arrest the crew

China news agency, Tokyo, December 20 – Nagasaki, Japan Maritime Security Department 20, on suspicion of Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan’s territorial waters in the vicinity of operations , in violation of Zhejiang like fish 16

According to Japanese CLC, the reason for the arrest of the vessel suspected at 22:30 on the 19th before and after the five islands in the archipelago of the Bird Island 4 km north-northeast of the fishing operations within the territorial waters of Japan . Because no work permits , the Ministry of Nagasaki Coast Guard patrol boat to China to issue orders stopping . 20 am until about 5:30 in the Bird Island about 87 km south-southwest of the sea , Nagasaki MEPC will be a Chinese fishing boat captain arrested. Allegedly, arrest the crew , who did not resistance.

It is reported that fishing vessel China news agency reporters Zhi Dianchang and Qi Haishang Security Department was informed that the current Chinese fishing boats and a Japanese patrol boat heading to Nagasaki , about 3:00 pm arriving in Nagasaki . By then, China will be the master clock into the tone brought to Nagasaki Maritime Security Department to investigate , fishing boats and 10 other crew members will remain in the port of Nagasaki .

China news agency reporters Zhi Dianzhong and Guo Zhu Nagasaki Consulate General to confirm the matter , the answer is actually received notification from the Japanese side , but the situation is still under investigation.


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