To develop a do-it-yourself hydroponic pot plants

Hydroponics plants clean their health, the conservation of features such as easy, and gradually into people’s lives. The first case of a few tables, dining rooms and kitchen, put a bowl of green water culture of plants, look fresh, clean, refreshing.

Now in order to meet the needs of customers, the sale of the city flower of the water culture of plants is also increasing. Sometimes the city can spend at elections to buy ten thousand thousand pick a plant, back home not long wilt the leaves on the branches of a decadent. This is because in order to flower business benefits directly to plant roots washed clean of soil, soak in water plants. And the water culture of plants really are in the very hour of plant cultivation in the water on the adaptation, and has the root growth of water plants. This is not familiar with the water culture of plants for the people, how to distinguish real hydroponic plants is quite difficult. Well, apart from us at the time of purchase need to be carefully selected, the most viable means – home do-it-yourself to cultivate potted plants into hydroponic culture.

The first step to identify targets of water culture

General interior tropical foliage plants can be used to water culture, has the best aerial. Such as rubber trees, green basket, Monstera, Alocasia category, evergreen, pineapple, ferns, Chlorophytum and so on. More than plant the best start in the water culture seedling stage, when the water culture, plants easier to “tame.”

The second step, wash the root

The selected plants, dug up from the soil, gently hand-jitter, beat slowly (not too much force injury to the roots), net soil shaking his roots after all. Add 15-20 minutes, then gently hand-wash the roots of Sophie, after cleaning the water 2-3 times until completely soilless root. Bamboo can be used, if necessary, slowly excavated, the soil must not be left to do that, hydroponics This is an important element of success, must not be negligent. Wash the roots, the more appropriate cut off the old roots, flowers in hydroponics because the roots are viewing the same focus, so it is important to clean the root part.

The third step is root

Is the root-soil root root into the water. Specific practices are: to wash the roots of plants with good nutrition Add soaking liquid in about 10 minutes into the foam board or perlite in it the roots come into contact with the water (Note at any time to increase the oxygen content in water). Plants so treated water can quickly grow the root.

The fourth step, on basin

When roots grow to the water about two centimeters can be placed on the appropriate device in the bottle to the management of the water culture.

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