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The Indian military said in a separate statement

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

World Wide Web reporter Zhong Weidong reported that the Indian military will next month , according to Agence France-Presse , February 27 , near the India – Pakistan border region held a large-scale military exercises . Indian officials said the exercise will be dispatched 20,000 soldiers and a variety of equipment is one of India ‘s biggest ever military exercise .
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Daxi Ya , the Indian Army spokesman , said the military exercise code-named

The Daxi Ya , said:

The Indian military said in a separate statement , participating in the exercise equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles , artillery , helicopters, fighter jets , unmanned aerial vehicles , air defense weapons and military radar . Indian military sources said that the location of the exercise from the India-Pakistan border is less than 200 km .

The Daxi Ya dispel the outside world for the exercise may exacerbate the concerns of the India-Pakistan tensions , saying ,


bend 14 degrees to block the cable

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports the LBTS first runway the aircraft carrier built by the Indian Navy in fruit Abanghansi naval base will be completed before the end of 2012 . Can be completed by June this year the construction of the runway to take off , landing runway will be completed before the end of the year .
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The published data show that , according to the Russian-Indian bilateral contract signed in 2009 ( $ 60,000,000 ) , the Russian experts will help India to complete the construction of the aircraft carrier LBTS . The Indian side for the testing ground for a total investment of approximately $ 17.5 billion rupees (about $ 35.5 million ) .

Indian Navy land-based aircraft carrier testing ground will simulate the flight deck of the first ship of China-made aircraft carrier Vikrant , proving ground , including the slip jump deck, bend 14 degrees to block the cable , and other landing equipment and so on .

According to Indian media reports , the test site for Indian-made Indian Navy pilots in the future , including MiG-29K carrier-based pilots training . Currently, the world only the United States and Ukraine have similar aircraft carrier LBTS a testing ground of Ukraine in the Crimea Peninsula , currently leased by the Russian Navy training field for pilot training .


which is also unique

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The reporter has learned the Xiaolong off-road vehicles is the Wuhan Xiaolong Auto Technology Co., Ltd. R & D have full intellectual property rights, the localization of components to achieve 100%. It can climb the steep slope of 45 ° on 550 mm steps across the trenches of 700 mm, the chassis ground clearance of 440 mm tank places to go can go, driving side of the car but also to the side of the tire charge deflated, to adapt to a variety of complex road. Recognized its off-road performance has gone beyond the
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Wild: the reality version of

This reporter learned that the .

Former party secretary of the State Council Development Research Center, Chen Qingtai inspection Xiaolong plant are very pleased to praise: >

Wild: The addition of anti-tracking devices

Will be put to the market in the first half of this year, compared with the military Xiaolong, civilian vehicles will increase the satellite positioning, anti-tracking system and night vision equipment. But also according to customer demand for comfort, personalized modifications. Some parts will be all hand-produced, that it truly becomes advanced customization of off-road vehicles, expected annual output of 3,000 units, priced at about $ 1 million.

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Text / high-Star reporter trainee reporter Wang Xue Figure / reporter Li Shaowen

Yesterday, the reporter had the honor board the the Xiaolong sport utility vehicle cab experience, What is surprising is that this car shape rugged beast, even installation is automatic, in the the Fujia position, the reporter to see the car is also equipped with Advanced Tablet PC.

The cab sophisticated equipment: roof of a 360-degree camera, the car is equipped with navigation systems. The models of delivery of the Armed Police Double Cab, in the middle of the rear seat is also equipped with a refrigerator. Superstructure lying two in the rear of the rear seat, there are a lot of space design into storage bins, storage bins, can be considered a car bed, available to travel long distances rotation to rest, such as there is a need, the storage box can be removed, the installation of two rows of seats. In addition, the car can also be used to airdrop.

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Q: You can compare the Hummer you?

A: The off-road performance than it!

