, and the statement will hold the perpetrators responsibility. U.S. Republican presidential candidate and some U.S. experts, accused Obama move much.


Not afraid of warships

Monday, March 12th, 2012

BEIJING , March 12 , according to BBC reports , veteran U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Analysts believe that once the United States and Iran military conflict, the Somali pirates pose a threat to the
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11 noon local time , the Enterprise left Norfolk , Virginia, USA , began a period of seven months of the last trip .

Not afraid of warships

The same day, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran not afraid of any military action .

Iran’s official media quoted Ahmadinejad as saying Iran not afraid of Western bombs , warships , aircraft, and the West

March 6 , the UN Security Council five permanent members and Germany to accept Iran ‘s proposal to resume talks on Iran’s nuclear program .

However , the diplomatic progress very little over the past several rounds of negotiations , the United States has not ruled out the possibility of military action , Israeli politicians also made air strikes in Iran to consider .

Sunday , local media reported that Iran and Lebanon envoy鲁克纳巴迪warned that if Israel against Iran’s nuclear reactors , Iran will fight back .

He said Iran would

He also said that if the United States, Israel attack the Iranian reactors , Iran will not hesitate to attack the interests of the target in the region and the world .

In recent weeks, Israel is constantly to the international community , especially the United States to exert pressure to consider using military means to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue .


or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the

Friday, February 24th, 2012

According to the Korea Central Daily News the central region. Near the armistice line emission can be achieved not only shells to be transferred from the Yongsan U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek, or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the
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South Korean government officials said February 21 that Radiation gun According to information obtained by the South Korean authorities,

Korea new development out of 300 mm radiation gun barrel only up to 3 meters, and equipped with Russian-made satellite position information system, the GLONASS The military authorities said that the original radiation gun use inertial system of Air France, in the driving force so that when fired artillery shells to reach the target location and the newly developed 300 mm radiation gun device has a high accuracy of navigation devices, but also a threat.

The authorities explained that the radiation gun in Korea on the South Korean military’s most threatening weapons China’s technology. It is reported that the North Korean use of U.S. military bases will soon move from Yongsan to Pyeongtaek the opportunity, has been stepping up development of a direct blow to the level Zeki weapons. The Haizhou fort used when

Korea from November 2010 to carry out the provocation of taeyonpyong launch the newly developed radiation guns, a direct blow to the Pyeongtaek U.S. military base is under construction.

It is reported that South Korean military authorities are to prepare countermeasures to deal with North Korea the new radiation gun configuration to a combat situation. Intelligence revealed intelligence that North Korea has completed the 300 mm emission gun research and development work, the actual configuration of the upcoming new weapons Confirmed that Korea from last year’s parade has been part of the active use of radiation gun to the reserve army of workers and peasants Red Guards, which means that the North Korean forces are likely to have configured the new weapons.


the main purpose of this visit is to sign a five-year agreement on military cooperation .

Monday, February 20th, 2012

According to the Russian World Arms Trade Center site on February 14 , the Philippines has signed with the Italian Ministry of Defence for a period of five years of weapons and equipment procurement contracts . By convention, the Italian military in the next five years within the Philippines, the transfer of a large number of second-hand fighter-bombers , frigates , destroyers , and unmanned aerial vehicles .
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The Philippines, local media reported that a delegation led by the Philippine Defense Minister Bor Tai Lei Jia Siming last week a visit to Italy , the main purpose of this visit is to sign a five-year agreement on military cooperation .

Earlier there was news that the Philippines would like to purchase medium-sized transport aircraft, shore -based radar systems , multi-role fighter and remote maritime patrol machines and other military equipment to the Italian .

Philippine Defense Secretary also declared that the Philippine government is currently working on the $ 70 billion pesos (about $ 1.64 billion ) for the procurement of weapons and equipment .

Russia’s arms trade and Analysis Center recently reported that Philippine President Corazon Aquino in 2011 , has approved a plan to strengthen the country’s military presence in the South China Sea region was also decided that funding of approximately $ 183 million for the Philippine Air Force procurement of equipment .

