the U.S. Union of Concerned Scientists describes that

December 2, 2011, containing the Beidou navigation satellite Long March III A carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China blasted off. 5:07 the same day, China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center Long March III A carrier rocket successfully tenth Beidou navigation satellite into space transfer orbit.

According to Network reported on 16 January, according to defense experts say, the next few years, the satellite is expected to become smaller, more hidden, more mobility, and with the accelerated pace of technological development, their sensing capabilities will be enhanced. The U.S. global security network defense analyst John – Parker as saying that since the early 1990s, the U.S. has been deliberately run in stealth to avoid detection satellite. Parker said: ! – more ->

Reported that last week a well-respected British magazine editor, said the space, the Pentagon’s secret X-37B unmanned space plane is likely to monitor a Chinese satellite. Soon, the news has caused anger in blog circles. Former U.S. NASA mission control personnel James – Oberg (James Oberg) wrote in a blog, At the same time, The report also claims that related to space surveillance technology has opened the U.S. global safety net charge, defense analyst John – Parker (John Pike), said the people are engaged in intelligence work to know, in half a century, the U.S. has been using satellite . So what factors come into play, and makes the in-orbit spy war reached unprecedented levels? Experts point out that the next few decades, the satellite is expected to become smaller, more hidden, more mobility, and with the accelerated pace of technological development, and their sensing capabilities will be enhanced. In space technology, although the U.S. is still leading, but other countries including China is gradually narrowing the gap. Space defense policy analyst Joan – Johnson – Fritz (Joan Johnson-Freese) pointed out that Chinese people Parker added that since the early 1990s, the United States has been at pains to avoid detection of run stealth satellites. Parker said:

Reported that there are a lot of material already in space, which is the largest state in the floating space junk. According to Pentagon sources, the current total of 21,000 man-made objects larger than 10 cm around the track in the road. In addition, the U.S. Union of Concerned Scientists describes that, in addition to 1,000 objects are believed to be active satellites. Track their challenging, more difficult to identify them – especially those invisible satellite. Parker said that the United States space surveillance is a major recognition for those stealth satellites. Action in space is essential to experts call Experts say the next 20 years, Of course, in the design phase of the hardware is confidential. However, analysts and amateur satellite trackers still like the high-performance micro-satellites and surprising mobility for detection; these micro-satellite designed to monitor other objects in orbit. In addition, there are people in discussing the new anti-satellite orbiter, the aircraft is intended to be used to intentionally hit other satellites in orbit. In 2011, China’s SJ-12 satellite is obviously Secure World Foundation U.S. space technology analyst, former Air Force orbital analyst Brian – Viton (Brian Weeden) has carefully studied the Air Force to obtain data about China in this event. Viton suspect that collision was intentional from the arrangement. Viton said: cases, occurred at high speed ‘crash’ to destroy the target while the SJ-12 is indeed completely destroy each other. In 2005, the U.S. Air Force launched the XSS-11 experimental satellite and launch vehicle on a level with their intersection. Viton said:

Reported that catch up with other satellites in orbit is not an easy task. After all, some objects even at a speed of 15,600 miles above the speed gallop. However, optical technology is still very popular. Viton said: kg) of the Viton added: Parker also said that Washington in particular, worry that someone will He explained: However, in addition to simply spy satellite technology has advanced beyond the ability of the subject method. Among them, multi-spectral or hyperspectral imaging using hundreds of different wavelengths of light to According to different materials absorb different wavelengths of light of the law, the analyst can understand what the material is related to material composition. Thus, even if the target is camouflaged, they can see more clearly.

Reported that another important tool is the radar. In this regard, Viton introduced, said: Moreover, the radar will not be daylight changes. Viton said: U.S. Air Force also intends to start from 2015 to deploy a So, what’s next? It Viton estimated that the U.S. will be used for many different reasons a large number of unmanned orbiter. He said: in the development of a powerful hardware, it can be close to the abandoned satellites, for their useful parts (such as antennas) and to be re-used to build a new satellite. As for the military, the Pentagon announced this month the However, the U.S. Naval War College Professor Johnson – Fritz worried that this is not enough. She said:

Reported that, although the space around the X-37B unmanned aircraft to monitor the discussion of China’s satellite has cooled down, but which raise questions remain: The unmanned space plane’s mission? Parker said: He said:


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