DIY:Using decorative fabrics make fashionhome

Creamy silk, dry cotton cloth, soft fur and feel coarse linen, are the most flexible home decorative elements. Flat piece of fabric can not only make the back cushion plump, elegant curtains, tablecloths, sofa sets or mattress covers, can also be your home a source of inspiration for decoration; corner stitching fabric after stitching is a rich character The tablecloths; the use of a double-sided sofa sets, will let you change scene in the bedroom.

Even if you are a sewing-illiterate person can proceed to the home textile decoration program, you can also use hot sol, playing nail gun, fabric glue, ribbon and other auxiliary materials, to easily achieve your fashion personality textile decoration .

Try to make decoration fabric color fabric use several programs at the same time, we should select an interior decoration as the main fabric. Typically, you will find a fabric itself contains several colors, it can become a source of inspiration for decoration. Will be spun off in different colors rearranged for each room to create a distinction between the existing model and organic links. Try to make the fabric color scheme, as the beginning of your home renovation is not a bad approach.

Money-saving decorative details – pre-washing and ironing if you are able to regularly clean and in order to select the fabric can be washed, then you should consider before making their first clean look, this can reduce the shrinkage problem in future. Sofa sets, tablecloths, pillowcases, decorative bolster, as well as other sets to go through such a pre-wash treatment. put one in the entire volume of the cloth are Baptist before trying to enter the water to wash cloth.

After cleaning the fabrics do not iron directly without the use of wrinkled bed curtains Wai and clearly reveal the owner’s negligence. Ironing the fabric formation, is a decorative details do not have to spend money that allows the cheapest could hang fabric looks good.

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