some concern is from the sky

According to the U.S. concern, some concern is from the sky ; specifically, digital Earth (DigitalGlobe) satellite . They offer a Chinese aircraft carrier to the world a clear picture , not only to meet people’s curiosity , but also allows us to analyze China’s aircraft carrier .

The article said that , in fact , China purchased from Ukraine in the hands of a ship China’s intention is to show the world that he has a powerful world-class naval power.

The article said , it is worth noting that almost no country has a real sense of the full-scale aircraft carrier ( the U.S. has 10 ) . Moreover, the U.S. strategic analysts predicted Roger – Becker said,

The article said that , of course ,

The article said , Who would have thought China’s next aircraft carrier will be equipped with what weapons ? Becker said that China can not only build an aircraft carrier ; because , at least three aircraft carriers to ensure there is always a carrier can be used in combat ; and China to achieve this goal , take a very long time.

The article said that China’s aircraft carrier , once completed, is the real hard work to begin. Training can command aircraft


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