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European court finds that the EU’s carbon emissions trading arrangements do not infringe the sovereignty of other countries, do not violate the open skies agreement, in line with international law. This means that the United States to prosecute EU carbon tax failed. So far, at least 43 countries have publicly opposed the EU’s carbon emissions trading scheme.

According to EU regulations, since January 1, 2012, the EU will reach and fly all the flights to European airports charge fees beyond the quota of carbon emissions. China collected a total of 33 airlines within the list, according to the China Air Transport Association (and this number will increase every year to 2020 to 30 million, total spending nine years here about 176 million.

According to European Commission estimates, due to the rapid growth of air transport, the European Union from the offset by growth, so the plan from January 1, 2012 onwards, the aviation industry into the ETS (EU Emissions Trading System). This means that, starting in 2012, all EU flights taking off and landing airport within the region, needs to exceed the quota for the payment of the purchase cost of carbon emissions.

the first year of implementation of the resolution, the airline will be 97% of emissions as emissions targets, the airline can get about 85% of free emission credits, but as time goes on, at their own expense the proportion will increase.

specific to the Chinese market, according to preliminary estimates in the Air Association, ETS will enable the implementation of China’s civil aviation industry in 2012 when the cost of additional 800 million yuan in 2020 will increase to 3.0 billion, 9 here cumulative expenditure of about 176 billion yuan.

It is reported that China’s aviation market in Europe is a major international source, the China Airlines flight to Europe is in a growth period. Air China currently has the most flights in Europe, one-way flights per week amounted to 70-80 classes.

China opposes EU’s imposition of international aviation carbon tax

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, 22 in Beijing on the European Court of Justice to allow the EU imposed an international aviation carbon tax ruling comments , China opposes EU legislation to impose a unilateral approach. He said that, in fact, many countries are the EU opposed this approach. China hopes EU to act with caution and with a positive and pragmatic attitude, and the parties concerned including China, to properly negotiate the matter.

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