Be careful love behind

Fulfiled, and beloved step onto the red carpet, and began to look forward to happy marriage life. However after getting married of days the but again let how much repentance at the beginning. Have marriage of experts to hundreds of husband and wife to divorce on the investigation found that fall out four stages will experience, eight kinds of marriage is the most easy to divorce.

Not all of the marriage is unbreakable

Not all marriages are entrenched in love, the high temperature down to face reality, after life again love a husband and wife can produce all kinds of contradictions, processes is not good, will cause the feelings is broken, and finally LaoYan violently.

Marriage and two full or not fit and the marriage type has great relationship, if your marriage belongs to the following a certain type, will most likely in imperceptible in divorce.

Romantic type of marriage

Romantic love life, pursuit of marriage life too much demand, expect new sweet and harmonious always keep down, love colorful, must be lasting enthusiasm of time. This kind of unrealistic expectations, once in real life, both sides will be realized friction conflict, can cause serious marital problems.

Relying too much on the marriage of parents

Too relying too heavily on parents couples, when marriage life any problems, not and spouse about how to deal with bear, but to their parents for respectively support or instructions. Married couples should understand, their future with the spouse is associated with, to treat each other as the most trusted, the closest people. Otherwise, this kind of marriage usually because of “seek outside force intervention” and cause failure.

Perfect marriage type

To anything all requirements perfect couple, both sides are forced to the highest standards of their spouse. Such a marriage because of high requirements and appear unnecessary friction, over time, is a good marriage will not easy to maintain. Also

“Frugal” excessive type of marriage even though the present family economic conditions, also abundant always worry about is not Sunday, too frugal, do not allow spouses in the life has the more entertainment or enjoy, and even deprived himself and his family of some of the basic life need and fun, from psychological too much anxiety, but do not know for spouse of the emotional life.

Pensive hypochondria type of marriage

This generally occurs in female body, they often doubt yourself ill, since the hatred from sigh, the actual is want to take this cause the attention of spouse and concern, the result often outsmart oneself, to feel annoyed spouse.

“Always right” of marriage

Mark captious to spouses, always in front of the others of the act and any criticism spouse thought and action self-righteousness love each other, the result is that the other party can’t stand. This will lead to the other party away from you.

Take good care of everything marriage

ShiWuDaXiao are enshrined in their stead, accidentally ill will become conflict, the friction fuse. Take good care of spouse, for a long time so, if the other person has not made the corresponding return, you will feel psychological unbalance, very easy to make feelings occur rift.

Busy “career” type marriage

Some people will never quiet, always busy, they have no holidays, there is no rest, total it will drive a spouse feel left out. This if you don’t control myself, spend some time with spouse, even for the cause, also can cause the breakdown of their marriage.

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