French presidential election second round of voting in full swing

French presidential election second round of voting at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing Time 14:00 ) in metropolitan France in full swing , now President of the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and the Socialist candidate , François Hollande, the presidency for the next opening of the last competition.

The data released by the French Constitutional Council the registered voters of this election is about 4603 million . In the first round of voting held on April 22 , Hollande and Sarkozy won 28.63 percent and 27.18 percent of valid votes cast , leading the other eight
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Candidates. French Constitution, the French president elected by universal suffrage , using the most two rounds of voting The first round of voting if no person have a majority of votes , the votes among the top two candidates will enter the second round of contention .

For change in the campaign , the Hollande advocate on behalf of the leftist camp , restore the confidence of the French political action and public morality , to respond to voter concerns about unemployment , purchasing power, security, and other problems , and promised to guide Europe to return to < br />

To accelerate growth and expand the road of employment ; on behalf of right-wing conservative forces Sarkozy hit tightening , tax increases and protectionist card, the Second round of voting two days before the public

The fabric many public opinion polls , Sarkozy’s support rate in the past few days now gone , but still fall Houaolangde 4-7 percentage points .

For this election , France has set up 85,000 polling stations in the local , overseas territories and outside . Due to the time difference between the French part of the established early voting polling stations in the overseas territories , French local polling station at 8:00 on the 6th (Beijing 14

Pm) and opening up, no later than 20:00 that night (Beijing time at 2:00 on the 7th ) closed.

French Interior Minister after the closure of the polling stations all have been released the latest statistics , the Constitutional Council will be confirmed and announced a second round of voting results in 7 to 11 May . The current presidential term is scheduled to end on May 15 . By convention, the President-elect inauguration

The time of the ceremony to be decided in consultation with the outgoing president .

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