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65 Renmin Road

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

According to Wuxi Taihu Pearl network news today, about 6:35 , 65 Renmin Road, Wuxi Chong’an Room 301, explosion , caused by indoor and two people were injured , a window frame falling downstairs and one injured when the explosion caused by fire quickly extinguished . According to the site to reflect , which is probably due to gas deflagration . Are injured have been rushed to hospital , disposal site investigations in progress .

homes due to an explosion near the city of Wuxi railway station ticket office , network transmission Wuxi railway station explosion of false news .


because it is the marriage space

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Loan prices fell 20% or less difficult buyers pay a lot more anti-

After a series of real estate, Beijing and other cities, housing prices, But then she found that the pressure is still larger house, or even need to pay a higher purchase cost.

Chapter in the work of Qin Maliandao region, because of marriage has been a district near the showings. She told reporters that the recent price loose more powerful, intend to buy the dips to buy suites. up to 26,000 yuan / square meter, house prices decline Jinliang Cheng.

She told reporters, because it is the marriage space, if the purchase policies as before, she is fully capable to accept this price. However, she was careful calculation and found that house prices fell and did not bring much benefit.

to pay more interest, unbearable. Reporters learned that the current bank interest rates not only did not, and some banks even interest rates go up 5-10%, which means that buyers need to pay some additional costs. Centaline three Dawei, director of market research to reporters calculations, one million yuan of loans for 30 years, for example, interest rates go up 10%, still more than a month to 580 yuan, with preferential interest rates before the 7 fold relative to than words, more than a month is also more than 1800 yuan, down more than 30 years, has nearly 70 million.

According to his calculations, if house prices fell 20%, buyers who purchase costs and falling house prices are basically the same as before. Prices fell 20%, banks benefit, while those who did not buy any good. Only when prices fell 20 percent, buyers can really enjoy the benefits.

Near the end of the lending banks are very nervous. Insiders pointed out that, due to tight credit, the bank has a different rate mortgage interest rate adjustment. Buyers pay a higher interest rate increases and the proportion of suppressed demand, or Forced bottom prices further.

including three policemen.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

ISLAMABAD, November 22 (Reporter Guhan Long ) 22 , according to Pakistani media reports , Pakistan’s northwestern city of Mardan, the day of an explosion , killing at least one policeman was killed and nine injured.

reported that , when a bomb disposal unit was removed Mardan city Paerhuodi area was installed in a school for girls outside of the two bombs . The first bomb was successfully removed , but the second bomb exploded in the removal process .

present, all the injured have been rushed to nearby hospital for treatment , the injured , including three policemen.

Mardan in the northwest of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, about 110 km. In February, a military camp in Mardan ‘s been a suicide bomb attack , killing 18 soldiers killed and wounded.


DIY the mini potted

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

DIY the mini potted plant small garden
The natural flavor of Style1 country

Constitute a chemical element:Wood basin and multi-layer plant

Wood quality basin the machine can bring very natural country taste.Bore an a drain in the bottom of wood basin, then stuff with soil,5大食物催人老you can plant to grow the plant that you likes.Decorate effect for the sake of the increment, you can under the wood basin the Chen a turn of moss, again put to put a few loose fruits.Can also go toward while having a guest in add a to tie fresh cut flowers to do to embellish.

The Style2 mini bush

Constitute a chemical element:The copper quality flower pot, goose egg stone,立冬節氣 green plant

Copper quality basin the machine go together with a white egg stone to contain interesting and novel effect and also reflect green plant to Chen to get more beautiful.

The height is wrong the plant combination falling is the premise that promises whole beauty, the attention periodically cuts branches and leaves, so that he/she keeps a plant to contain a shape of beauty, can also have the function to help the plant to grow.睡眠的幾種誤會 Alone potted plant formation for letting more the beautiful scenery of tightly packed, can put a tray in the underneath, then spread the moss to increase beauty in the bottom.

