but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

February 20th , according to ITAR- reported , the Russian Sukhoi Pogosyan , CEO of Russia ‘s United Aircraft Manufacturing Company , said recently that the Russian Defense Ministry ordered 48 Su- 35S , the entire delivery schedule , including two delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2011 .
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As planned, the company Pogosyan also said the Russian aircraft manufacturers are currently seeking a loan , if the funding is in place in time , this year to the Russian military Su – 35S is also expected to increase a .

According to the company The machine ‘s built-in fuel tank capacity increase of nearly 20% , range and therefore increase to 4,500 km . The Su-35 is the depth modernizing developed an ultra- mobility multi-purpose fighter Su-27 fighter on the use of a large number of fifth-generation fighter developed a new technology , mainly used to dominating the air .

While maintaining the aerodynamic characteristics of the Su -27/30 series fighter , the Su-35 ‘s overall combat effectiveness has been significantly improved . The Su-35 not only radar reflectivity lower, and equipped with a powerful new digital control system and function , phased array radar, and attack multiple targets at greater distances . According to reports, the Su-35 equipped with a new type of Not only the radar can simultaneously track 30 targets , but also protect the fighter attack on eight goals .

Su-35 is also installed two 117S vectored thrust engine ( improvements made by the AL – 31F ) , with a total thrust of 29 tons . It is reported , the 117S is the prototype of the Russian fifth-generation engine . In addition , Su-35 will be the Sukhoi company as another weapon to compete for the international market , is used to fill the market before the emergence of fifth generation fighter The main potential market


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