Ou Take Auto Design and Research Institute of Design Director Zhu Heng told reporters: Xiaolong with non-independent suspension, while the Hummer is independent suspension; the Xiaolong transmission and transfer case integrated into a power unit, which is also unique; completely independent intellectual property rights

In December 2009, Xiaolong in the desert of Dubai with the U.S. military Hummer PK, Xiaolong outstanding Shapo, Xiaolong car, the Hummer not washed up, up.

Extreme weather

Q: your reliability?

A: I’m good plateau performance!

At present, there are six kinds of products 12 vehicles a plateau, heat and cold test, after the cold of minus 41 degrees, the high temperature of 42 degrees above zero, through a plateau 5800 meters above sea level, through the no man’s land of Altun miles At present, the Xiaolong car in the highlands trial users reflect good reliability.

Four Xiaolong parked neatly

Yesterday, four powerful and domineering This is the the Han production off-road vehicles for the first time to enter the Armed Police Force service. Has been concerned about the


and required to educate family members.

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Southern News reporter Tan universal two days, Sina microblogging account released by the Guangzhou Bo District (microblogging), Event in the end is the embezzlement of public officers consumption and abuse of a restaurant waiter, or out of the ordinary consumer disputes? Yesterday, Bo District, met with the parties still disagree on whether spending public funds, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed in Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the Discipline Inspection Group has made a notice of criticism related personnel processing.
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Au Pak microblogging content and interview the alleged January 27, more than 10 people, including a woman wearing red to the Haizhu District Seafood meal consumption of 1202 yuan, the woman asked in red invoicing, invoice payable to: Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the results of the cashier the invoice wrong, red Ms. patting fees Taiwan, pointing to the cashier angry: about five meters from the cashier, stepped forward to persuade the red Ms. curse: none of your business what, dead old devil! District primary, which is a private party to open the unit invoice, belonging to the apparent embezzlement consumption, but the attitude is so outrageous, requiring the woman to apologize, and demanded the Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, is given to explain.

The other side responded: restaurant services

To the floor of the seafood dining with his family yesterday, contact the Southern Reporter red Ms. The very fact that the very fact that recognition of the day really, bad services from the outset, let the waiter take the BB bench half a day did not get up, bring their own drinks also received open bottle fee. beat the computer to let the cashier do not curse.

According to the restaurant upload network surveillance video shows the whole thing made the process are the presence of a manager of the restaurant, the manager of multiple gestures to show that indeed occurred because the invoice disputes between the very fact that with the cashier, altercation, but the video no sound, the real situation is not known how.

Discipline inspection departments: alleged embezzlement consumption

Yesterday, the District primary microblogging point units Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, the incident response, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection stationed Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, made the following treatment: discipline inspection group of the event to the event as a event the parties very fact that is not council employees, but the council Ge, deputy researcher surnamed family members. The council has on the matter of Ge, deputy researcher surnamed notice of criticism, whose mandate was to make a written examination, and required to educate family members.


Invoicing unit name is a personal freedom

Ms. Zhang denied that he is the staff of the Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, For invoicing Why use unit name, the very fact that this is Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau, reimbursement, invoicing in order to complete the tax responsibilities.

Not be reimbursed why playing the unit name?

District Peter, yesterday met with each other, totally do not believe the very fact that this is also not satisfied that good explanation.


the issue in Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai increasingly stressed conditions

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

According to the

Russian media said more influential in China, This is the Chinese side and the Philippines on 26-27 January for the first time U.S. strategic defense dialogue to respond. In this dialogue, both sides discussed the Philippines and the United States 20 years ago, U.S. warships were forced to withdraw back to the base of Subic Bay, Philippines and resident in this program. Philippines take the initiative to request the U.S. to enhance the deployment of troops in the Philippines, claiming the move was to counter the growing Chinese threat. Philippines also plans to invite the deployment of the U.S. Army in the Philippines and asked the U.S. to hold more joint military exercises. Chinese media that China should be shown to the neighboring countries in the region to strike a balance between the United States, attempting to become the U.S. military reserve airport, this is a wrong choice. Acts as a response to the Philippines, China should be to minimize the economic ties with the Philippines.