Philippine military combat capability to strengthen the Philippine Army unit stationed in Palawan will contribute to the maintenance of Philippine interests in the disputed waters of neighboring countries


and hope to achieve stability and development of the Korean Peninsula.

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Global Network reporter Wang Huan reported that according to Japanese media sources said, as an important part of the Sino-Japanese defense authorities exchange, Feb. 14, Chinese Defense Minister Liang met with visiting Japanese Self-Defense Force middle-aged and young cadres Delegation, the two sides to further deepen defense exchanges between the two countries reach an agreement, the Chinese side welcomed the visit to China by Japanese anti-phase. In addition, the Delegation and his entourage will also visit the Chinese naval base.
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Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 15, of Ogata Wu Ting of the chairman of the Nippon Foundation and the Self-Defense Force lieutenant-colonel-level Delegation on the 14th, held talks with Chinese officials, the Chinese side emphasized that enhancing mutual understanding and mutual trust between the two countries to continue its defense exchanges important. The Chinese side welcomes Japan’s anti-phase Tanaka Naoki’s visit to China.

Reported that the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il after the death of the movements are widely concern. The Chinese side expressed concern about the situation in the Korean, and hope to achieve stability and development of the Korean Peninsula.

Japan’s NHK television reported that the talks coincides with the recovery normalization of diplomatic relations the 40th anniversary of the two sides continue to deepen defense exchanges between the two countries reach a consensus in a friendly atmosphere. Around in the collision occurred once cool relations between the two countries, the Japanese side expressed the need to continue to maintain the defense of the exchange of both.

In addition, the Delegation then also visit the Chinese naval base.

China Ministry of Defence website on the 14th in the Bayi Building, State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang met led by Ogata Wu Shou, chairman of the Nippon Foundation Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund delegation cum young officer training group message. Liang said the Sino-Japanese relations is in good shape, both sides should follow the trend of the times around the overall development of bilateral relations, and constantly enhance mutual political trust, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields, including the field of defense, promote mutual understanding and friendly feelings, to promote the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relationship forward along the track of healthy and stable development.

Liang Guanglie made positive comments on Sino-Japanese young officers exchange visits between projects, I hope both sides will continue to promote the development of bilateral defense exchanges through private channels.

Ogata said Wu Shou Nippon Foundation as a non-government organizations has always been committed to the Sino-Japanese friendship, willing to take the normalization of diplomatic relations the 40th anniversary as an opportunity to continue to play the role of the private channels, contribute to strengthen the bilateral defense exchanges


the Taizhou television staff

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

In the early morning of January 24, Taizhou City Star Ming Road occurred with the two vehicles collided, resulting in a taxi driver died.
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Accident one BMW driver was a 26-year-old model from three Taizhou Chen moon, participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s

This accident first appeared in the Sina microblogging, widely forwarded.

The friends said that after the accident, Chen moon suspected of drunk driving, hit by a taxi driver, there is no timely rescue, fled the scene, which delayed the treatment of injured.

Yesterday, Chen moon’s blood alcohol test results came out, she is drunk driving.

The test report shows a drunk driving

January 24 (Year) 1:34 Xu, in the near Jiaojiang District, Taizhou Xing Ming Road Jiaojiang Fifth, a red BMW 320 sedan suddenly lost control, rushed into a taxi, resulting in a taxi hit a large truck parked on the roadside.

The taxi driver, Lee, Sichuan, was born in 1962, was seriously injured, the card coma. Half an hour later, passers-by the police for help, taxi drivers, firefighters remove. Due to his injuries, the taxi driver died en route to the hospital.

Police said the doctor said the taxi driver missed rescue opportunity

After the accident, the Chen moon accept the traffic scene Breath Test, and the alcohol content of 60mg/100ml preliminary judge for drunk driving. Immediately, she was taken to the hospital for blood test report came out yesterday, Chen moon time blood alcohol content of 170mg/100ml 2 times above the normal level, is drunk driving a motor vehicle.

Currently, Chen moon has XingJu to be detained in the detention center Jiaojiang.

The hotel was found covered in alcohol

Taizhou Public Security Bureau Jiaojiang traffic police brigade after receiving the alarm, at the scene found no accident the driver of the BMW car.

