the Taizhou television staff

In the early morning of January 24, Taizhou City Star Ming Road occurred with the two vehicles collided, resulting in a taxi driver died.
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Accident one BMW driver was a 26-year-old model from three Taizhou Chen moon, participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s

This accident first appeared in the Sina microblogging, widely forwarded.

The friends said that after the accident, Chen moon suspected of drunk driving, hit by a taxi driver, there is no timely rescue, fled the scene, which delayed the treatment of injured.

Yesterday, Chen moon’s blood alcohol test results came out, she is drunk driving.

The test report shows a drunk driving

January 24 (Year) 1:34 Xu, in the near Jiaojiang District, Taizhou Xing Ming Road Jiaojiang Fifth, a red BMW 320 sedan suddenly lost control, rushed into a taxi, resulting in a taxi hit a large truck parked on the roadside.

The taxi driver, Lee, Sichuan, was born in 1962, was seriously injured, the card coma. Half an hour later, passers-by the police for help, taxi drivers, firefighters remove. Due to his injuries, the taxi driver died en route to the hospital.

Police said the doctor said the taxi driver missed rescue opportunity

After the accident, the Chen moon accept the traffic scene Breath Test, and the alcohol content of 60mg/100ml preliminary judge for drunk driving. Immediately, she was taken to the hospital for blood test report came out yesterday, Chen moon time blood alcohol content of 170mg/100ml 2 times above the normal level, is drunk driving a motor vehicle.

Currently, Chen moon has XingJu to be detained in the detention center Jiaojiang.

The hotel was found covered in alcohol

Taizhou Public Security Bureau Jiaojiang traffic police brigade after receiving the alarm, at the scene found no accident the driver of the BMW car.

BMW’s license for Zhejiang J29 × × X, is a 1 two-door roadster, valued at fifty or sixty million.

Police license plate information, confirm that the owners Chen moon, and ultimately find the driver in the car accident took place near a hotel Chen moon. Chen moon when he was found covered with alcohol, she would like to hide in the hotel room to sober up.

Police said Chen moon did not alarm, choosing instead to leave the scene in the incident, three hours after appearing in court. However, if she escape, be considered surrendered go through discussion qualitative. Responsible for the accident has not come out.

The Taizhou television deny hiring Chen moon

Accident driver Chen moon, nowadays active in the province of entertainment, known as the

Since Chen moon attended the Zhejiang Satellite TV

The face of the various versions of the outside world, the moon Chen still go its own way to participate in various performances. However, with good looks, she has also made a number of honors, for example, in 2007, she obtained, Zhejiang Province, the Haili people, runner-up in 2007, Universal Queen Taizhou Division runner-up in 2009,

There are rumors, Chen moon was had attended a celebration party, said that Taizhou television stations employ a moderator, had an accident driving home.

Yesterday, the Taizhou television staff, said Chen, the moon has not been formally employed. Taizhou television sets had a file of outsourcing programs need beautiful guest appearances holding a prize, she served as a guest.

The source said the Chen moon hometown, in the three county male Town Ao Chencun, economic conditions is not very good, The BMW bought is not clear. Around Christmas, she had the package under the Baidu bar to celebrate his birthday.


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