the fact that the reason why is because people often In fact

According to the Russian Army tanks, the Air Force’s advanced fighter and multi-barrel rocket launcher system.

赫拉姆奇辛 that the last four years, Such as the February 22, 2008, October 9, The article, in accordance with the current economic growth and demand in the future to expand outside China, then if you do not, in any case can not continue to survive. And for China, the most attractive expansion target is Russia and Kazakhstan. Now, this is expected to not only not disappeared, but even more realistic. Russia is still under construction for the U.S. anti-missile system in Europe to prepare and extremely disturbing, although the overall system is defensive in nature. Surprisingly, the Russian side has not yet found the other end of Eurasia, the other a growing national strength, and began to direct the deployment of offensive in the border troops and weapons.

From the ridiculous to the fact

Russian experts believe that the PLA’s military strength has been seriously underestimated, because China has been deliberately suppressed their overall military strength, both in quantity and quality indicators. Whether it is the West, or Russia. For example, when the Chinese military in foreign propaganda an absolute mainstream view is that China produced negligible number of new weapons and equipment. This is clearly the future a free hand to prevent others to make irresponsible remarks. Another argument is that China’s new weapons and equipment, the quality is very poor, so do not confront Russia and Western equipment. These claims, including any other way of saying, are not convincing evidence, but was accepted by the public in the nurture. In addition, Russian and Western experts believe exactly the same way, if an object against China in the preparations for military struggle, then only is China Taiwan, China and possibly dare to take risks to obstruct restoration of the territorial integrity and realize the reunification of the United States. In extreme conditions, there may be competing for individual Southeast Asian countries of China’s territory. But definitely not aimed at Russia. For example, China has independently developed the world’s unique 05-series amphibious amphibious vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery and light tanks, all claiming to recover Taiwan. In fact, these vehicles are also very suitable for cross Heilongjiang and Ussuri River.

赫拉姆奇辛 that we all know, small batch production of weapons and equipment from an economic point of view is very negative, after all, the higher production costs will be lower. And from a military point of view, the number of new equipment is not too much sense. For this reason, the current practice in Russia and Europe in a dominant position. They think that China is also the case. In fact, China is quite a long time trial at the same level in all kinds of weapons and equipment, choose the best samples, the elimination of all defects. In this regard, the Chinese reform and opening up to follow well-established Achieve the desired results in the best, the more successful start mass production samples. After the scale of production, whether in Europe or Russia, never dreamed of. But I do not know why, either Russia or the West, are not willing to see this fact.

Russian experts say, the West, China in particular deliberately suppressed the nuclear guided strength. Basically, the West and Russia, all experts agree that the number of Chinese nuclear bombs between 200-300, all within the scope of the standard, there is nothing worthy of special attention. But also often quoted accurately the number of Chinese ICBMs, including 30 -3A In fact, these figures may not lead to China’s nuclear arsenal in real size, the lower limit. Production by Chinese military capabilities assessments, and central China built the Great Wall of underground nuclear fact that the Chinese could only have thousands of intercontinental ballistic missiles, at least more than a thousand pieces of medium-range ballistic missiles. The use of power and the total number of nuclear warheads, may not be less than 10000, because the Chinese production of these weapons has been 47 years time.

赫拉姆奇辛 claimed that China resolutely refused to discuss its nuclear arsenal guide the scale and deployment locations, but stressed that its size is extremely negligible. But now, China has begun to show more and more are no longer cover up the new ballistic missiles, tactical missiles to intercontinental missiles from everything, and now there are cruise missiles. This shows that even in the military, more or less revealing, and now only the carrier of intercontinental missiles and the number of medium-range ballistic missiles far more than 200-300 pieces. It should be noted, for Russia, the Chinese medium-range ballistic missile is a real sense of the strategic weapons, because they can hit any place in Russia. Russian also has medium-range ballistic missiles. Russia’s ICBMs and submarine-launched ballistic missile is mainly used to contain the United States, less emphasis on deterrence to China. Therefore, lead in nuclear weapons, the balance of power between China and Russia have formed a very favorable situation for China, although Russia many people still believe that they have a huge advantage.

Russian experts pointed out that in the field of conventional weapons, Russia is even worse. China to prove their peaceful purpose, a significant reduction in military personnel, especially in the early 1980s the great disarmament. But there is one fact can not be ignored, that the PLA is still the world’s largest army, and military quality level is increasing rapidly. Adequate manpower resources as China, People’s Liberation Army in peacetime compulsory military service and to fully integrate the advantages of contract military service, to raise the overall level of military modernization. On the one hand, China’s young candidates contempt of money, enthusiastically joined the army, defending the homeland; the other hand, adequate human resources, can make the best selection of PLA soldiers, first educated urban youth. Many people re-election after the contract served non-commissioned officers, to continue in service. Even the army did not the young, are usually less educated rural youth, will receive basic military training, to meet the future demand for large-scale war mobilization. Chinese civilian industry also has a comprehensive mobilization mechanism.

