Lookeron leading role

From this Angle, people life is divided into two kinds, one kind is optimistic, but another is pessimistic.

Optimistic, of course, the majority of people would think this is a commendatory word, who all know, no matter in the DuoDa setbacks and unfortunately, should keep this positive, optimistic spirit. In contrast, optimistic, from the Angle of personal pessimism to understand, this is certainly a derogatory term. Optimists even if missed sunshine, will still be looking forward to the next day morning. Pessimistic people miss, downhearted and thinking about missed what a pity, will feel the next day, or too far in rainy day. But the pessimistic, who are often sentimental, because they always is very delicate, always like to think too much too full.

For example a failing the exam, optimistic people won’t be DuoDa influence, they know and the next, and the opportunity to go to pass well. But the pessimist, they will want to, if next time again blew it to do, if no next time how do, if hard or not test good? This is the attitude towards life, but why, let the life around the trouble to your feeling? Why not go to choose the leading role of life?

Someone will complain too much, their heart is filled with many why. Why people family is very harmonious, his family often quarrel, why people was born in a rich family, and you are a poor rural, why people always perfect, than their than their own good…… If you do, that will never be able to control his own life and life. But why not to change an Angle to think? When someone was born in a rich family, they may later have no diligent spirit, all the day have a YiLaiShenShou farther, didn’t know what day is a struggle. But you have these elusive thing, that is you is a potential shares. Others may surface than you light, but behind it dark many than himself. Perhaps others will envy other people’s good, the figure than their long than his perfect, but why do not go to think, beauty is only a short, how much more will you have a good body? Whatever is relative, there are the side will, this is the law of life forever. Anyone, are unlikely to be perfect, because of life, we just nine beauty “perfect”.

Believe that many people will face the pressures of life, 10 million don’t feel tired, easy is to the dead. Born in this social although have a little pressure, every day, will worry about today’s smoke sauce vinegar, each month to focus their wages, every year are worried about oil prices and the rise in prices. Although many are unable to choose, but you know, in the face of, not one, but all of the people. We should keep a good state of mind, how to change a kind of Angle thinking? Even if hard should also be glad to, a home, a company, a group, and even the whole country, in sweat and pay to fight hard and not one, people live to fight, to create a harmonious paradise, to seek some temporary doesn’t belong to you beautiful.

Don’t let one failure and feel is always fail, don’t let one’s miss and feel is lifelong missed. More don’t let one falls and never want to get up.

Life, was supposed to be a beautiful, it is positive. We should run your own life and life, the protagonist in the life we should, we should desire of the storm more fiercely, let oneself become invulnerable!!!!!

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