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The real estate lends money “invisible” move
The bank does mortgage pressure the test originally isn’t a fresh matter, but the official caliber means of test the result make this old topic become the focus of industry concern once again at a time than optimism.

Last Friday, after the meeting of silver Jian ex- chairman Liu Ming Kang meant building price declined 50%, bank of loan overlay still can attain 100%, although the interest can not take back,the principal has no problem, not a few bankings,到會服務 got the industry insider of loan business enterprise and real estate industry to tell 《 first finance and economics newspaper 》reporter, the bank pressure tested whether completely true and dependable, each bank lent money in the real estate whether medium”invisible” move was all brought into “method eye” to supervise and control, all will to the end result creation graveness influence.

The main funds flows into a some to mow a meat to escape affirmation to regret sudden soar very likely not period but go to people’s evangel:The set prison stock has been already saved!So mortgage is how”invisible”?The “invisible” mortgage canned once escape a pressure test of”method eye”?The related profession personage declines to 50%ly slice to the building price how is body feeling?

Mortgage of making only superficial change

Liu Ming Kang meant last Friday that the bank of our country real estate lends money above 10 renminbis currently.According to 《2011 three quarter degree financing institution loan the hurl report to the statistics 》, up to three quarter degree end, this real estate loan surplus amount number is 10.46 dollars.

There is a banking industry insider pointing out, at consider building price the influence of the slump upon the bank, in addition to above 10.46, there are also other”wade building” loans, then use various loan that the non- mortgage name lend, pass various outlet turnover and finally flew to a real estate market, and those beginnings start and then take real estate as and mortgage the loan of thing,美食到會and then the number usually exceed the former.That personage said that nominally of and actually of”wade building” lend money a total amount, “conservative the estimate also has 20″.

So, these nominally the mortgage of non- real estate loan, is how put on does “Ma Jia” make only superficial change?The industry insider expresses to probably will provide some clueses.

“A little bit ex- years of the ratio investing real estate does steel Mao business’ earning be quickly getting more, we asked bank to lend money to throw a land, company to spreads, transact building, the whole thing industry and villa.”Some large steel City, Shanghai one steel Mao business enterprise general manager, Mr. Chen, tells this report the reporter, their seeking all of the names of bank margin are “production management item”, but uses “a dragon” of deceitful trade flowing water etc. move and finally use money to stir-fry ground to stir-fry building.

Mr. Chen has very satisfied ability to the steel Mao margin of business enterprise that year, “we do a big religion merchandise of, can provide a mortgage thing, have hypothecation guarantee and have with each other protect, have allied protect to still have market guarantee, plus a funds to flow again greatly, the bank robs to lend° money us.”

As for this”a dragon” move how walk, Mr. Chen raised an example.”I have a liking for 10,000,000 companies to spread item, ask same professions first to lend 10,000,000, purchase a company to spread.Then buy the next company and spreads to mortgage to the bank, Learning Chinese call that the loan is used for into goods, money in fact accepted Zhang and then still drop to borrow, equal to ask bank to lend money to stir-fry a company to spread.”

For Mr. Chen’s way of doing, transportation bank a customer manager means to query, he means after the loan of “three guide lines with a way”s that carries through according to his bank of place “entrust to pay” process, the bank loan will have to call Mr. Chen to enter the company of goods, rather than Mr. Chen’s our company.

The bank letter loan business of another share system representative director tells this report, for”entrust to pay”, supervision the first that can control a funds allots to fly to after the loan of bank.Is also say, as long as Mr. Chen seeks one”friend’s company”, walking the process isn’t difficult.That representative director reveals, 2008 annuities melt a crisis later on and stimulate the policy great environment in the currency under, the bank favor contain the loan customer of mortgage, and can give according to the valuation value of mortgage thing 80%~120% loan limits, tallest even can reach to 150%.

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