DIY colors

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Front two expect a movable biscuit DIY bake, chocolate DIY and coffee’s pulling flower and pottery art DIY to color have already successfully ended.
After Issue 1″biscuit DIY bakes, chocolate DIY”, the November 5, 6 days world trade square is selling building to hold “the joy enjoys a life · DIY carnival” series movable Issue 2-coffee to pull flower and pottery art DIY to color an activity.More and more friends Mus since then, participation among them, enjoy it very much, here became an ocean of merriment.床頭朝向

In music voice of grace, the action of west point teacher fluency completes in one breath, the skill of art sort, make one cup aromatic coffee pull a flower.The learn to get up but have a difficulty of, so take one cup ready-made of, the thick joss-stick of coffee rushes toward noodles since then, nest at soft of sofa in small and soft tasty, carve time, the child is beside joyful to have fun to make, this is a wonderful afternoon.

Pottery art DIY colors, this is the children’s heaven.”Wheat Dou, small new, big ash wolf, the penguin of Q Q and sponge baby …… etc.” that picks to like, take multicolored of pigment, the gypsum white Pi puts on beautiful jacket, those lifelike little animal gradual in hand bottom born, that sense of achievement have no with talk form.Some parents looking at a kid to play not as well happy, straight-tempered oneself also starts a hand, with kid exertion empty imagination dint to Ma Xing in the sky, the this adult and kid together goes to battle of the scene is very warm and fragrant.Some parents mean this kind of DIY activity is very meaningful, let the kid realize the fun for beginning, can also promote the emotion exchanges of parents and kid.

60 ㎡ sample product building solid view diagrams
World trade square is already quasi- now currently the building sell.Residence building the source is basic and out of stock, now only remain jot is selling;The Jing is packing apartment and office building item fire to explode heat to sell, the Jing is after packing apartment to fold the total price 400,000, the office building minimum price is 6800 dollars|㎡ .白領族護眼

The item introduces:

World trade square is rather located on a town the east road hand over with the tunnel north road to remit place and bestride gate in the city, from two greatest private enterprise 500 strong spread to turn group, green all control a group allied Mei to create, is wave City, the town sea area two classes to rather particularly create item.That item passes the area piece of clear reasonable programming and concentrate on create gather to live, business, transact function at the integral whole of one-stop city comprehensive body, become stand erect in the town sea of the landmark construct.頑固性失眠

DIY self-makes a toy

Friday, November 4th, 2011

This year, if can wear a small shoes that mother personally creates, or as for toy that personally do, that is a satisfied matter.Use organic cotton, cotton and embroider line, stitch, put together the small bewitching female of connecting one each and every item amiability, a lot of young mother-to-bes start falling overboard for DIY now, don’t need a consummate sewing technique, can the ground cloth slice of material pack inside small toy that becomes a baby, small shoes, small clothes, you can also change body skillful hand mother.

Self-making what toy bask is “the love of no time for waiting”Sino-Russian business

As a mother-to-be, you whether at don’t already is the baby’s approach concussion?Early and early buy mother-to-be Nana of good crib, infant’s thing, very anxious to advance the all things to have good.Recently tiny Bo up she greatly insolate her own”the love of no time for waiting”, originally, these two days, the drum Dao has a bedside toy.

Nana tells a reporter, from the market in the material pack buying is rated as simpleton class.”Let I this completely didn’t sew a basal person, can also complete.Imagine the baby opens eyes and then can see the stars, the sun flower and leveret that I do son, should be a how wonderful affair.”Nana says connecting down to intend to be a baby the already set Zhen, saliva towel and wrapping a quilt, cloth skill book, studying into “DIY superman” hard.American Republican

At self-moving establish of the network”mother-to-be’s club” in, the reporter discovers to live DIY mother-to-be’s number in the favour recently not a few.Prepare to produce to expect is January, next year of small United States, gave baby DIY recently snows ground Xue.”Very warm, very comfortable, still the mother personally do of!Sweet happiness is such.”The mother who is already three month babies at the small west.”Music breeze bell that personally creates hangs on the crib, does the baby like very much, and I have much of sense of achievement.”

