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Self-made moon cake cost just a dollar moon cake DIY small Mi book
Happiness of the Mid-Autumn Festival Be about to arrive.When you are still feeling deeply about some pack fine moon cake in fact flavor how not and still is becoming sad up where then can buy to the flavor son of moon cake, a group of persons are emitting heat to guard before oven, the beginning roasted moon cake by himself/herself.More important,Play MP4 effectuse money that we purchase a bulky cargo moon cake, they fully can do 3 moon cakes.

It’s really worthwhile to calculate down do-it-yourself

Wang 媞 owns a super QQs and nameds “heavy celebrate a rightness of K families to bake cluster”.Member now already more than 400 people, both male and female, say with their own words, “I if isn’t a delicious dog, so there is definitely delicious dog in home.”LED to illuminate control system

Because of the delicacies, these young mans became a good friend.”The company with a member’s place does a direct selling, usually needs to make some communication activity and calls customer to play.”Wang 媞 says that this member ask a her help to check once, if want to do 80 each moon cakes of 50 gs(1 two), probably need to be prepared how much of material.

Make use of experience of buying the food material, Wang 媞 is she calculate bottom:80 moon cakes, each 50 gs, the total weight is 4000 grams.According to moon cake tare 1200 grams of, the farcing weighs 2800 grams.Now market the farcing of a round flat cake 500 grams were 15~20 dollars last month, 2800 grams are probably 70~80 dollars;The face powder of moon cake skin demand probably 7 dollars are or so.

In addition to these two main materials, also need to plus the conversion syrup of appropriation 600 grams, don’t arrive 10 dollars, Mao water is 8 grams, one dollar is or so.”The oil can be pulled oil with the color of home, is used to get a little, probably several dollars.”Wang 媞 says that if do common moon cake, don’t calculate the price of oven and molding tool, 80 moon cakes altogether cost about 100.On the average calculate next, moon cake cost only has one dollar.LED display light

And in each big supermarket, even if buy the most common bulky cargo moon cake, the price is at least also about 3 dollars.

The moon cake category that will do returns a lot of

“If isn’t these two the weather Wen Gao, estimate that a lot of cluster of friends all have already started their do-it-yourself moon cake.”Wang 媞 says that few someones will install an air condition in the kitchen, the crest wears heat to still guard the front is at the oven, that taste isn’t what ordinary people is subjected to get come down.

Though is so, saw Mid-Autumn Festival to want, still have a lot of moon cakes that bake expert hand to prepare DIY, they can make of the moon cakes categories return a lot:The ice skin moon cake, wide type moon cake and cloud leg moon cake ……in addition to this, they are also wife’s a round flat cake and western Qi breeze cake and every kind of good-looking and delicious dessert.”I didn’t look for person to exclusively once learn, generally was oneself to grope for and get to the Internet again to study.”Wang 媞 says that cluster the friends starts learning to does moon cake most , is also use of Be stuck out after experimenting by her of slip.

Wang 媞 is 30 years old, after finishing university, because the work reason of the male friend(incumbent husband) follow behind him together and went Europe for more than a years.There isn’t any friend abroad, more of her times spend at stroll a supermarket up, “that time start learning to do a western dessert.”

Love oven in fact is love

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