and his men Diao another dimension columns

This morning, former party secretary of Beijing Local Taxation Bureau , the Secretary Wang Jiping , on suspicion of embezzling 10.47 million yuan , bribery 4.35 million yuan , the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court for trial . Prior to this, the original men of any Yina Wang Jiping , Peng Yingbin have been convicted, and his men Diao another dimension columns , and his complicity in embezzlement , Zhao Yun , have been brought to trial in early November .

did not see the money , said Wang Jiping

9 45PM, a police car entering the court , the door opened, wearing a green military coat Wangjiping escorted under car. The former Secretary for rent , still look kindly face , the face of the photographer’s camera , he did not show do not fit the mood , but the nod .

10 hours, Wang Jiping the bailiff was taken into custody in the hospital 22 cities outside the court , the bailiff to take advantage of their opportunity to unlock the handcuffs , a reporter asked about their attitude to the trial . Wangjiping called mood was very complicated , he said he was innocent , neither corruption nor bribery . With these words , the Wang Jiping was brought into the courtroom for trial.

Wangjiping defense lawyer in Beijing Jincheng Law Firm with the original Wei lawyer. According to the original Wei lawyers, he will be guilty. Original lawyers said , prosecutors charged Wangjiping 10.47 million yuan of embezzled public funds , but the money into the company’s accounts , Wang Jiping , I did not even see .

prosecutor in the case of 0930 pulled a large box into the courtroom , a box full of archival materials . It is reported that the trial of the case will last all day .


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