DIY: Fabric’s unique folding table method

Cotton table cloth dining for the day-to-day fishes add elegant style romantic, dinner knife and fork when necessary, such as Add folding table cloth under the plate or in a concise table above, style fresh Meaningful.

We chose a sunny colors 100% cotton napkins, at the beginning of production at any one table to select Ironing fabric formation, refreshing clean napkin better. Cloth folding table, follow these steps

1. First of all, the cotton napkin placed flat, fine texture side up.

2. The napkin along the long side of the direction of folding, with his hands along the crease to flatten.

3. Will be folded napkin 90 degrees anti-clockwise rotation.

4. To gently roll up the top layer of napkins to just over half of the position, his hands will be compacted crease.

5. The second layer in accordance with the previous step up folding on the first floor below, his hands will be compacted crease.

6. Repeat the above steps folding third layer, compacted by hand will crease.

7. The napkin to the left of the vertical stack back, folding the napkins to the back edge at the back half of the entire napkin, the hands will be compacted crease.

8. Repeat the above steps to the right side of the vertical stack to the back.

9. The tableware from the fabric of the top insert opening. Nevertheless, a unique fabric design is completed tableware.


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