Success is not just a result

On one side of the mountain stream on the cliff has a YingChao. A hawk birth the two small eagle, a long black claw, a long with flowers claw. They are very cute. The eagle is old, it felt delay. So it wants to, must grasp all the time, the training of the little fly ability, make them an independent life as soon as possible.

When the eagle grow larger, the eagle will encourage small eagles fly to the opposite of the cliff. The eagle to the eagle said, who can fly to the opposite cliffs, who is a winner. In its encouragement, two eagle began to flight. But, the eagle is always fly out not far fell to the riverside. The eagle will they catch up, to practice. A few days later, black young eagle claw no longer practice. In it, because of age is too small, do not go to the opposite cliff. Every time fly, is in vain. That can’t be successful, would insist, that was a foolish act. Besides, sooner or later the President himself, grew up natural will fly. So, it will give up the fly. No matter how the eagle urged and encouragement, to no avail.

Take the eagle claw has not give up flight. It felt, as long as their practicing, one day it will fly to the opposite cliff up. Because of its practice every day, so, fall off was black and blue all over, sometimes even walk was tough. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful. As it flew to mountain stream will fall to the middle service. Of course, every flight test compared to previous fly farther some more light some, the harder you fall. Take the eagle claw consciousness to, in their continued to make progress. It was very happy, practice the harder the more satisfied.

One day, the eagle two eagle call to your side. It said: “I’m old. Later can’t take care of you. Take the eagle claw is a success, black young eagle claw you to learn from it?” Black young eagle claw don’t understand ground to ask: “fly to opposite of a cliff. But to be successful, flower small eagle claw no fly to there?” The eagle meaningfully say: “success is a state, and is not a result.” Say that finish, it died. Two little eagle indefinitely. At this time, a violent wind upon me, and hit the YingChao wered, the situation is very critical.

Take the eagle claw clap wings, flew. It quickly moved to a safe place. Black young eagle claw doom. Not and in a short while, poor black young eagle claw is wered shattered head, as YingChao fell to mountain stream.

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