Marriage ban language

If the women compared to a book and that the contents of the book of essays when classes, let the person look more wants to see, the more see more let a man in the clouds of the fog, and if I have to put the man also compared to a book and that can only be called on the comic, simple and understandable but sharp creases. The fate of the comic book is read by women, slit, threw the reality of women, forget, also is such, don’t pay attention to focus on the emotions, the man want to say and then say, want to scold and then scold, in the void hurt man.

The following four words, as a woman, whether or not you are in love you mentioned before?

You look at other people!

Woman always so as to complain that the men in certain aspects of the incompetence, the incompetent can be accused of career, will also is the life of, but often is the words of pride, a man greatly stabbed career is an important part of man’s life, blind sarcasm may will man in hopeless situation.

China has hundreds of millions of men, each man’s career is different, have difference, ability get social return naturally differ in thousands ways, since woman choice, you should face reality, contented mind is perpetual feast.

As long as the man tried our best, we will not blame their reasons.

As a man, China in politics, this is the pyramid of officialdom most men are only in the central tower above the bottom, even after all is rare; As a business man, market like battlefield, achievements have defeated, you will lose a gentleman, love of money, took the youdao, well, enough money to spend on the line, why demand too much and let each other not happiness?

For on the business failure in the comfort of the men, women and encourage is they need the most.

Where have you been?

This sentence if a soft mouth from floating out, is to let a man touched it, he reflects the woman to man’s concern, because this sentence is hidden behind to: “I was worried,” but if horizontal eyebrow questioned type, can let a man nausea, because this sentence in the police interrogation of prisoners in the confession in the frequency is the highest.

For example: “closing between, you at stem what?” And so on, so as to determine the crime have time.

And part of the woman asked the question, often hold is the attitude, seems to be the man appearing before a woman is not in a moment, in a wrongdoing is outside.

In fact the man should have his own life space, the space is free, after all, man has his own business and contacts, and love him will believe him, believe that he will be in his breathing space, both once more, the tenants can have suspected of espionage, each other can produce estrangement

Legally speaking, a man is under no obligation to report to the woman everything.

Some women may say, I was not the angry, I asked him would be an honest answer.

It’s not certain is good, the man let the woman doesn’t mean he is afraid of woman, he loves dearly, or disdain entwine, even or really afraid woman, that this man also will completely lose the edges and corners, became a respected “QiGuanYan”, this, women 10 million don’t proud!!!!!

All blame you

Most women don’t want to admit your mistakes

“I was wrong” this sentence is often considered as men’s patent, the woman is the disdain, some women say express yourself wrong way is to play to act in pettish to prove himself to the wrong is popular, of course, is also worth recommending

In my opinion, the woman’s life, and, if not, said an “I wrong,” as a woman was a failure.

To act in pettish to win the sympathy of men and, in the final analysis, or no real excuse realize his mistakes, only can let the person doubt is the prelude to a mistake next time

Most women have to use a “all blame you” to the public, women in many things don’t have your own ideas, a small decision before always love asked: “is this man? Is that ok?” The man nodded, then, once safely to do, if successful, will be delighted, if failed, it will push the responsibility to the man who is a man, the idea of a, the result is also should undertake by men. In fact occasionally say “I was wrong” will make women more attractive.

Who of telephone?

If a man cellular phone ring, women will not consciously ask: “who call” a slight hesitation, if a man, you will immediately questioned by further, normal telephone will also be put on false charges of.

Some women looked at the man, a mobile phone hobby see strange call records, forget ask “who call”, have patience of man is still explain, three transgressions of five times questioned may make contradiction to upgrade.

Mobile phone is the man’s baby, this really, as a woman might as well leave a little privacy to men, keep a little mysterious for love and marriage is not gain nothing.

I’ve also like turn to her husband’s cell phone calls, see strange in thin girls always love asked that name, such as: what is she? Where understanding? What relation, etc.

Until one day I found the husband on a mobile phone girl name all have no, wonder over, did he tell the truth, that he put all the girl’s name had been turned into homophonic, like “li” to “force”, “fang” into “room”, I this is suddenly enlighted, this is to my silent against the bullying, so far, I just get rid of the problem.

Two personal respect each other is to keep love and marriage is the foundation of this respect, good not only to put them in their heart, the more to show in language, respect namely is the trust, as lifted a fine sand, want to hold too tight from will often missed, fingers gently hold up to enable them to complete.

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