US-Iraq confrontation seemingly at loggerheads

Defense Ministry spokesman George Little said, the Strait of Hormuz is not only about regional security and stability, but also the Gulf countries, including Iran, an important economic lifeline. Any attempt to interfere with the Strait of Hormuz transportation practices are tolerated.

U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, declared that any interference with the Strait of Hormuz common practice

In a Reuters reporters Ti Wensuo and Zuo Shumian for the reply, the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet said: not be allowed.

Asked what kind of response measures will be taken, the statement said, the Fifth Fleet

Associated Press quoted the Fifth Fleet spokesman 丽贝卡雷巴 Ridge as saying:

Iran, Commodore 29, said Mahmoud Mousavi, Iran’s navy in the Strait of Hormuz near a military exercise area that a U.S. aircraft carrier. Waters within the aircraft is believed to Moussaoui said, reconnaissance aircraft captured video and photos.

28, some U.S. officials,

French Foreign Ministry urged Iran to comply with requirements of 28 ships free passage of the Strait of Hormuz relevant international law. European Union, stressed, will continue to promote a new round of sanctions on Iran.

Saudi Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry official said Tuesday if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf oil producers are ready to produce more oil.

Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi 27, said that if the Western countries to impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports, Iran will blockade the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian Navy Commander saya in 28 further indicated that blockade of the Strait of Hormuz Iraq navy easy.

Xinhua Commentary

Iran’s Foreign Zhang and relaxation

US-Iraq confrontation seemingly at loggerheads, but the current situation, both sides are unlikely to rush to war. Obama wants to win re-election next year, will not easily launch any controversial war; and from the development path of Iran’s nuclear issue, Iran more and more skillfully implemented the adhere to self-position in high-profile, actively promote nuclear program; the other hand, tend to make some last-minute concessions, never blocked the door to negotiations.

Protracted Iranian nuclear issue has been apparent since 2003, nearly 10 years, during which the escalation, and in the gradual expansion of sanctions against Iraq and Iran’s nuclear program steadily. But the two sides did not really have across the Therefore, the Iraqi nuclear issue has not yet entered the real crisis point.

However, despite the

24 in Iran in the Strait of Hormuz from the waters east of a 10-day held a few days before large-scale naval exercises, Iran announced that it invited the IAEA inspectors to visit Iran’s nuclear facilities, trip time may be in January next year. This shows that Iran wants the IAEA as soon as possible to eliminate the negative effects related to the report, emphasizing their willingness to cooperate.

This statement is no doubt the Iranian nuclear issue will cool slightly, but only by some of the tactics of fear is still difficult to move the international community to eliminate concerns over its nuclear program. War on Iran in recent years, the forecast is like Although each talk and no action, but in order to avoid


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