Russian media said the Chinese media to give the above statement on the Chinese side can be regarded as the early 1990s, Deng Xiaoping’s strategy of developing new evidence-quo. For a long time, this strategy has been a feature of China’s foreign policy. But in recent years China in the world economic and political influence continued to grow, coupled with rapid increases in military strength, keeping a low profile that makes some of China’s strategy has been out of date sound louder, they called on China on the international stage to take a tougher the policy. Therefore, taking into account possible strong Chinese reaction, the Philippines should seriously think about their own in partnership with the United States in the end to go very far. Otherwise, the issue in Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai increasingly stressed conditions, the Philippines fully backward the United States, is tantamount to cut off their escape route.

Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences expert Moxi Ya Cove that have occurred recently in China and the Philippines, a very serious conflict, when Filipinos ready to take arms to protect their claim to the territory, compete for the Nansha Islands. This will result in the South China Sea is entirely possible to become the new hot spots. He said:

Russian media said the United States continue to interfere in the South China Sea, to contain China, claiming that their own national interests, the South China Sea region. As the Philippine military allies, the U.S. Navy often held joint exercises with Philippine troops. In order to maintain the region’s attention back to Asia, Chinese guard against missile attacks, the United States and Australia reached an agreement, doubling the U.S. Marine Corps troops in Darwin, Australia, the U.S. Air Force will also deploy strategic bombers, fighter aircraft and air tanker. The United States also reached a military cooperation agreement with Singapore, plans to deploy U.S. warships. All of these are to take advantage of Southeast Asian countries, with the allies of the hands together to obstruct China’s influence continued to increase. The last two years, the United States is also actively strengthening military ties with Vietnam, the Philippines, Vietnam, in Southeast Asia after the region to contain China, following the addition of a new platform.


the U.S. Union of Concerned Scientists describes that

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

December 2, 2011, containing the Beidou navigation satellite Long March III A carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China blasted off. 5:07 the same day, China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center Long March III A carrier rocket successfully tenth Beidou navigation satellite into space transfer orbit.

According to Network reported on 16 January, according to defense experts say, the next few years, the satellite is expected to become smaller, more hidden, more mobility, and with the accelerated pace of technological development, their sensing capabilities will be enhanced. The U.S. global security network defense analyst John – Parker as saying that since the early 1990s, the U.S. has been deliberately run in stealth to avoid detection satellite. Parker said: ! – more ->

Reported that last week a well-respected British magazine editor, said the space, the Pentagon’s secret X-37B unmanned space plane is likely to monitor a Chinese satellite. Soon, the news has caused anger in blog circles. Former U.S. NASA mission control personnel James – Oberg (James Oberg) wrote in a blog, At the same time, The report also claims that related to space surveillance technology has opened the U.S. global safety net charge, defense analyst John – Parker (John Pike), said the people are engaged in intelligence work to know, in half a century, the U.S. has been using satellite . So what factors come into play, and makes the in-orbit spy war reached unprecedented levels? Experts point out that the next few decades, the satellite is expected to become smaller, more hidden, more mobility, and with the accelerated pace of technological development, and their sensing capabilities will be enhanced. In space technology, although the U.S. is still leading, but other countries including China is gradually narrowing the gap. Space defense policy analyst Joan – Johnson – Fritz (Joan Johnson-Freese) pointed out that Chinese people Parker added that since the early 1990s, the United States has been at pains to avoid detection of run stealth satellites. Parker said:

