Not the same idea

Taiwan has drinks company production of home a drink had not free, then sell them to adopt an expert advice, in each packet drink packing printed on a moving, very unique poetic love stories, and the drink named “love drink”. Varieties, but still packing a change, immediately attracted numerous young men and women, they were drinking edge appreciate story. Then the company and think got a composition competition, will choose love story on the package, echo is very strong, the contestants enthusiastically. The participants also do the company’s obligation salesman, drink sales immediately shot up.

Similarly, Japan has a call his people are immature, he had a ShengQin away, in the market to see a fishermen in tinkering with a little shrimp, the shrimp is not used to eat but to view. Originally the shrimp from Japan south, has used to paired off and live in in crevices, after can’t grow up from middle cleft back, and so on in crevices through life. According to the characteristics of the shrimp fishermen, fishing, put them on a pair of processing in crevices, into the water, a little decoration, as the appreciation of the small animals to sell.

But immature husband is further, these little shrimp to paired off and on in crevices life, not as the symbol of love with single mind? Immature husband is ShengQin did not, hurried Tokyo, after some planning in Tokyo, opened a wedding gift shop, monopoly this little shrimp.

He passes elaborate design, the use of a small and exquisite glass box, will make artificially fake rocks in which, as the “house” shrimp, and decorate some aquatic plants, straight into the water, let the shrimp in “stone house” life within very comfortable. Souvenirs with brief explanation on the little shrimp, many old together, the story of real depict moving. Many new couples saw would buy a home with, and even many an old married have also buy a back to be seen and memory.

The same thing, to put it another way, and the Angle to business, received effect will be completely different. Drink or the original drinks, shrimp is still the original little shrimp, but add a story, a moral, product becomes fun up after the attracted customers, eye, became popular commodities, and is worth being.

In fact, the world this not absolutely useless things or failure of things, the way is to use the differ. The same kinds of things, in different people’s eyes, or in different situations, often can have different values, the key still see how do you go to operation and management.

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