This news agency quoted a source at Deutsche Bank as saying

Global financial crisis, large financial institutions to become hostile to the object. Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt yesterday intercepted a suspicious parcels, later proved to be a explosive bomb parcels, the recipient is the president of 约瑟夫阿克曼 Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank offices around the world have stepped up security. New York Police also greatly strained, on Wall Street on alert, sent a message to the financial industry employees to remind them of proper procedures for handling mail.

Frankfurt police confirmed the day before 1 pm local time, Deutsche Bank headquarters in mail processing room found a suspicious oddly shaped parcels, the X-ray examination found with explosives and shrapnel. Authorities sent a bomb disposal experts to the scene, confirmed by the explosive device starts to explode. Police found explosives in Parcel powder, suspected improvised explosive devices, for example, is made with fireworks.

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Frankfurt, Hesse is located in the territory. Deutsche Bank received an e-mail mail room on the 7th. Bank spokesman Klaus wink said that the staff found with X-rays, e-mail containing a bomb, then alarm.

Police said the Frankfurt prosecutor’s office and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Hesse

Hesse Criminal Investigation Bureau, a spokesman told German N24 television reporter: and motive-related information.

Return address

For the European Central Bank

The parcels enclosed return address is the European Central Bank, police said sender is clearly hoping to increase credibility, so that packets arrive Ackerman smooth hands. German Has not been held accountable.

New York police to inform the German authorities received the day before yesterday, after patrols in New York City, issued a warning to the local bank, notify the bank to strengthen the case and review of incoming mail. Police said the warning is only a precautionary measure, no evidence was for the city banks.

A banker said the bank had received death threats almost every week, and mail bombs and poison warning, the bank is no stranger to acts of terrorism.

Think of the horrors of 20 years ago

Reuters reports, mail bomb after the news, Deutsche Bank branches located all over the world increased vigilance. German police advise, other banks in Europe’s security personnel should be vigilant.

This news agency quoted a source at Deutsche Bank as saying, since 2006, each member of the Executive Committee sent to package banking or e-mail recipients are required to be served before the security check.

Many employees of Deutsche Bank 8 to work as usual, said the bombing was not afraid because of the miaodiaoshencai message.

While this e-mail 20 years ago with bombs reminiscent of the senior management of Deutsche Bank attacks. November 30, 1989, left-wing terrorist group

Ackerman has been the public scold

Ackerman, 63, Swiss, Deutsche Bank was the first leader of the foreigners were scheduled retirement in May next year. Ackerman is the bank the highest paid executives in 2010 revenue € 9,000,000. He also served as the German This group is currently lobbying the German private sector to make more contributions for the relief of Greece. He questioned Greece in May last year due to inability to pay off their debts to become a thorn in the Greek people pet relocation.

Deutsche Bank has received the mail bomb at a time when the euro zone debt crisis intensified, many Europeans because of the economic downturn and anger at big banks. Last month, Ackerman was a speech in Hamburg, some German

In particular, the global financial crisis led to European and American countries into recession, banks become common on Wall Street, London and Frankfurt as the financial hub hot demonstrations, the latest in full swing

Frankfurt ‘occupation movement He said the demonstrators and Deutsche Bank received the mail bomb has nothing to do,


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