BMW’s license for Zhejiang J29 × × X, is a 1 two-door roadster, valued at fifty or sixty million.

Police license plate information, confirm that the owners Chen moon, and ultimately find the driver in the car accident took place near a hotel Chen moon. Chen moon when he was found covered with alcohol, she would like to hide in the hotel room to sober up.

Police said Chen moon did not alarm, choosing instead to leave the scene in the incident, three hours after appearing in court. However, if she escape, be considered surrendered go through discussion qualitative. Responsible for the accident has not come out.

The Taizhou television deny hiring Chen moon

Accident driver Chen moon, nowadays active in the province of entertainment, known as the

Since Chen moon attended the Zhejiang Satellite TV

The face of the various versions of the outside world, the moon Chen still go its own way to participate in various performances. However, with good looks, she has also made a number of honors, for example, in 2007, she obtained, Zhejiang Province, the Haili people, runner-up in 2007, Universal Queen Taizhou Division runner-up in 2009,

There are rumors, Chen moon was had attended a celebration party, said that Taizhou television stations employ a moderator, had an accident driving home.

Yesterday, the Taizhou television staff, said Chen, the moon has not been formally employed. Taizhou television sets had a file of outsourcing programs need beautiful guest appearances holding a prize, she served as a guest.

The source said the Chen moon hometown, in the three county male Town Ao Chencun, economic conditions is not very good, The BMW bought is not clear. Around Christmas, she had the package under the Baidu bar to celebrate his birthday.


China’s military growth is also required to clarify the strategic intent.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

U.S. defense strategy for the newly released guidelines groundless accusations against China, recently the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said he hoped the United States adapt to the times, objective and balanced view of China and the Chinese army, cautious and do more to help the two countries military relations and regional peace and stability. On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also accused the United States were refuted.

U.S. Department of Defense published January 5, the defense strategic guidance stressed the need to strengthen the strategic investment in the Asia-Pacific region, saying the move is in response to China’s military development challenges: potential impact in various ways the U.S. economy and security, China will continue to develop asymmetric means to counter U.S. power projection capability, China’s military growth is also required to clarify the strategic intent.

In this document, the U.S. government on the Chinese government and the army’s accusations are unfounded. 30 years since China’s reform and opening up the process is a process of peaceful development, China’s development not only for the benefit of the entire Chinese people, but also to regional and world peace and development has brought great opportunities. Internal construction of a harmonious socialist well-off society, foreign building a harmonious and harmony around the world, the Chinese government in domestic affairs and diplomacy at the strategic level of thinking, highly philosophical unity.

30 years of reform and opening up the first stage, China’s national defense and army building has been in a state of low-input, with the widening gap between the world’s military modernization. Until the end of the last century, the Chinese government has established economic development and national defense and army building strategy for the coordinated development, Chinese President Hu Jintao and the 17th CPC National Congress proposed the exactly the same strategy of peaceful development, both the Chinese people’s fundamental interests, but also conducive to safeguarding regional and world peace. Last ten years, China has increased its investment in national defense and army building, both the compensation of the past, but also with China’s rising international status and national interests expand to adapt.

China’s national defense and army building of strategic intent is consistent, clear, China has always and will always adhere to a defensive national defense policy, China’s military modernization of any country or region will not pose any threat. Historically, the Chinese people suffering from bullying by Western powers, trampled Since 1949, growing military strength to effectively defend the country against foreign military invasion. As a regional power, China did not use military force to resolve bullying with neighbors territorial disputes and maritime rights and interests, but through peaceful negotiations to resolve the border issues with most countries. In international affairs, China is the five permanent members of UN Security Council sent a peacekeeping force in the largest number of countries, the Chinese naval forces in the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters to combat piracy of the implementation of the contribution of action for all to see. People’s Liberation Army into the steel wall to defend the motherland, but also the maintenance of regional peace and stability in the power of justice.

U.S. military strategy to adjust a variety of motives and constraints, although it can set out a variety of reasons, but to strengthen its military presence in the Asia Pacific region and China’s military modernization linked, unconvincing and unacceptable.