Reported that there are a lot of material already in space, which is the largest state in the floating space junk. According to Pentagon sources, the current total of 21,000 man-made objects larger than 10 cm around the track in the road. In addition, the U.S. Union of Concerned Scientists describes that, in addition to 1,000 objects are believed to be active satellites. Track their challenging, more difficult to identify them – especially those invisible satellite. Parker said that the United States space surveillance is a major recognition for those stealth satellites. Action in space is essential to experts call Experts say the next 20 years, Of course, in the design phase of the hardware is confidential. However, analysts and amateur satellite trackers still like the high-performance micro-satellites and surprising mobility for detection; these micro-satellite designed to monitor other objects in orbit. In addition, there are people in discussing the new anti-satellite orbiter, the aircraft is intended to be used to intentionally hit other satellites in orbit. In 2011, China’s SJ-12 satellite is obviously Secure World Foundation U.S. space technology analyst, former Air Force orbital analyst Brian – Viton (Brian Weeden) has carefully studied the Air Force to obtain data about China in this event. Viton suspect that collision was intentional from the arrangement. Viton said: cases, occurred at high speed ‘crash’ to destroy the target while the SJ-12 is indeed completely destroy each other. In 2005, the U.S. Air Force launched the XSS-11 experimental satellite and launch vehicle on a level with their intersection. Viton said:

Reported that catch up with other satellites in orbit is not an easy task. After all, some objects even at a speed of 15,600 miles above the speed gallop. However, optical technology is still very popular. Viton said: kg) of the Viton added: Parker also said that Washington in particular, worry that someone will He explained: However, in addition to simply spy satellite technology has advanced beyond the ability of the subject method. Among them, multi-spectral or hyperspectral imaging using hundreds of different wavelengths of light to According to different materials absorb different wavelengths of light of the law, the analyst can understand what the material is related to material composition. Thus, even if the target is camouflaged, they can see more clearly.

Reported that another important tool is the radar. In this regard, Viton introduced, said: Moreover, the radar will not be daylight changes. Viton said: U.S. Air Force also intends to start from 2015 to deploy a So, what’s next? It Viton estimated that the U.S. will be used for many different reasons a large number of unmanned orbiter. He said: in the development of a powerful hardware, it can be close to the abandoned satellites, for their useful parts (such as antennas) and to be re-used to build a new satellite. As for the military, the Pentagon announced this month the However, the U.S. Naval War College Professor Johnson – Fritz worried that this is not enough. She said:

Reported that, although the space around the X-37B unmanned aircraft to monitor the discussion of China’s satellite has cooled down, but which raise questions remain: The unmanned space plane’s mission? Parker said: He said:


Zhang told reporters.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

They actually do use the name of the newspaper deceptive guise of the new China was founded over 60 years, is the first time I encountered.

Of Zhang in (a pseudonym), the last six months to discuss the experience of the certificate can be described as painstakingly. The amateur love poetry, calligraphy retired doctors once because a number of agencies to come to him Cigao are happy, but found the name of The situation, he began collecting activities of such works alert to relevant authorities.

China Youth Daily reporter found after investigation, to issue certificates in more than Zhang,

Covered with

Over seventy years of Zhang is a literature and calligraphy lovers, after retirement, often create some of the works, But it is in poetry, calligraphy of fame, let him take in a

May 25, 2011, one called The invitation looked like an China Business News Network.


There is no sign to receive an invitation, Zhang can not help but have a question –

Later, when the newspaper business from the Zhang Xue name a staff member at that, because his work was in 2008, was a The book, organized according to the book’s introduction Founder find him.

A month later, Zhang received a claim in the newspaper business when the telephone Xuemou staff.

told the China Youth Daily reporter.

Zhang did not participate in that intention, the Xuemou start and Zhang in cotton, recognize fellow.

In order to Subsequently, Zhang will own four calligraphic works and related materials sent Xuemou.

A week later, Zhang Xuemou notice in:

China Youth Daily reporter covered a number of organizers in the invitation to see the official seal, in addition to invited invitee to attend the celebration activities, the organizers also asked whether the collection of invitees, , whether to declare

Learn from Xuemou for Advanced Certificate at 3800 yuan, 2000 yuan Intermediate Certificate qualification certificates and other related prices, Zhang selected for intermediate certificates and run grid certificate.

newspaper has managed financial institutions, so we did not send him.

After Xuemou gave Zhang provides a However, Zhang in the post office savings bank to send money, the investigation does not have this unit, the bank staff advised Zhang in

Zhang in order to dispel doubts, Xuemou remittance information provided at the end of

Almost at the same time, July 25, 2011,

Thus, Zhang in the July 27, 2011 will go through intermediate grid certificate and run the cost of the certificate sent to the payee Xuemou said.

