Oriental Land Resumption for no reason by the provincial government stopped

13 years ago, Hainan Xi ring Industrial Co., Ltd. (the to 3,000 acres of land development side of the road right. To this day, Western companies have not even an inch of land to develop, after numerous discussions to – to the government debt to 300 acres of land have been recovered for no reason.

Road use land cover government borrowing

Western is a Hainan Province to municipal roads and other urban infrastructure-based private company. June 1998 and July, the Western and Eastern Municipal People’s Government signed the The two sides agreed, funded by the Western companies to build green square under the East Kowloon East, Kowloon Green Plaza Road and road projects, all of the highway construction funds invested by the Western companies (including exploration, design, land acquisition, demolition and all costs). After project completion and acceptance, transfer of Kowloon City Road, east along the 300 meters on both sides of the open space to the Western companies Western companies to cover construction investment. Number and location of land by the Western companies prefer to compensate for land requisition, demolition charges by the Western company.

function construction. Matching power supply, telecommunications, gas and other green infrastructure and also by the Western company.

After signing the contract, Western companies have in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government invested 120 million yuan to complete the construction of roads and ancillary works. In 2000, the completion of the project and formally delivered.

Accordance with the contract, the municipal government in the Western District East road and ancillary works will be delivered after use, should be allocated to the Western Company 3092.87 acres of land to cover the construction of models.

However, the Eastern government did not honor their commitments. In Western’s repeated request, the city allocated to the Western Oriental’s 381.87 acres of land, the land value at that time only 15.2 million yuan, the company is far from satisfaction of the Western section of the road.


told the

This is the only 380 acres of land, Western companies are also to be struggling, so far there is no way to development.

Xu Bin, told reporters in 2001, Western companies to pay after the completion of land, demolition and other costs to obtain 380 acres of this land use permits, planning permits have been pulled but not to do, the government received a relocation fee is not organized demolition, resulting in the land has been unable to develop.

Oriental Land Resumption for no reason by the provincial government stopped

Bank loans and interest, already overwhelmed.

Xu Bin thought he got it wrong, at a friend’s help, I discovered that Xu Bin, Oriental City in July 15, 2010, public notice of the Kowloon Plaza, the company’s land.

Western companies that the city revoke the Oriental Land Company has no factual and legal basis for requiring a hearing Oriental city.

October 11, 2010, the East line of the municipal government decided to make the East House, the word [2010] 2 land more than two years. Western Hainan Provincial People’s Government immediately to apply for administrative reconsideration.

years, the government is neither organized demolition, not to change plans revoked when the nature of the land or agricultural land, tell us how to develop?!

Hainan Provincial People’s Government believes that Western companies to sell the land form is obtained, and essentially Oriental city by way of land to pay the applicant compensation Loaning construction of urban roads for the works. Oriental City in helping Western companies to apply for loans, he had written commitment on the land 10 years without any treatment, duration of less than ten years now, in advance of land use rights, improper handling. Western companies and construction projects completed on time delivery, the Eastern and Western cities the company has not been settled, there is no promised land compensation in accordance with the land, the Western influence on the objective of the project the company’s overall development; Oriental City has given Western companies were awarded land use certificates, but has not adjusted the planning, nature of the land still other agricultural land; in the collection of Western companies to pay relocation and other costs of land, nor the obligation to perform the demolition ground attachments. Western companies can not develop the land with Eastern Municipal reasons.

Dongfang City of Hainan Provincial Government that the law applicable to the applicant free of charge to recover the error, then on July 29, the government revoked the East line of decisions made by East House [2010] 2, the word state the right to use the decision.

Public security organs occupy the disputed land,

Although the Hainan Provincial Government revocation of the Eastern City It turned out that the administrative review period, the city turn the land to the east of the East Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Oriental Oriental City People’s Court for the construction of office buildings and to marry.

Provincial Government revocation of the East in the city of more than ten days after the administrative law, Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau on the presence of the land, the construction of first A month later, the East City Procuratorate and the court building construction tenders were issued.

December 6, busy. Weidang circled with a post on Eastern Municipal Public Security Bureau will be here to build an office building and six high-rise residential.

Reporters noted that prosecutors and courts of the land has also been leveling workshops, also completed, the workers are nervously installation crane.

, the return of the land, they simply ignored, Left, we held a government reflecting the East, the results we found that they occupied faster, totally ignoring the government’s review.

to the public security and armed police detachment and two armed forces. At the end, he said, and Western companies can negotiate to solve this problem, if coordination is not down, we will cancel the land three public security certificate.

And the deputy director, told reporters dodge different laws and regulations to monitor the Bureau Chief of Xukang Jun touches mince words: lay-off notice.

How this land is the land into police it? In the reporter repeated requests, the office staff and consult a Linming Di, will be correspondent to the Planning Unit, said Chief FU Yong Li, change planning is based on the East Urban and Rural Planning and Land Reserve to do the minutes of the meeting. In planning the details, he declined and said, meeting minutes and other documents are not within the public to see.

Strange things far more than the reporter’s imagination. Two Council staff suggested that reporters direct interviews with the municipal government.

Oriental mayor’s office a person in charge hear reporters what he wanted, enthusiasm will lead to the mayor, where reporters, did not want to, Mayor Secretary of the gross of block in the mayor’s office door. Later, even in the Municipal Publicity Department, coordinated by the Secretary still refused to reporters. While another staff member government bluntly told reporters:

In the municipal office, a staff member told the However, until the press before the reporter has not received any response Oriental City. Articles will continue to monitor the progress of the matter, concerned about


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