the issue in Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai increasingly stressed conditions

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Russian media said more influential in China, This is the Chinese side and the Philippines on 26-27 January for the first time U.S. strategic defense dialogue to respond. In this dialogue, both sides discussed the Philippines and the United States 20 years ago, U.S. warships were forced to withdraw back to the base of Subic Bay, Philippines and resident in this program. Philippines take the initiative to request the U.S. to enhance the deployment of troops in the Philippines, claiming the move was to counter the growing Chinese threat. Philippines also plans to invite the deployment of the U.S. Army in the Philippines and asked the U.S. to hold more joint military exercises. Chinese media that China should be shown to the neighboring countries in the region to strike a balance between the United States, attempting to become the U.S. military reserve airport, this is a wrong choice. Acts as a response to the Philippines, China should be to minimize the economic ties with the Philippines.

Russian media said the Chinese media to give the above statement on the Chinese side can be regarded as the early 1990s, Deng Xiaoping’s strategy of developing new evidence-quo. For a long time, this strategy has been a feature of China’s foreign policy. But in recent years China in the world economic and political influence continued to grow, coupled with rapid increases in military strength, keeping a low profile that makes some of China’s strategy has been out of date sound louder, they called on China on the international stage to take a tougher the policy. Therefore, taking into account possible strong Chinese reaction, the Philippines should seriously think about their own in partnership with the United States in the end to go very far. Otherwise, the issue in Sino-Philippine relations Yin Nanhai increasingly stressed conditions, the Philippines fully backward the United States, is tantamount to cut off their escape route.

Institute of Oriental Studies Russian Academy of Sciences expert Moxi Ya Cove that have occurred recently in China and the Philippines, a very serious conflict, when Filipinos ready to take arms to protect their claim to the territory, compete for the Nansha Islands. This will result in the South China Sea is entirely possible to become the new hot spots. He said:

Russian media said the United States continue to interfere in the South China Sea, to contain China, claiming that their own national interests, the South China Sea region. As the Philippine military allies, the U.S. Navy often held joint exercises with Philippine troops. In order to maintain the region’s attention back to Asia, Chinese guard against missile attacks, the United States and Australia reached an agreement, doubling the U.S. Marine Corps troops in Darwin, Australia, the U.S. Air Force will also deploy strategic bombers, fighter aircraft and air tanker. The United States also reached a military cooperation agreement with Singapore, plans to deploy U.S. warships. All of these are to take advantage of Southeast Asian countries, with the allies of the hands together to obstruct China’s influence continued to increase. The last two years, the United States is also actively strengthening military ties with Vietnam, the Philippines, Vietnam, in Southeast Asia after the region to contain China, following the addition of a new platform.


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