Heard from since the certificate

August 3, 2011, Zhang received remittances in Xuemou notice: However, the unexpected is that Zhang, then, became a certificate can not see for the first marathon.

In the ensuing weeks, Zhang repeatedly bombarded the Xuemou certificate, but have been rejected for various reasons Xuemou.

Phone, Zhang learned Xuemou has been transferred to Shanghai to work.

Aware of the possible Zhang cheated when the newspaper business in the quickly dial a phone consultation.

Zhang told reporters.

Although the newspaper business when the person in charge of the surname Zhang Fan said, there is the matter of staff surnamed Shao, and the staff member surnamed Shao for Zhang also said the phone .

China Youth Daily reporter call when the newspaper business consulting, We had to cancel this event.

The reasons for not organizing activities, staff member surnamed Shao said,

For Zhang’s experience in handling certificate, staff member surnamed Shao said, for the relevant documents in the matter is Xuemou Zhang told, not the initiative proposed by Zhang.

For the organizers of the newspaper business when the nature of the staff surnamed Shao said, the Beijing Business Times Media Co., Ltd..

China Youth Daily reporter at the National Press and Publication Administration found that news organizations query system,

Correspondents in Beijing online business credit check that, The

Reporters in the

Reporters also found that,

number and the issue of illegal cooperation.

Without the approval of

Reporters from the popularity of Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Centre Association Secretary-General Liu was informed by the newspaper business when the popularity of the joint Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Association Center . But when a reporter asked about activities in specific circumstances, the Secretary-General Liu did not give a clear view.

According to the staff surnamed Shao, ‘professional evaluation of the National Expert Committee on Arts and Culture is they (the popularity of Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Promotion Center – Reporters note) of a body. In addition to arts certificate, the certificate is also run grid Association of Chinese art and cultural popularity of professional management Development Center was awarded.

In addition to works of art authentication, certificates, at 11 certification program.

Reporters at the Ministry of Civil Affairs inquiry found that In the issued at July 22, 2008.

bit surnamed Wang told reporters.

Liaison Department of China China Federation of Societies do one week named director also told reporters, They set up its own house, and did not give us approval too.

Reporters learned that in December 31, 2007, the State Council as a

The document states that to the public, other adjustments to be stopped or professional training.

Reporters named director of confirmation to the week: China Association for Promoting Arts and Culture popularity of professional management development center stamp art and culture of professional certificate issued by the China Federation for approval before it?

in a certificate. We do not know their assessment, they would not report to us, we will not approve this kind of thing.

For the decision to set up the


arrest the crew

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

China news agency, Tokyo, December 20 – Nagasaki, Japan Maritime Security Department 20, on suspicion of Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan’s territorial waters in the vicinity of operations , in violation of Zhejiang like fish 16

According to Japanese CLC, the reason for the arrest of the vessel suspected at 22:30 on the 19th before and after the five islands in the archipelago of the Bird Island 4 km north-northeast of the fishing operations within the territorial waters of Japan . Because no work permits , the Ministry of Nagasaki Coast Guard patrol boat to China to issue orders stopping . 20 am until about 5:30 in the Bird Island about 87 km south-southwest of the sea , Nagasaki MEPC will be a Chinese fishing boat captain arrested. Allegedly, arrest the crew , who did not resistance.

It is reported that fishing vessel China news agency reporters Zhi Dianchang and Qi Haishang Security Department was informed that the current Chinese fishing boats and a Japanese patrol boat heading to Nagasaki , about 3:00 pm arriving in Nagasaki . By then, China will be the master clock into the tone brought to Nagasaki Maritime Security Department to investigate , fishing boats and 10 other crew members will remain in the port of Nagasaki .

