or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the

According to the Korea Central Daily News the central region. Near the armistice line emission can be achieved not only shells to be transferred from the Yongsan U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek, or even the Lianzhong South Gyeryongdae Korean armed forces base are also the range of within. the
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South Korean government officials said February 21 that Radiation gun According to information obtained by the South Korean authorities,

Korea new development out of 300 mm radiation gun barrel only up to 3 meters, and equipped with Russian-made satellite position information system, the GLONASS The military authorities said that the original radiation gun use inertial system of Air France, in the driving force so that when fired artillery shells to reach the target location and the newly developed 300 mm radiation gun device has a high accuracy of navigation devices, but also a threat.

The authorities explained that the radiation gun in Korea on the South Korean military’s most threatening weapons China’s technology. It is reported that the North Korean use of U.S. military bases will soon move from Yongsan to Pyeongtaek the opportunity, has been stepping up development of a direct blow to the level Zeki weapons. The Haizhou fort used when

Korea from November 2010 to carry out the provocation of taeyonpyong launch the newly developed radiation guns, a direct blow to the Pyeongtaek U.S. military base is under construction.

It is reported that South Korean military authorities are to prepare countermeasures to deal with North Korea the new radiation gun configuration to a combat situation. Intelligence revealed intelligence that North Korea has completed the 300 mm emission gun research and development work, the actual configuration of the upcoming new weapons Confirmed that Korea from last year’s parade has been part of the active use of radiation gun to the reserve army of workers and peasants Red Guards, which means that the North Korean forces are likely to have configured the new weapons.


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