millet phones were sold 415

January 5 news , millet phone (microblogging) to buy the second round of open Alipay (microblogging) pay the amount of exposure : 1.22 billion, nearly 60,000 sets of millet phone , in addition to other online payment and cash on delivery .

Millet phone yesterday, opening up 13 points to begin the second round of buying , stocking 100,000 mobile phones. Purchase in the open before the show line up to buy more than 600,000 users have , millet official website can not be accessed or slow access to the case . Three and a half hours later , 10 million handsets sold .

In response, many users questioned the authenticity of the data . Millet Technology ( microblogging) , vice president of Liwan Jiang (microblogging ) in the micro- Bo said: , nearly 122 million more than 60,000 units, in addition to other online payment and cash on delivery .

Liwan Jiang said , millet mobile marketing is not hungry ,

Up to now, millet phones were sold 415,000 : line booking of 30 million users , 70% of mobile phone users to buy the millet , sold 21.5 million. December 18, open to buy millet phone after 3 hours , 10 million units in stock sold out. Open second round today to buy sell 10 million units.

In addition, the December 21, 2011 , millet phone announced Unicom customized version of the contract price of 2699 yuan, over one million units procurement framework


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