the Defense Department stood aside

Strategic and Budgetary Assessments recently published research report predicted that reconnaissance satellites .

but with the current war died down, the army prepared to enter an era of cost-saving , military industry ‘s future caused unprecedented anxiety.

analysts are concerned that if investors foresee the prospects for the future will be divestment . There are indications that the stock market has to respond . Bollinger said the market value of the entire U.S. military-industrial complex are not as good as Google . Apple’s cash on hand can only buy Lockheed – Martin , Northrop – Grumman, and Raytheon .

This policy calls for the industry , in every war will occur after the decay , the Defense Department ignored. The Pentagon appears to have no interest in picking winners and losers , and more willing to laissez-faire. After the Cold War , the Defense Department stood aside , five years left on their own re- contractor . In 1997 the government finally came forward to stop the industry giant Lockheed – Martin and Northrop – Grumman merger .

U.S. arms manufacturers are required to protect the Pentagon to step up military industry from imminent collapse . In their view , the new weapons systems budget depleted , rare large projects , many of the important military supplier that may soon be pushed under the well-known cliff road .

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