Zhang told reporters.

They actually do use the name of the newspaper deceptive guise of the new China was founded over 60 years, is the first time I encountered.

Of Zhang in (a pseudonym), the last six months to discuss the experience of the certificate can be described as painstakingly. The amateur love poetry, calligraphy retired doctors once because a number of agencies to come to him Cigao are happy, but found the name of The situation, he began collecting activities of such works alert to relevant authorities.

China Youth Daily reporter found after investigation, to issue certificates in more than Zhang,

Covered with

Over seventy years of Zhang is a literature and calligraphy lovers, after retirement, often create some of the works, But it is in poetry, calligraphy of fame, let him take in a

May 25, 2011, one called The invitation looked like an China Business News Network.


There is no sign to receive an invitation, Zhang can not help but have a question –

Later, when the newspaper business from the Zhang Xue name a staff member at that, because his work was in 2008, was a The book, organized according to the book’s introduction Founder find him.

A month later, Zhang received a claim in the newspaper business when the telephone Xuemou staff.

told the China Youth Daily reporter.

Zhang did not participate in that intention, the Xuemou start and Zhang in cotton, recognize fellow.

In order to Subsequently, Zhang will own four calligraphic works and related materials sent Xuemou.

A week later, Zhang Xuemou notice in:

China Youth Daily reporter covered a number of organizers in the invitation to see the official seal, in addition to invited invitee to attend the celebration activities, the organizers also asked whether the collection of invitees, , whether to declare

Learn from Xuemou for Advanced Certificate at 3800 yuan, 2000 yuan Intermediate Certificate qualification certificates and other related prices, Zhang selected for intermediate certificates and run grid certificate.

newspaper has managed financial institutions, so we did not send him.

After Xuemou gave Zhang provides a However, Zhang in the post office savings bank to send money, the investigation does not have this unit, the bank staff advised Zhang in

Zhang in order to dispel doubts, Xuemou remittance information provided at the end of

Almost at the same time, July 25, 2011,

Thus, Zhang in the July 27, 2011 will go through intermediate grid certificate and run the cost of the certificate sent to the payee Xuemou said.

Heard from since the certificate

August 3, 2011, Zhang received remittances in Xuemou notice: However, the unexpected is that Zhang, then, became a certificate can not see for the first marathon.

In the ensuing weeks, Zhang repeatedly bombarded the Xuemou certificate, but have been rejected for various reasons Xuemou.

Phone, Zhang learned Xuemou has been transferred to Shanghai to work.

Aware of the possible Zhang cheated when the newspaper business in the quickly dial a phone consultation.

Zhang told reporters.

Although the newspaper business when the person in charge of the surname Zhang Fan said, there is the matter of staff surnamed Shao, and the staff member surnamed Shao for Zhang also said the phone .

China Youth Daily reporter call when the newspaper business consulting, We had to cancel this event.

The reasons for not organizing activities, staff member surnamed Shao said,

For Zhang’s experience in handling certificate, staff member surnamed Shao said, for the relevant documents in the matter is Xuemou Zhang told, not the initiative proposed by Zhang.

For the organizers of the newspaper business when the nature of the staff surnamed Shao said, the Beijing Business Times Media Co., Ltd..

China Youth Daily reporter at the National Press and Publication Administration found that news organizations query system,

Correspondents in Beijing online business credit check that, The

Reporters in the

Reporters also found that,

number and the issue of illegal cooperation.

Without the approval of

Reporters from the popularity of Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Centre Association Secretary-General Liu was informed by the newspaper business when the popularity of the joint Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Association Center . But when a reporter asked about activities in specific circumstances, the Secretary-General Liu did not give a clear view.

According to the staff surnamed Shao, ‘professional evaluation of the National Expert Committee on Arts and Culture is they (the popularity of Chinese art and culture professionals in Management Development Promotion Center – Reporters note) of a body. In addition to arts certificate, the certificate is also run grid Association of Chinese art and cultural popularity of professional management Development Center was awarded.

In addition to works of art authentication, certificates, at 11 certification program.

Reporters at the Ministry of Civil Affairs inquiry found that In the issued at July 22, 2008.

bit surnamed Wang told reporters.

Liaison Department of China China Federation of Societies do one week named director also told reporters, They set up its own house, and did not give us approval too.

Reporters learned that in December 31, 2007, the State Council as a

The document states that to the public, other adjustments to be stopped or professional training.

Reporters named director of confirmation to the week: China Association for Promoting Arts and Culture popularity of professional management development center stamp art and culture of professional certificate issued by the China Federation for approval before it?

in a certificate. We do not know their assessment, they would not report to us, we will not approve this kind of thing.

For the decision to set up the


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