China and the U.S. are the world’s most important powers, interaction between the two countries not only concerns the fundamental interests of both peoples, but also related to regional and world peace, security and prosperity. China is exploring an emerging country road of peaceful development, we are confident that the history of traditional powers to avoid the rise of military expansion and lead to military conflict with the hegemonic powers of the lesson. We hope the U.S. can rationally China, the Chinese armed forces rationally, joint efforts with China in the global era of peaceful coexistence between the major powers a new road. (


Oriental Land Resumption for no reason by the provincial government stopped

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

13 years ago, Hainan Xi ring Industrial Co., Ltd. (the to 3,000 acres of land development side of the road right. To this day, Western companies have not even an inch of land to develop, after numerous discussions to – to the government debt to 300 acres of land have been recovered for no reason.

Road use land cover government borrowing

Western is a Hainan Province to municipal roads and other urban infrastructure-based private company. June 1998 and July, the Western and Eastern Municipal People’s Government signed the The two sides agreed, funded by the Western companies to build green square under the East Kowloon East, Kowloon Green Plaza Road and road projects, all of the highway construction funds invested by the Western companies (including exploration, design, land acquisition, demolition and all costs). After project completion and acceptance, transfer of Kowloon City Road, east along the 300 meters on both sides of the open space to the Western companies Western companies to cover construction investment. Number and location of land by the Western companies prefer to compensate for land requisition, demolition charges by the Western company.

function construction. Matching power supply, telecommunications, gas and other green infrastructure and also by the Western company.

After signing the contract, Western companies have in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government invested 120 million yuan to complete the construction of roads and ancillary works. In 2000, the completion of the project and formally delivered.

Accordance with the contract, the municipal government in the Western District East road and ancillary works will be delivered after use, should be allocated to the Western Company 3092.87 acres of land to cover the construction of models.

However, the Eastern government did not honor their commitments. In Western’s repeated request, the city allocated to the Western Oriental’s 381.87 acres of land, the land value at that time only 15.2 million yuan, the company is far from satisfaction of the Western section of the road.


told the

This is the only 380 acres of land, Western companies are also to be struggling, so far there is no way to development.

Xu Bin, told reporters in 2001, Western companies to pay after the completion of land, demolition and other costs to obtain 380 acres of this land use permits, planning permits have been pulled but not to do, the government received a relocation fee is not organized demolition, resulting in the land has been unable to develop.

Oriental Land Resumption for no reason by the provincial government stopped

Bank loans and interest, already overwhelmed.

Xu Bin thought he got it wrong, at a friend’s help, I discovered that Xu Bin, Oriental City in July 15, 2010, public notice of the Kowloon Plaza, the company’s land.

Western companies that the city revoke the Oriental Land Company has no factual and legal basis for requiring a hearing Oriental city.

October 11, 2010, the East line of the municipal government decided to make the East House, the word [2010] 2 land more than two years. Western Hainan Provincial People’s Government immediately to apply for administrative reconsideration.

years, the government is neither organized demolition, not to change plans revoked when the nature of the land or agricultural land, tell us how to develop?!

Hainan Provincial People’s Government believes that Western companies to sell the land form is obtained, and essentially Oriental city by way of land to pay the applicant compensation Loaning construction of urban roads for the works. Oriental City in helping Western companies to apply for loans, he had written commitment on the land 10 years without any treatment, duration of less than ten years now, in advance of land use rights, improper handling. Western companies and construction projects completed on time delivery, the Eastern and Western cities the company has not been settled, there is no promised land compensation in accordance with the land, the Western influence on the objective of the project the company’s overall development; Oriental City has given Western companies were awarded land use certificates, but has not adjusted the planning, nature of the land still other agricultural land; in the collection of Western companies to pay relocation and other costs of land, nor the obligation to perform the demolition ground attachments. Western companies can not develop the land with Eastern Municipal reasons.

Dongfang City of Hainan Provincial Government that the law applicable to the applicant free of charge to recover the error, then on July 29, the government revoked the East line of decisions made by East House [2010] 2, the word state the right to use the decision.