The DIY baby meets gift environmental protection and economy

Small United States tells a reporter, the DIY snow ground Xue cost doesn’t arrive 30 dollars and buy in market 1 pair wants up to 100, and the material used cans not promise, either whether purely natural.”The DIY baby meets a gift, not only was full of the mother’s benevolence, ten and environmental protection and then economy.”

Bean bean mama ever used his/her own old clothes create for baby point accidentally and cartoon book.”Also be regarded as an old thing to reform of circulating economy.The cloth book only has 10 pages and teaches her how to know color and shape, the material can’t row to harm a kid.Accidentally although rough but absolutely the one and only.”electric shock

Mother Girmoon of four month babies is an infant thing DIY the Tao treasure store shopkeeper, she tells a reporter, the mother-to-be who”catch a cold” to DIY recently is getting more more and more.”Studies abroad a period and discovers in Korea Korea mother-to-be is specially interested in DIY, on the other hand is the mother-to-bes to worry chemicals and black heart cotton, so personally do to relatively have peace of mind.On the other hand this is also the work that dulcifies a mood and be advantageous to prenatal influence.”Ever since that time pregnant Girmoon starts DIY by himself/herself, straight-tempered opened a Tao treasure store in house after, DIY material in have already cut cloth, needle, line, small accessories and make a by way of explanation book.Follow manual, the raw recruit also soon can make.Did you move?That begins

Delicacies DIY

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Delicacies DIY:The mini version tripe wraps a chicken
The tripe wraps a chicken, this together once is called the nourishing vegetables of “the Phoenix bore again”, is exactly delicacy that was a quarter.Inside hide the tripe of the universe to wrap a chicken in addition to the flavor of tripe and chicken is fresh beautiful outside, pepper,most nourishingparty three, matrimony vine, jade bamboo etc. medicine materials all have good nourishing warm stomach effect.Gradually rise along with the cool idea, the warm stomach nourishes of the tripe wrap a chicken to pour at present DIY quite good choice.

Food material:

Tripe, soil chicken and, spring onion and glutinous rice, matrimony vine and jade bamboo, red date and Chen Pi, pepper and party three, rice wine etc..

Way of doing:

1.Cut off the fatty oil of the whole tripe, again clean with face powder or vinegar it;

2.Dry in the air small parts of glutinous rices after soaking several hours, again put into few soy sauce spring onion salt ground mix even;

3.The chicken that will kill now fishes out internal organs and stuffs into to handle good mushroom, spring onion and few glutinous rice;method will make

4.Fill the chicken of having the contents again stuff into tripe, use toothpick firm good;

5.Will shut to match good tripe to put into tile Bao to join boiled water to cook, the small fire Bao takes out again to cut a piece about an and a half hours and put tripe and chicken into soup pot in, again cook about 10 minutes, finally add a salt seasoning then.

Stick a private:

1.Going to while handling tripe is smelly in addition to the Xing has a set of method for paying attention to, uses first the outside that tap water flushes tripe and turns over tripe again and washes an inside.At clean of pour into peanut oil and starch in the basin, or use face powder, again and again crumple to knead, repeatedly flush, can immediately remove foul smell flavor;

2.Choose thick tripe, the soup head cooking is sweeter, too thin easy creation bitter taste;閑遊溫都水城

3.Bao of time need to first cook to open with the intense fire, use moderate Bao again about two hours;

4.The person whom the taste weighs can put into a pepper, party in the tripe three, rice wine etc., flavor will better seep into meat of in the quality, aroma four overflow.Reporter week person’s fruit

QQ image DIY

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Make strange Halloween QQ image DIY to carry out a creativity life

