China’s military growth is also required to clarify the strategic intent.

U.S. defense strategy for the newly released guidelines groundless accusations against China, recently the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said he hoped the United States adapt to the times, objective and balanced view of China and the Chinese army, cautious and do more to help the two countries military relations and regional peace and stability. On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also accused the United States were refuted.

U.S. Department of Defense published January 5, the defense strategic guidance stressed the need to strengthen the strategic investment in the Asia-Pacific region, saying the move is in response to China’s military development challenges: potential impact in various ways the U.S. economy and security, China will continue to develop asymmetric means to counter U.S. power projection capability, China’s military growth is also required to clarify the strategic intent.

In this document, the U.S. government on the Chinese government and the army’s accusations are unfounded. 30 years since China’s reform and opening up the process is a process of peaceful development, China’s development not only for the benefit of the entire Chinese people, but also to regional and world peace and development has brought great opportunities. Internal construction of a harmonious socialist well-off society, foreign building a harmonious and harmony around the world, the Chinese government in domestic affairs and diplomacy at the strategic level of thinking, highly philosophical unity.

30 years of reform and opening up the first stage, China’s national defense and army building has been in a state of low-input, with the widening gap between the world’s military modernization. Until the end of the last century, the Chinese government has established economic development and national defense and army building strategy for the coordinated development, Chinese President Hu Jintao and the 17th CPC National Congress proposed the exactly the same strategy of peaceful development, both the Chinese people’s fundamental interests, but also conducive to safeguarding regional and world peace. Last ten years, China has increased its investment in national defense and army building, both the compensation of the past, but also with China’s rising international status and national interests expand to adapt.

China’s national defense and army building of strategic intent is consistent, clear, China has always and will always adhere to a defensive national defense policy, China’s military modernization of any country or region will not pose any threat. Historically, the Chinese people suffering from bullying by Western powers, trampled Since 1949, growing military strength to effectively defend the country against foreign military invasion. As a regional power, China did not use military force to resolve bullying with neighbors territorial disputes and maritime rights and interests, but through peaceful negotiations to resolve the border issues with most countries. In international affairs, China is the five permanent members of UN Security Council sent a peacekeeping force in the largest number of countries, the Chinese naval forces in the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters to combat piracy of the implementation of the contribution of action for all to see. People’s Liberation Army into the steel wall to defend the motherland, but also the maintenance of regional peace and stability in the power of justice.

U.S. military strategy to adjust a variety of motives and constraints, although it can set out a variety of reasons, but to strengthen its military presence in the Asia Pacific region and China’s military modernization linked, unconvincing and unacceptable.

China and the U.S. are the world’s most important powers, interaction between the two countries not only concerns the fundamental interests of both peoples, but also related to regional and world peace, security and prosperity. China is exploring an emerging country road of peaceful development, we are confident that the history of traditional powers to avoid the rise of military expansion and lead to military conflict with the hegemonic powers of the lesson. We hope the U.S. can rationally China, the Chinese armed forces rationally, joint efforts with China in the global era of peaceful coexistence between the major powers a new road. (


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