Public security organs occupy the disputed land,

Although the Hainan Provincial Government revocation of the Eastern City It turned out that the administrative review period, the city turn the land to the east of the East Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Oriental Oriental City People’s Court for the construction of office buildings and to marry.

Provincial Government revocation of the East in the city of more than ten days after the administrative law, Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau on the presence of the land, the construction of first A month later, the East City Procuratorate and the court building construction tenders were issued.

December 6, busy. Weidang circled with a post on Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau will be here to build an office building and six high-rise residential.

Reporters noted that prosecutors and courts of the land has also been leveling workshops, also completed, the workers are nervously installation crane.

, the return of the land, they simply ignored, Left, we held a government reflecting the East, the results we found that they occupied faster, totally ignoring the government’s review.

to the public security and armed police detachment and two armed forces. At the end, he said, and Western companies can negotiate to solve this problem, if coordination is not down, we will cancel the land three public security certificate.

And the deputy director, told reporters dodge different laws and regulations to monitor the Bureau Chief of Xukang Jun touches mince words: lay-off notice.

How this land is the land into police it? In the reporter repeated requests, the office staff and consult a Linming Di, will be correspondent to the Planning Unit, said Chief FU Yong Li, change planning is based on the East Urban and Rural Planning and Land Reserve to do the minutes of the meeting. In planning the details, he declined and said, meeting minutes and other documents are not within the public to see.

Strange things far more than the reporter’s imagination. Two Council staff suggested that reporters direct interviews with the municipal government.

Oriental mayor’s office a person in charge hear reporters what he wanted, enthusiasm will lead to the mayor, where reporters, did not want to, Mayor Secretary of the gross of block in the mayor’s office door. Later, even in the Municipal Publicity Department, coordinated by the Secretary still refused to reporters. While another staff member government bluntly told reporters:

In the municipal office, a staff member told the However, until the press before the reporter has not received any response Oriental City. Articles will continue to monitor the progress of the matter, concerned about


millet phones were sold 415

Friday, January 13th, 2012

January 5 news , millet phone (microblogging) to buy the second round of open Alipay (microblogging) pay the amount of exposure : 1.22 billion, nearly 60,000 sets of millet phone , in addition to other online payment and cash on delivery .

Millet phone yesterday, opening up 13 points to begin the second round of buying , stocking 100,000 mobile phones. Purchase in the open before the show line up to buy more than 600,000 users have , millet official website can not be accessed or slow access to the case . Three and a half hours later , 10 million handsets sold .

In response, many users questioned the authenticity of the data . Millet Technology ( microblogging) , vice president of Liwan Jiang (microblogging ) in the micro- Bo said: , nearly 122 million more than 60,000 units, in addition to other online payment and cash on delivery .

Liwan Jiang said , millet mobile marketing is not hungry ,

Up to now, millet phones were sold 415,000 : line booking of 30 million users , 70% of mobile phone users to buy the millet , sold 21.5 million. December 18, open to buy millet phone after 3 hours , 10 million units in stock sold out. Open second round today to buy sell 10 million units.

In addition, the December 21, 2011 , millet phone announced Unicom customized version of the contract price of 2699 yuan, over one million units procurement framework


the fact that the reason why is because people often In fact

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

According to the Russian Army tanks, the Air Force’s advanced fighter and multi-barrel rocket launcher system.

赫拉姆奇辛 that the last four years, Such as the February 22, 2008, October 9, The article, in accordance with the current economic growth and demand in the future to expand outside China, then if you do not, in any case can not continue to survive. And for China, the most attractive expansion target is Russia and Kazakhstan. Now, this is expected to not only not disappeared, but even more realistic. Russia is still under construction for the U.S. anti-missile system in Europe to prepare and extremely disturbing, although the overall system is defensive in nature. Surprisingly, the Russian side has not yet found the other end of Eurasia, the other a growing national strength, and began to direct the deployment of offensive in the border troops and weapons.

