Princess Letizia storage

Spanish royal sites in the Local 28 for the first time disclosed the royal income , 73 -year-old King Juan Carlos (King Juan Carlos) 2011 Total income in total 29.2752 million euros ( about 2.4 million yuan ) , the sum Carlos used to pay the daily living expenses and the cost of attending a variety of formal activities . The release of data from the alleged son of the king of public project funds misappropriation scandal , the royal family hopes to break through the publication of revenue rumors . This is more than 30 years , the Spanish royal family was first announced revenue .

Reported that 43 -year-old Crown Prince Felipe of Spain, the king’s revenue was about half of 14.6376 million euros ( about 120 million yuan). In addition , Queen Sofia , Princess Letizia storage , Princess Elena and Princess Cristina in 2011 the total cost of 37.5 million euros ( approximately USD 3.07 million ) .

Reported , involving corruption of the king’s son is the second princess Christina ‘s husband , former Olympic handball players伊纳吉乌丹Galindo (Inaki Urdangarin). He was allegedly involved in the management of a charity corruption. Announced details of the royal revenue , but also that Wudanjialin will no longer attend the royal family ‘s official activities.

A royal official said , in 2010 the sum of the salaries of members of the royal family has been reduced by 15% , and were frozen in 2011 . In contrast , last week, retired former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero) the annual income of 78,185 euros (about 640,000 yuan ) , far less than the King’s revenue.


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