DIY: Using Eco-Garden

To beautify their homes and sometimes does not lie in how much money, as long as you are willing to do, then let the house is full of green, live in harmony with nature to create an atmosphere so that life colorful, fresh and pleasant.

Citation natural break, as long as there is a balcony on the line, because the current fashion is to open up the balcony vegetable garden, plant summer blooming sunflowers, autumn silver Filifolium, Coleus winter lines, spring cyclamen and tulips. Of course, the most convenient are kinds of vegetables can also enjoy viewing, both fish and bear’s paw.

My home just to have a 6-square-meter balcony, you can layout ecological water pool, the development of “one-third of” vegetable garden. Nurture our own seed, plant Chinese cabbage,  cherry tomatoes and so on, and began farming wonderful experience. Daily face “vegetable garden” feel it’s green, than have a private garden feel even more comfortable. If you think in general the small balcony on an apartment building a small eco-pool, it is recommended to select the outer edge of frame 90 × 90 × 25 cm tanks better. Wai corresponding box on the tarps, poured into a bucket placed in the water overnight, but also check for leakage. Next, you put for a fixed plant hydroponics cup, saucer flower, foam Lianshi and pebbles, on the tank under running water. And, put into the eco-pond flower saucer, with a hasp, with the best color and white manner, in line with the aesthetic requirements.

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