From the ridiculous to the fact

Russian experts believe that the PLA’s military strength has been seriously underestimated, because China has been deliberately suppressed their overall military strength, both in quantity and quality indicators. Whether it is the West, or Russia. For example, when the Chinese military in foreign propaganda an absolute mainstream view is that China produced negligible number of new weapons and equipment. This is clearly the future a free hand to prevent others to make irresponsible remarks. Another argument is that China’s new weapons and equipment, the quality is very poor, so do not confront Russia and Western equipment. These claims, including any other way of saying, are not convincing evidence, but was accepted by the public in the nurture. In addition, Russian and Western experts believe exactly the same way, if an object against China in the preparations for military struggle, then only is China Taiwan, China and possibly dare to take risks to obstruct restoration of the territorial integrity and realize the reunification of the United States. In extreme conditions, there may be competing for individual Southeast Asian countries of China’s territory. But definitely not aimed at Russia. For example, China has independently developed the world’s unique 05-series amphibious amphibious vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery and light tanks, all claiming to recover Taiwan. In fact, these vehicles are also very suitable for cross Heilongjiang and Ussuri River.

赫拉姆奇辛 that we all know, small batch production of weapons and equipment from an economic point of view is very negative, after all, the higher production costs will be lower. And from a military point of view, the number of new equipment is not too much sense. For this reason, the current practice in Russia and Europe in a dominant position. They think that China is also the case. In fact, China is quite a long time trial at the same level in all kinds of weapons and equipment, choose the best samples, the elimination of all defects. In this regard, the Chinese reform and opening up to follow well-established Achieve the desired results in the best, the more successful start mass production samples. After the scale of production, whether in Europe or Russia, never dreamed of. But I do not know why, either Russia or the West, are not willing to see this fact.

Russian experts say, the West, China in particular deliberately suppressed the nuclear guided strength. Basically, the West and Russia, all experts agree that the number of Chinese nuclear bombs between 200-300, all within the scope of the standard, there is nothing worthy of special attention. But also often quoted accurately the number of Chinese ICBMs, including 30 -3A In fact, these figures may not lead to China’s nuclear arsenal in real size, the lower limit. Production by Chinese military capabilities assessments, and central China built the Great Wall of underground nuclear fact that the Chinese could only have thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles, at least more than a thousand pieces of medium-range ballistic missiles. The use of power and the total number of nuclear warheads, may not be less than 10000, because the Chinese production of these weapons has been 47 years time.

赫拉姆奇辛 claimed that China resolutely refused to discuss its nuclear arsenal guide the scale and deployment locations, but stressed that its size is extremely negligible. But now, China has begun to show more and more are no longer cover up the new ballistic missiles, tactical missiles to intercontinental missiles from everything, and now there are cruise missiles. This shows that even in the military, more or less revealing, and now only the carrier of intercontinental missiles and the number of medium-range ballistic missiles far more than 200-300 pieces. It should be noted, for Russia, the Chinese medium-range ballistic missile is a real sense of the strategic weapons, because they can hit any place in Russia. Russian also has medium-range ballistic missiles. Russia’s ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missile is mainly used to contain the United States, less emphasis on deterrence to China. Therefore, lead in nuclear weapons, the balance of power between China and Russia have formed a very favorable situation for China, although Russia many people still believe that they have a huge advantage.

Russian experts pointed out that in the field of conventional weapons, Russia is even worse. China to prove their peaceful purpose, a significant reduction in military personnel, especially in the early 1980s the great disarmament. But there is one fact can not be ignored, that the PLA is still the world’s largest army, and military quality level is increasing rapidly. Adequate manpower resources as China, People’s Liberation Army in peacetime compulsory military service and to fully integrate the advantages of contract military service, to raise the overall level of military modernization. On the one hand, China’s young candidates contempt of money, enthusiastically joined the army, defending the homeland; the other hand, adequate human resources, can make the best selection of PLA soldiers, first educated urban youth. Many people re-election after the contract served non-commissioned officers, to continue in service. Even the army did not the young, are usually less educated rural youth, will receive basic military training, to meet the future demand for large-scale war mobilization. Chinese civilian industry also has a comprehensive mobilization mechanism.