Halloween comes, is a person to hide to see a continuous play in the home, still go out high to turn over a sky, share the picture of creativity DIY to the good friend and enjoy reveling of a group of personses with friend?Make at this strange is a king, the creativity highest limit of ages, make oneself and the picture that good friend Halloween revel into a creativity to make a strange form with the QQ image, sharing give everyone, satisfy Halloween unbridled happy need!girl should know

The QQ image was a style of to overturn tradition of gather a sketch picture to look into and the picture beautifies tool software, not only have it the strong editor function, but also can make the customer develop a creativity and create an of personal colourful photo album.Turn in the frame decoration, picture the station, in common use document clips etc. the function make the convenience been free from a limit and make strange life, the elegant appearance of DIY Halloween!Hurriedly begin!

The in common use document clips to look into up and spread more convenience
Riany is a person who likes to be risky and warmly extol Halloween various topic activity, stimulate item to make her experience personally ghost festival of”the ghost copies heavily”, and have no the ghost of head each difference of styles, such as knight, spirit and mummy…etc. to play joy and make strange, the picture take photograph to also make her feel more incitement.Face numerous and disorderly”the ghost copies” wants a processing, Riany means that the pressure isn’t big.The in common use document of QQ image clips can a key go directly to of photo album, preview, edit and up spread sharing to become light loose.

In the QQ image, the photo album document that needs to pick out an usage clicks right key, after choosing “the establishing clips for in common use document”, press the “cut over an in common use document to clip” button, use the photo album document then and right away make a show of at at present, nowise hard to tackle!Up spread photograph ability the whole document clip up to spread, too great!The photograph friendly friend sharing that basks to be full of a creativity is like this easily convenient

Riany that emphasizes a personality takes pleasure in will interesting of of the photograph embellish to more have a creativity, the QQ image elegant frame, adornment’s compatibly steeping is her favourite, more than 100 vogue creativity decoration, Cool is great let”gloomy and terrible” photograph also ability the interesting idea is full of life, and 26 styles of frames of Jian Yue’s beauties decorate very delicately interesting and novel, make the photograph more gorgeous and colorful more;The spirit of the special amiability the bubble bring more all new small delightfully fresh!”Ha ha, there is QQ image, these ghost festival photographs even have a creativity, personality more is colourful!”The QQ image with to the dint does “reinforcements”, Riany owned for a fanciful Halloween.

But the bitter pain bitterness edit good photograph but forget to take U dish, can not take, is a depressed matter.”Turn station in the picture” of the QQ image help, the customer can regard as it is a style of on-line net dish, can save the 2 G picture document, and support whole document’s clipping up to spread, picture at up spread to in turn a station hereafter will reserve 7, make Riany fascinatingly been full of the photograph of creativity to take along with, satisfy to anywhere adjust the usage need of using the picture at any time, What an a considerate good assistant!

Needs in the QQ image to register his/her own account and click QQ image main the interface upper right”open to turn station in the picture” diagram mark, will flick “turn a station in the picture” function operation district open in the right of the interface, drag along the photograph of choosing the demand to that district with the mouse, the QQ image will be automatic quickly up spread a picture to turn station in the picture in, go home to open and register QQ image, get into “turn station in the picture” interface, ability easy key download.Canning ascend to spread a download to move house his/her own beloved photograph in any a set terminals is really credibility safe and easy

The picture of the QQ image abundant sturdy picture processing function and fast convenience manages a way and make the picture looked into edit more flowing freely clear!Bring the customer the perfect surprised pleased experience, hurriedly come to DIY,mindset decides you create Halloween of a matchless creativity

DIY breeze more outstanding

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The DIY breeze more outstanding flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions show up for dint
Along with more and more DIY players, to the continuously raising of the power product request, some players that pay attention to and can cater to DIY alternative application demanding power be naturally more easily held by heat,See a guest guilty but local famous machine power station company flood cow, recently at they main dozen player characteristic of red suddenly and violently series the power plused to a ratio of the dint, their red suddenly and violently 500 power had brand-new of get stripe improvement, the attraction is hundred percent.

