Because of gastrointestinal bleeding

HAVANA, Jan. 5 (Reporter Yin Yongjian) Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro 5, the official website

Castro Castro said in the article , people should be concerned with human face

Castro published an article a way to formally denied rumors about his death .

A microblogging social networking site has announced : The article said that the micro-blogging site has become subject to political manipulation tool to spread rumors , this is not published on the website for the first time rumors of Castro ‘s death .

Because of gastrointestinal bleeding, Fidel Castro underwent surgery in July 2006 , then the maximum transfer of power to the country when he was first vice president of the Council of State, Raul Castro . Since then, Castro few public appearances , but often at the official website and the media published articles on the world’s major issues for comment.


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