Chinese tank superior strength

赫拉姆奇辛 claimed that China has created the world’s largest tanks. No tanks, impossible to expand the standard of war, which is infallible. Again, the fact that the reason why is because people often In fact, this argument self-contradictory. On the one hand, the tank Indeed, anti-tank weapons in the case of rapid development, billions of dollars into development and production of tanks is somewhat controversial; however, on the other hand, any other ground combat equipment are Bi Tanke more likely to be attacked. If susceptible to attack because the outdated tanks, then it simply no longer need to fight a ground war. In contrast, from the firepower, mobility, protection level perspective of a combination of past, present and future are not there will be no Bi Tanke better ground combat equipment.

Outdated view of the tank, the first from the October 1973 Arab war. At that time the Arabs to use anti-tank missiles and anti-tank rocket launcher to destroy the numerous Israeli tanks. Interestingly, since the Israelis not only did not give up their tanks, but the production of the 1500 world’s strongest level of protection of the 2000 old army tanks are still in service, including 50 years of US-made M48 and the production of Soviet-made T-55 (trophy). 2003 Iraq war, the U.S. within two weeks of driving tanks hit Baghdad. Georgia invaded South Ossetia in 2008, is also driven by the Russian army tanks dislodge. Even in anti-guerrilla warfare, such as Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, hands-on experience has fully proved that the tank is irreplaceable. In traditional warfare, the tank in the past, present and future are the Army, and the whole army to attack the power base.

Russian experts say that if the European NATO countries in the last 20 years, new equipment, and decommissioning of the old tank volume ratio of 1:15 tanks, then China is basically updated in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 tanks. Currently the number of People’s Liberation Army tanks equipped stable at between 8000-10000. 15 years ago, China is basically all tanks T-55 is produced on the basis of the old tank. Today, they replaced the Type 96 and Type 99 is the new main battle tanks, they are Soviet-made T-72 based, but draws heavily on Western technology. For example, to 99 tanks, China imported from Germany more than 300 sets of diesel engines, after successfully building on its technology, developed corresponding domestic engine. Now the Chinese army vehicles, compiled in 2500-3000 96 ,600-800 tanks 99 tanks. According to some media reports, of which 1500 and 200 Type 96 or 99 tanks produced between 2005-2006. Now, these two tanks are still in at least 200 (or 400-500 units) continue to produce the speed, the tank is higher than the world output of all other countries combined. Now whether it is Western or Russian, there is no production of new tanks.

赫拉姆奇辛 that, compared to the NATO European countries are now equipped with a 2800 total of various types of Russian combat units and the inventory of only 2,000 main battle tanks. Vietnam of about 13 tanks, one of the most advanced T-62 is only 70. Although many Indian tanks, but not necessarily in India sees the outbreak, because the tank is difficult to cross the Himalayas, China, Tibet, despite the People’s Liberation Army has been deployed in hundreds of vehicles 96A tanks. As China Taiwan, although there are nearly 1000 U.S. old tanks, but the combat strength is not worth mentioning. Only the United States now has 6200 Just do not know what battle in what circumstances, will expand Sino-US Conference of battle tanks. Have to say is that the Chinese Type 96 tanks have been equipped with all District, and the more advanced the mighty 99 tanks, the Chinese claim to the world’s best tanks, but also will be equipped to Beijing, Shenyang and Lanzhou Military Region, these Military combat positioning, respectively, for the Russian Transbaikal, Far East and Kazakhstan. In recent years, China has begun to exercise great depth on the ground offensive operations, is clearly not just aimed at Taiwan.

Many experts debate that perform as well as Western and Chinese tanks, Russian tanks, especially in the armor type, the laser range finder to detect the distance and other details. In fact, both the Chinese Type 96 and Type 99, or the United States, Europe and Russia Japan and South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Poland and other countries, are the same level of the tank. Their tactical and technical performance is very close to any kind of tanks do not have any tanks on the other the absolute advantage. Against the actual outcomes will be specific tactical environment, staff quality, the number of command levels and tank decisions. Even if the quality of performance in China aiming at the tank there are some gaps, but also easy to make up through the number of advantages. Moreover, the Chinese and Russian tanks are also new is much more than in the West.