Flood cow of red suddenly and violently series the power is a manufacturer the fixed position face to essential DIY the power product of the terrace player, whole series the power passes the 80 plus economy energy attestation.But the 0.8 mms adopted by the power plate zinc material outer shell, the 18# high standard line material also takes the net cover of having the profession to shield, and abundant of connect a people’s equipment, all to the utmost show the power professional texture.

The flood cow is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions

But this is suddenly and violently red 500 player versions, then at red suddenly and violently the foundation of 500 products up gave the improvement of deeper time.It gives improvement to the color of the fan and the line material in maintaining to originally possessed the 12 cm hydraulic Wen Kong’s mute to spread hot fan+ beehive-like in shape spreading spreading of hot bore heat installing foundation, deep red color strong wind car fan and red snake skin net line material, seem to be particularly in order to keep an eye, in addition, expanding of the power line material length comes to an a 650 mms more and well satisfied the terrace customer’s back to walk the need of line reformation, highlight the power thus red suddenly and violently the characteristic of series.Seeming adopt a 0.8 MMs to plate black Nie of outer shell, bear a fingerprint, use sex stronger.

Strong wind car the fan and the snake skin net package line material is deep red to gleam

In the power supply, the power continues to maintain a sum to settle a 400 Ws, the Feng is worth the power supply level with 500 Ws, the power adoption of is active PFC+double the tube is arousing of economize on energy power supply structure, passed the 80 plus Bronze Medal attestation, reached to 82% higher excellent conversion efficiency compare together tile number even Class of the power product, economize on energy level to undoubtedly lead.35盞LED燈價值17萬

The power Ming card and beehive-like in shape spread hot bore

The power owns not vulgar power supply level and excellent conversion efficiency, but connects a people’s equipment, similarly didn’t need our excessive anxiety.It in addition to provide with a 20+4 pin lord connects, a 4+4 pin CPU assistance power supply connects, four SATAs connects, two big 4 pinses connects, a small 4 pins connects outside, the 6 pin PCI-E shows card power supply to connect to also come to a 2, full in consideration of the customer installs medium high level super strong demand for showing the power supply of card.

Super long line material

As a style of product that pays attention to player breeze, red suddenly and violently the quality of 500 player versions also make the person well rest assured, the protection control of the power chip, once provided to press, lead carry, lead flow, temperature, short circuit, keep thunder etc. from weighing protective effect more, the safe coefficient is very high.

In addition, some details of the power are also very worth to praise a prize.Compare to in the on the side of the power, the manufacturer joined regularly to take charge of the defending of net false search label in the domestic product quality electronics, convenient customer to product of true false carry on discriminating.Moreover connect in the power cable material square 4 pins up, also joined “for CPU” to mark of remind words, availably lowered a customer is connecting the false risk in the line process, the way of doing of these details, well make a show of the highest design principle of the customer of the manufacturer of flood cow. mini to receive

Take”FOR CPU” marks of the square 4 PINs connect

The electronics takes charge of code

Get stripe later on, such a red suddenly and violently the DIY characteristic of 500 player versions seem to be fresher clear, bring the player more beneficial assistance in the physically applied process.However, the manufacturer didn’t therefore pass on the cost to the consumer, this was suddenly and violently red currently 500 player version the power, publicly quote only is 369 dollars, the price competition ability is very sturdy.The interested in player might as well come in person a selling exhibition to carry on more detailed understanding to the style’s product.

disguising as various family

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The night in Halloween, in addition to disguising as various family that the demon knocks to ring other people, the clothes must have huge pocket to pack candy and there is also one prop of essential to have, is a pumpkin lantern.Not a few person’s primary schools all once read ice heart of 《small Jie light 》,programming quickly set in fact the pumpkin lantern is similar to the small Jie light and dug empty pulp of fruit to put into a candle to fix, but compared a small Jie light and created a pumpkin lantern absolutely is individual dint to live.

