which is also unique

The reporter has learned the Xiaolong off-road vehicles is the Wuhan Xiaolong Auto Technology Co., Ltd. R & D have full intellectual property rights, the localization of components to achieve 100%. It can climb the steep slope of 45 ° on 550 mm steps across the trenches of 700 mm, the chassis ground clearance of 440 mm tank places to go can go, driving side of the car but also to the side of the tire charge deflated, to adapt to a variety of complex road. Recognized its off-road performance has gone beyond the
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Wild: the reality version of

This reporter learned that the .

Former party secretary of the State Council Development Research Center, Chen Qingtai inspection Xiaolong plant are very pleased to praise: >

Wild: The addition of anti-tracking devices

Will be put to the market in the first half of this year, compared with the military Xiaolong, civilian vehicles will increase the satellite positioning, anti-tracking system and night vision equipment. But also according to customer demand for comfort, personalized modifications. Some parts will be all hand-produced, that it truly becomes advanced customization of off-road vehicles, expected annual output of 3,000 units, priced at about $ 1 million.

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Text / high-Star reporter trainee reporter Wang Xue Figure / reporter Li Shaowen

Yesterday, the reporter had the honor board the the Xiaolong sport utility vehicle cab experience, What is surprising is that this car shape rugged beast, even installation is automatic, in the the Fujia position, the reporter to see the car is also equipped with Advanced Tablet PC.

The cab sophisticated equipment: roof of a 360-degree camera, the car is equipped with navigation systems. The models of delivery of the Armed Police Double Cab, in the middle of the rear seat is also equipped with a refrigerator. Superstructure lying two in the rear of the rear seat, there are a lot of space design into storage bins, storage bins, can be considered a car bed, available to travel long distances rotation to rest, such as there is a need, the storage box can be removed, the installation of two rows of seats. In addition, the car can also be used to airdrop.

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Q: You can compare the Hummer you?

A: The off-road performance than it!

Ou Take Auto Design and Research Institute of Design Director Zhu Heng told reporters: Xiaolong with non-independent suspension, while the Hummer is independent suspension; the Xiaolong transmission and transfer case integrated into a power unit, which is also unique; completely independent intellectual property rights

In December 2009, Xiaolong in the desert of Dubai with the U.S. military Hummer PK, Xiaolong outstanding Shapo, Xiaolong car, the Hummer not washed up, up.

Extreme weather

Q: your reliability?

A: I’m good plateau performance!

At present, there are six kinds of products 12 vehicles a plateau, heat and cold test, after the cold of minus 41 degrees, the high temperature of 42 degrees above zero, through a plateau 5800 meters above sea level, through the no man’s land of Altun miles At present, the Xiaolong car in the highlands trial users reflect good reliability.

Four Xiaolong parked neatly

Yesterday, four powerful and domineering This is the the Han production off-road vehicles for the first time to enter the Armed Police Force service. Has been concerned about the


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