students simply less water

The toilet is not only long lines , but also delay the class, the students … This is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students go to the toilet situation. Students go to the toilet difficult to cause Yingjiang Li , deputy secretary of concern . Li called on the microblogging Tencent : students simply less water

bright sunlight of a brick under the front of the building , a group of children tied red scarf sex arranged in two columns , crowds of children , building on the wall ,

users drying out which is the West Town Center light Yingjiang boarding school students on the toilet pictures . very crowded , students need to line up go to the toilet . does have individual students drink less per day to reduce to line up . the toilet … … the number of students over a thousand people . Teachers said that since September this year, since the toilet has been very crowded.

900 Yu Xuesheng only 14 light squatting

Yingjiang West Town Center boarding school nearly 80 years of school history . The school has school buildings, multi-media classrooms, student cafeteria , student restaurants, education and teaching facilities. Why are there go to the toilet difficult ?

light West Town Central Primary School President Chu said light west of the original town center boarding school students in more than 400 people , most of these students non-resident students , boarders only 100 people, was the school’s toilets to meet the basic students to use. But this year focused on education


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