Western person’s fancy to the pumpkin seems to be not reserved at all, the ash miss sits of pumpkin wagon, the pumpkin lantern in Halloween evening, all because pumpkin of fat, very round but matchless and vivid portrayal.But arrived Chinese mainland, wanted to find out this kind of circle again again the flat pumpkin is it may be said difficult to up add difficult.

The reporter went and saw 3 markets, 2 large supermarkets yesterday, all having no could find out this kind of dreamlike shape.Pumpkin seller’s aunt’s introduction, the long sand citizen eat of pumpkin, basic is the sweet pumpkin of all long form, circle the pumpkin for rolling almost no one will enter goods.”See still keep once seeing, but the head is very small to return expensive.”

The survey that reports a reporter according to the morning , in a supermarket of the Xiang river century city, can buy to this kind of pumpkin.Choose a material for the sake of the convenience, the reporter finally sought one familiar long form sweet pumpkin in the long sand one market, DIY was a “pumpkin lantern” of long sand version.

Prepare material

The chopper is a , the penknife is a , water pen is 1, the small candle is a (2 dollars, the boutique has been already sold), and iron Shao is 1.The pumpkin that the market buys in fact can cut open to sell, needs to buy a half then.(the reporter buys to return to one whole pumpkin, 12 dollars renminbi)

Create a step

A smoother side of the 1 selection, at half pumpkin up draw grimace.Mainly is a lines to have to be clear, eyes are two triangles, the nose is partial to long triangle, then makes uniform a mouth of oval, in hang up a tooth with the motion lines.

2 cut open pumpkin from the middle position.According to the position of grimace, pare the part of surplus with the chopper.

3 clean south pulp of melon, counteract a ladle to pare off the pumpkin meat of the grimace one side a little bit thinner, the convenience is next to work. frequency examination

4 use penknife to carve on the pumpkin according to the painting good grimace pattern, lines of simple or not directly coming to a decision that work can complete smoothly, if enough to own handicraft self-confidence, can also consider more complicated pattern.

5 tooth parts lightly go to the meat that the skin leaves buff, so have the color of different layer.

6 spark a candle, put into pumpkin, a pumpkin lantern formally completes!If you wanted to carry to go out and put on a few cordages to go.


Did the pumpkin lantern work well and connect down to do what?Certainly is ate the pumpkin leaving!Simultaneously dig the Rang of pumpkin, part drive very sweet flavor Chan get saliva direct current, cube pumpkin to put into small fire Men in the pot, not only the flavor is beautiful or the good dinner of diabetic.But take out in pumpkin of pumpkin son, put to in the sun dry in the sun, can also stir-fry one dish savory dried melon seeds!

Orange, pomelo these take skin of, the fruits of circular are also quite good choices and compare to slice the physical strength that pumpkin needs, integrity’s digging pomelo pulp is a more high difficulty challenge.Pomelo skin first the Zong slices 1 and cuts off those part of pulp, again one by one in order bye pomelo pulp, finally sew with the pomelo skin that thread will cut open up.According to pumpkin lantern way of doing, engrave a facial expression orderses a candle, a pomelo light of”the 囧囧 has absolute being” completed.

[Small knowledge]

The pumpkin educates a species too much,project design according to the sweet Su save the orchid scholar, Wei, English in agriculture science graduate school in state City research express, the pumpkin is divided into following few kinds:Chinese pumpkin, India pumpkin, American pumpkin, and black seed pumpkin…etc..

According to understanding, on the local market sell of mostly is a Chinese pumpkin.Appreciate pumpkin to mostly belong to American pumpkin, this kind of pumpkin in addition to providing to appreciate, having parts of specieses can provide for eat.The western countries acquainted with by everyone are decoratively used to carve to appreciate pumpkin in Halloween and generally adopt to accept after full maturity and fondle time by increment.