China news agency reporters Zhi Dianzhong and Guo Zhu Nagasaki Consulate General to confirm the matter , the answer is actually received notification from the Japanese side , but the situation is still under investigation.


in the past 10 years

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Housing fund balance of 2.1 trillion to invest

Gaosuibuyou Thailand Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Guo Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission recently said that the local social security fund , housing fund and the government budget balances need to be considered an investment approach , the same as the National Social Security Fund to invest . Guo , for example, in the past 10 years , the National Social Security Fund Council annual investment return rate 9.17% , is a compelling example.

Guo said that the local social security fund , the accumulated balance at the end of this year, 20,000 billion yuan , now scattered in various provinces , there is no unified management together. Need to consider how to organize themselves , establish or entrust a specialized investment institutions to do the investment. He also said that total has been paid into the National Housing Fund of 3.9 trillion yuan, of which 1 trillion yuan in loans to loan- out , the balance still 2.1 trillion yuan, which is very huge sum of money.


This news agency quoted a source at Deutsche Bank as saying

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Global financial crisis, large financial institutions to become hostile to the object. Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt yesterday intercepted a suspicious parcels, later proved to be a explosive bomb parcels, the recipient is the president of 约瑟夫阿克曼 Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank offices around the world have stepped up security. New York Police also greatly strained, on Wall Street on alert, sent a message to the financial industry employees to remind them of proper procedures for handling mail.

Frankfurt police confirmed the day before 1 pm local time, Deutsche Bank headquarters in mail processing room found a suspicious oddly shaped parcels, the X-ray examination found with explosives and shrapnel. Authorities sent a bomb disposal experts to the scene, confirmed by the explosive device starts to explode. Police found explosives in Parcel powder, suspected improvised explosive devices, for example, is made with fireworks.

No organization or


Frankfurt, Hesse is located in the territory. Deutsche Bank received an e-mail mail room on the 7th. Bank spokesman Klaus wink said that the staff found with X-rays, e-mail containing a bomb, then alarm.

Police said the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Hesse

Hesse Criminal Investigation Bureau, a spokesman told German N24 television reporter: and motive-related information.

Return address

For the European Central Bank

The parcels enclosed return address is the European Central Bank, police said sender is clearly hoping to increase credibility, so that packets arrive Ackerman smooth hands. German Has not been held accountable.

New York police to inform the German authorities received the day before yesterday, after patrols in New York City, issued a warning to the local bank, notify the bank to strengthen the case and review of incoming mail. Police said the warning is only a precautionary measure, no evidence was for the city banks.

A banker said the bank had received death threats almost every week, and mail bombs and poison warning, the bank is no stranger to acts of terrorism.

Think of the horrors of 20 years ago

Reuters reports, mail bomb after the news, Deutsche Bank branches located all over the world increased vigilance. German police advise, other banks in Europe’s security personnel should be vigilant.

This news agency quoted a source at Deutsche Bank as saying, since 2006, each member of the Executive Committee sent to package banking or e-mail recipients are required to be served before the security check.

Many employees of Deutsche Bank 8 to work as usual, said the bombing was not afraid because of the miaodiaoshencai message.

While this e-mail 20 years ago with bombs reminiscent of the senior management of Deutsche Bank attacks. November 30, 1989, left-wing terrorist group

Ackerman has been the public scold

Ackerman, 63, Swiss, Deutsche Bank was the first leader of the foreigners were scheduled retirement in May next year. Ackerman is the bank the highest paid executives in 2010 revenue € 9,000,000. He also served as the German This group is currently lobbying the German private sector to make more contributions for the relief of Greece. He questioned Greece in May last year due to inability to pay off their debts to become a thorn in the Greek people pet relocation.

Deutsche Bank has received the mail bomb at a time when the euro zone debt crisis intensified, many Europeans because of the economic downturn and anger at big banks. Last month, Ackerman was a speech in Hamburg, some German

In particular, the global financial crisis led to European and American countries into recession, banks become common on Wall Street, London and Frankfurt as the financial hub hot demonstrations, the latest in full swing

Frankfurt ‘occupation movement He said the demonstrators and Deutsche Bank received the mail bomb has nothing to do,