the official mobile phone use

Deep 27, quoted the Associated Press, AFP analysis, Kahn was the reason why sexual assault charges, is likely to be their opponents in a well-designed conspiracy.

Aibositan case exposed many doubts. Associated Press quoted him as saying: the fly. In addition, the waitress claimed to have been sexual assault to wait Diallo police arrived people can not be linked to the case with the word conspiracy. In addition, the same level with Kahn Suite 2820 Suite is a mystery, Diallo has three times out of the suite, especially after contact with Kahn to re-enter. Later, she did not explain to the police. This is also the most confusing of a doubt the police.

Kahn sexual assault case quickly and Electronic magazine private messages that have been AFP also quoted sources as saying that the loss of Kahn’s BlackBerry when he worked at the IMF, the official mobile phone use, is likely to fall into the ‘political opponents’ hands. Radio France Internationale conclude that, although there had been no direct evidence that Kahn is being framed, but Aibositan survey showed that Kahn sexual assault case behind the conspiracy does exist.

the Triangle International news agency quoted the U.S. case, , Widdel image also said that there is a conspiracy Kahn sexual assault case, that argument is simply nonsense, as if to say, Taylor

Kahn’s lawyer, said the findings support Aibositan, and the Sofitel hotel and its parent company, Accor related personnel actions that

May this year, Kahn accused of alleged sexual assault at a hotel waitress Diallo, was arrested in New York, then IMF Managing Director Strauss-Kahn resigned from office and be interviewed by Kahn was in August All charges were dismissed.


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