Chinese tank superior strength

赫拉姆奇辛 claimed that China has created the world’s largest tanks. No tanks, impossible to expand the standard of war, which is infallible. Again, the fact that the reason why is because people often In fact, this argument self-contradictory. On the one hand, the tank Indeed, anti-tank weapons in the case of rapid development, billions of dollars into development and production of tanks is somewhat controversial; however, on the other hand, any other ground combat equipment are Bi Tanke more likely to be attacked. If susceptible to attack because the outdated tanks, then it simply no longer need to fight a ground war. In contrast, from the firepower, mobility, protection level perspective of a combination of past, present and future are not there will be no Bi Tanke better ground combat equipment.

Outdated view of the tank, the first from the October 1973 Arab war. At that time the Arabs to use anti-tank missiles and anti-tank rocket launcher to destroy the numerous Israeli tanks. Interestingly, since the Israelis not only did not give up their tanks, but the production of the 1500 world’s strongest level of protection of the 2000 old army tanks are still in service, including 50 years of US-made M48 and the production of Soviet-made T-55 (trophy). 2003 Iraq war, the U.S. within two weeks of driving tanks hit Baghdad. Georgia invaded South Ossetia in 2008, is also driven by the Russian army tanks dislodge. Even in anti-guerrilla warfare, such as Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, hands-on experience has fully proved that the tank is irreplaceable. In traditional warfare, the tank in the past, present and future are the Army, and the whole army to attack the power base.

Russian experts say that if the European NATO countries in the last 20 years, new equipment, and decommissioning of the old tank volume ratio of 1:15 tanks, then China is basically updated in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 tanks. Currently the number of People’s Liberation Army tanks equipped stable at between 8000-10000. 15 years ago, China is basically all tanks T-55 is produced on the basis of the old tank. Today, they replaced the Type 96 and Type 99 is the new main battle tanks, they are Soviet-made T-72 based, but draws heavily on Western technology. For example, to 99 tanks, China imported from Germany more than 300 sets of diesel engines, after successfully building on its technology, developed corresponding domestic engine. Now the Chinese army vehicles, compiled in 2500-3000 96 ,600-800 tanks 99 tanks. According to some media reports, of which 1500 and 200 Type 96 or 99 tanks produced between 2005-2006. Now, these two tanks are still in at least 200 (or 400-500 units) continue to produce the speed, the tank is higher than the world output of all other countries combined. Now whether it is Western or Russian, there is no production of new tanks.

赫拉姆奇辛 that, compared to the NATO European countries are now equipped with a 2800 total of various types of Russian combat units and the inventory of only 2,000 main battle tanks. Vietnam of about 13 tanks, one of the most advanced T-62 is only 70. Although many Indian tanks, but not necessarily in India sees the outbreak, because the tank is difficult to cross the Himalayas, China, Tibet, despite the People’s Liberation Army has been deployed in hundreds of vehicles 96A tanks. As China Taiwan, although there are nearly 1000 U.S. old tanks, but the combat strength is not worth mentioning. Only the United States now has 6200 Just do not know what battle in what circumstances, will expand Sino-US Conference of battle tanks. Have to say is that the Chinese Type 96 tanks have been equipped with all District, and the more advanced the mighty 99 tanks, the Chinese claim to the world’s best tanks, but also will be equipped to Beijing, Shenyang and Lanzhou Military Region, these Military combat positioning, respectively, for the Russian Transbaikal, Far East and Kazakhstan. In recent years, China has begun to exercise great depth on the ground offensive operations, is clearly not just aimed at Taiwan.

Many experts debate that perform as well as Western and Chinese tanks, Russian tanks, especially in the armor type, the laser range finder to detect the distance and other details. In fact, both the Chinese Type 96 and Type 99, or the United States, Europe and Russia Japan and South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Poland and other countries, are the same level of the tank. Their tactical and technical performance is very close to any kind of tanks do not have any tanks on the other the absolute advantage. Against the actual outcomes will be specific tactical environment, staff quality, the number of command levels and tank decisions. Even if the quality of performance in China aiming at the tank there are some gaps, but also easy to make up through the number of advantages. Moreover, the Chinese and Russian tanks are also new is much more than in the West.


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